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ABC Buys Baby 81 Story Exclusive

Our friends at Lanka Business Online altered us to the latest update on the Baby 81 story this morning.

LANKA BUSINESS ONLINE - Sri Lanka's celebrated tsunami baby who was reunited with his parents after a heart-wrenching legal battle was Monday granted a visa to fly to New York for an ABC television programme, the US embassy here said. Four-month-old Abilash and his parents -- Junita and Murugpillai Jeyarajah -- were granted US visas, the embassy said in a statement.

"Millions of Americans will soon know about this wonderful story of reunion in the midst of so much tragedy after the tsunami." The embassy said the family "might travel on Tuesday morning" to appear on the "Good Morning America" TV show on the ABC TV network.

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Presumably ABC will be setting the record straight on the hype surrounding the Baby 81 story as well. Rocky Mountain News columnist Dave Kopel affixes the blame for that on Associate Press. It was AP copy that The New York Times was rehashing and following up on when they were singled out for sloppy coverage. It turns out the doctor most responsible for the myth of 9 families claiming Baby 81, denies saying that more than one family claimed the baby.

Comments (5)

Is that an altered state of... (Below threshold)

Is that an altered state of conciousness? :)

This is too easy.I wonder i... (Below threshold)

This is too easy.I wonder if ABC's real reason for this act is because the family is Muslim.Why not a story about the orphans from other countrys who have not been reconnected with extended family members,or countrys. No, I'm not being anti-muslim. It's just that the MSM is so pro muslim over others.

It's just that the MSM ... (Below threshold)

It's just that the MSM is so pro muslim over others.

Since when?

-What "heart-wrenching lega... (Below threshold)

-What "heart-wrenching legal battle"...there never was any.... that was all press hype.....

It seems that it's not only... (Below threshold)

It seems that it's not only the mainstream media that gets its facts wrong.... The Jeyarajah's are not Muslims. What kind of stereotypes fuelled that assumption?






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