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I'd like "People In Trouble" for 1000 please Alex

Answer: The next Islamic theocratic dictators to be ousted from power.

Question: Who are, the Iranian mullas in July?

Correct for 1000!

After the events of today, I would actually not be surprised if Iran fell from the inside in April, but July 9th has a nice ring to it.


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Stay tuned for Double Jeopa... (Below threshold)

Stay tuned for Double Jeopardy, when scores could really change!

What would happen if, say, ... (Below threshold)
Ray Midge:

What would happen if, say, the people of the US, the people of France, England, Australia, got up that day and marched too? In big numbers? Would it be just useless symbolism? I wonder if there are any Iranian-American's planning anything near me that day? For my part, that might be the first protest march of my lifetime worth joining. Just my feelings.

hmmm you must have read thi... (Below threshold)

hmmm you must have read this hack job of an article too paul...


See my comment over at <a h... (Below threshold)

See my comment over at Roger L. Simon's re a similar discussion re regime changes and freedom in the air.

We may be witnessing a "tipping point." Scroll up to the main topic and browse the comments.

We need a blogswarm now to support the Iranian people:


I'm sorry for being repititious. I can't stop this song from playing in my head!

We may be witnessing a "tipping point" in the GWOT.

Cue the Queen Music:

We Will, We Will Rock You . . .!
We Will, We Will Rock You . . .!

Only louder and faster now if you please.
All together now, stomp your feet to the beat of the drums.

The women hating Mad Mullahs of Iran will implode shortly.


Can you recall what happene... (Below threshold)

Can you recall what happened at Tiananmen Square in 1989? The Mad Muttas of Iran will not hesitate to crush any move to wrest power from their hands. Iran is another democracy that represents the dangers of that form of government. Gosh! The Yanks are supposed to be pro democracy right? Wonder why they live in a republic then? Not sure any pro or anti Bushie really understand what evil they propose to wreck upon the world in the form of democracy.....

CW, Iran is as muc... (Below threshold)


Iran is as much of a democracy as Ward Churchill is an Indian. To qualify as a democracy, the election results have to actually mean something. And to have a Tianamen Square type outcome, the government has to trust that the troops will pull the trigger on their civilians when ordered. That doesn't seem much of a safe bet, given that the Mullahs have been importing Arab mercenaries (mostly Palestinians) to fill out the security forces.

Wouldn't it be nice? This ... (Below threshold)

Wouldn't it be nice? This has as much a chance of happening as Ted Kennedy has for being elected the Mayor of Chappaquidick.

The sober reality is that while democracy will continue to break out in the Middle East (when Lebanon falls to democracy, so will fall Syria within a year), the end of the line is already in sight - war with Iran.

Let's be realistic. If Iran gets the bomb, then either Israel or the USA is going to feel the fire of nuclear destruction up close and personal. Anyone not wearing the new lead skin block will have a bad day.

The President knows this and he also knows that Israel will not hesitate to retaliate with cobalt-jacketed thermonuclear weapons that will turn all of Persia into an irradiated wasteland. That means the oil taps will close and without oil, America is just us dead as all those Persians are going to be.

The President will be forced to gamble and send in a lot of troops and slay the beast in Teheran because the mullahs have already figured out that they can blackmail the Europeans and give them nothing. The Iranians know they are violating the laws they swore to abide by (NNPT), but now they are being told by the Europeans, "play nice and we'll give you candy." They'll take the proffered candy from the decadent European appeasers and continue their mission - only pausing now and then to extort more out of the Europeans.

That leaves the ball in our court. The Europeans are scared stiff of the mullahs.

No, the joke's on us folks. We're the lucky ones who are going to have to stand up and do the right thing on behalf of a world that loves to hate us.

American lives for European vitriol and craven backroom deals to appease dragons. Seems hardly worth it now, but our children's children will at least have clean earth to plow - earth free of the threat of nuclear terrorism in the name of God.

"No, the joke's on us fo... (Below threshold)

"No, the joke's on us folks. We're the lucky ones who are going to have to stand up and do the right thing on behalf of a world that loves to hate us."

The US has ALWAYS been the one to stand up and do the right thing. I do not see the same outcome as you, but it sure reads like a serious essay on the ME. The Nuclear Option seems a bit far fetched, but you sure nail Old Europe.

Thank you for your kind com... (Below threshold)

Thank you for your kind comment (or so I hope I may take it as kindness).

No, the very specter of nuclear destruction caused by a direct attack or hand-off to a terrorist group is the big driver in this debate inside the White House today, or so one would imagine.

Even a relatively small weapon of the 100 kiloton class would destroy hundreds of thousands of lives and create massive economic problems around the globe. Our President knows this and knows that it will probably be better to lose 10,000 American military lives by investing Iran rather than risk hundreds of thousands of lives.

Unfortunately, this is another case of global math and it appears the mullahs have failed to take this into their calculations as they redouble their efforts to obtain the nuclear genie. Wise fools.

I actually think the next p... (Below threshold)

I actually think the next place for revolutionary change will come in Syria, not Iran. The mullahs are a bit more attached to reality than Bashar, who seems to do absolutely everything possible to not only lose Syrian influence in the region, but to expose every last shred of Syrian ties to terror.

Thus, Alex, I'd like to take Wacky Karl Rove Conspiracy of the Day for 1000: What is Bashar Assad as a Karl Rove lackey? I submit this because he must have gotten brainwashed while studying to be an eye doctor in the West. Karl put him into the examination chair, hooked up his eyes like in Clockwork Orange, and the rest is, as they say, history.






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