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Gannon Interview

Lifelike Pundits inteviews Jeff Gannon/James Guckert. Also, The New York Times manages to mention Gannon (though not by name) in a review of Ari Fleischer's new book.


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Uh, oh. Potential moonbat s... (Below threshold)

Uh, oh. Potential moonbat swarm high. Everyone on tactical alert. All leaves canceled until further notice.

I wonder if the NY Times wo... (Below threshold)

I wonder if the NY Times would have written the same bad review for a Clinton press secretary's book. For some reason I doubt they would say Joe Lockhart was "whining" or "taking potshots."

There is no flesh left on t... (Below threshold)

There is no flesh left on these bones people. This guys 15 minutes are up. The left should find a new cause

RE: julie's post (March 1, ... (Below threshold)

RE: julie's post (March 1, 2005 01:57 PM)

KOay, ixnay ymay etortray singuay hetay ordsway "siay", "Annongay", "MDsWay", ndaay "Ushbay" niay hetay amesay entencesay.

I figure that might overwhelm Liberal synapses and invite interminable assault.

AnonymousDrivelway: Okiewa... (Below threshold)

AnonymousDrivelway: Okieway okieday. Useway isthay otay eutralizenay Arneway ifway ehay artsstay ithway ethay atinlay egallay asesphray.

ERay: uliejay's ostpay (Arc... (Below threshold)

ERay: uliejay's ostpay (Archmay 1, 2005 06:58 MPay)



Did anyone think the NYT wo... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Did anyone think the NYT would give anyone from the Bush administration a break?

In the Gannon interview, I think he was dead on with this answer:

"Let's stick with Gannongate, its has a better sound. I would never presume to tell the White House what to do. Do Democrats really want the White House to investigate reporters?"

If the roles were reversed, the MSM would be having a coniption fit at the suggestion.

The real issue:A f... (Below threshold)

The real issue:

A fake journalist for a fake news organization gets day passes for almost 2 years.

There is no flesh left o... (Below threshold)

There is no flesh left on these bones people. This guys 15 minutes are up. The left should find a new cause


Steve J.: I happen to like ... (Below threshold)

Steve J.: I happen to like Geraldo, so shut up.

Steve J. is quick to define... (Below threshold)

Steve J. is quick to define Gannon & Talon as "fake", but I wonder if he can define what constitutes a "genuine" journalist?

Um, look. I am gonna try t... (Below threshold)

Um, look. I am gonna try to get a more "meaty" interview with Gannon. But I don't think his fifteen minutes of fame are up. If the conservatives will not run away from someone because they might be gay and moonlighted as an escort, there's a REAL story here about 1) David Brock (dork) 2) investigating journalists--I mean what if Democrats get back into power and follow through and 3) the difference betweek Gannon and Eason/Rather are so striking that they would fill a book. I hope Gannon does.

If you look at this outside the box, he is in a unique position to demonstrate that much of the dem claptrap about Republicans hating certain people is 100% wrong. He can show us the Big Tent part of our party and show the difference between, for instance, not wanting legalized "gay marriage" and not being homophobic.

RE: Steve J.'s post (March ... (Below threshold)

RE: Steve J.'s post (March 1, 2005 08:08 PM)
A fake journalist for a fake news organization gets day passes for almost 2 years.

You shouldn't pick on our friend, Larry Zieger, like that.

A sidenote - sampling of nom de guerre and just enough to pique your interest.

Get this, some were politically active. Go figure. I wonder if their name effected their work? Further, I wonder if the CIA would recognize them under their previous names? Hmmm. Be concerned. Be very concerned.

+Betty Friedan: Betty Naomi Goldstein (author/journalist/feminist/founder of N.O.W.)
+Rona Barrett: Rona Burnstein [aka Mrs. William Trowbridge] (journalist/gossip columnist)
+Anthony Boucher: William Anthony Parker White (U.S. author/journalist/editor, b1911 d1968)
+Henrietta Buckmaster: Henrietta Henkle Stephens (author/journalist)
+Garrick Utley: Clifton Utley (American tv journalist)
+Genet: Janet Flanner (U.S. journalist/columnist stationed in France, b1892 d1978)
+Che Guevara: Ernesto Guevara (Argentine-born Bolivian & Cuban revolutionary leader, b1928 d1967)
+Studs Terkel: Louis Terkel (newspaper columnist/journalist/author, b1912)
+Leon Trotsky: Lev Davidovitch Bronstein (Russian writer/Minister of War/Menshevik party member, b1879 d1940)
+Harriet Tubman: Araminta Ross (slave/abolitionist/conductor on the Underground Railroad, b1820 d1913)
+Ibrahim Kamal: Ramzi Ahmed Yousef [aka Armaldo Forlini] (Kuwati-born Pakistani terrorist who planned 1993 World Trade Center bombing)
+Ted Kennedy: Edward Moore Kennedy (U.S. senator)
+Henry Kissinger: Heinz Alfred Kissinger (politician/former U.S. Secretary of State, b1923)
+Krusty the Clown: Herschel Schmoykel Krustofsky (animated television performer)
+Mumia Abu-Jamal: Wesley Cook (radio reporter/Black Panther/death-row resident for the murder of a Philadelphia police officer, b1954)
+Yasser Arafat: Mohammed Abder Rauf Arafat al-Kudwa al-Husseini [aka Abu Ammar] (Egyptian-born terrorist with a checkered past hanging over his head/PLO leader, b1929)
+Pol Pot: Saloth Sar (Cambodian dictator/mass murderer, b1925 d1998)
+Alec Baldwin: Alexander Rae Baldwin, III (movie & stage actor, b1958)
+Erma Bombeck: Erma Louise Fiste (columnist/author/tv actress/humorist who never ate daisies, b1927 d1996)
+Edgar Box: Gore Vidal (writer)
+Lenny Bruce: Leonard Alfred Schneider (propriety-envelope-pushing nightclub comedian/movie actor/animation voicist/screenwriter/director, b1925 d1966)
+Jeb Bush: John Ellis Bush (governor of Florida/son of a former president of the U.S./brother of a currently selected president of the U.S.)
+Al Capone: Alphonsus Capone [nn: Scarface] (1920's criminal/gangster/murderer/tax evader, b1899 d1947)
+Carlos the Jackal: Ilich Ramirez Sanchez (Venezuelan-born terrorist/hijacker/bomber/assassin/murder of 83 people/and I'll bet he doesn't rewind rented videotapes either, b1950?)
+Rosalynn Carter: Eleanor Carter (former U.S. First Lady, b1927)
+Fidel Castro: Fidel Castro Ruz (lawyer, revolutionary leader, dictator of Cuba, b1926)
+Chevy Chase: Cornelius Crane Chase (comedian/movie & tv actor/SNL alumni, b1943)
+Cher: Cherilyn Sarkisian La Piere (singer/songwriter/movie, stage & tv actress, b1946)
+Jeff Christie: Rush Limbaugh (early broadcast name used during his rock & roll DJ days in Pittsburgh PA)
+Confucius: K'ung Fu-tze (Chinese sage/moral leader, b551BC d477BC)
+Dee Dee Myers: Margaret J. Myers (former Presidential Press Secretary (1993-94)/political analyst & commentator)
+Marilyn Manson: Brian Warner (heavy metal rock singer/musician, b1969)
+Groucho Marx: Julius Henry Marx (movie & tv actor/comedian/writer, b1890 d1977)
+Kweisi Mfume: Frizzell Gray [aka Willie Jones?] (U.S. Congressman from Maryland/president of the N.A.A.C.P., b1950)
+Ho Chi Minh: Nguyen Tat Thanh [aka Nguyen Ai Quoc] (trail-blazing Vietnamese Communist leader, b1890 d1969)
+Elijah Muhammad: Elijah Poole (religious leader/founder of Black Muslim organization)

Any of you guys see Fox Ne... (Below threshold)
Clive Tolson:

Any of you guys see Fox News Channel's first on-air segment on Gannongate? I must say it was pretty darn thorough and evenhanded. None of that gay sex stuff, just the part where the White House may have tried to manipulate the media.

Anyone have the vid, lemme know....

RE: Clive "FITB" Tolson's p... (Below threshold)

RE: Clive "FITB" Tolson's post (March 2, 2005 05:56 AM)
Any of you guys see Fox News Channel's first on-air segment on Gannongate?

I didn't know you watched FOX. Oh well, we'll have you goosestepping in no time.

[PS - Don't get upset here people - remember that this is a political statement.]

*YAWN* Soooo tired of this.... (Below threshold)

*YAWN* Soooo tired of this. Let us let it go, shall we?

Oh well, we'll have you... (Below threshold)

Oh well, we'll have you goosestepping in no time.

Hey, Godwin's law, Godwin's law! ;)

RE: mantis's post (March 2,... (Below threshold)

RE: mantis's post (March 2, 2005 08:31 PM)
Hey, Godwin's law, Godwin's law! ;)

Yeah, I know. I thought about it as I typed it. I hoped the disclaimer would shield me but no such luck. Technically, I'm not sure I'm in violation. Surely I meet one of the derivative exclusions, right? Judges?

I hoped the disclaimer w... (Below threshold)

I hoped the disclaimer would shield me but no such luck

It should have; I'm just a jerk. ;)






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