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Mr. Fix-It

Today I have fixed, repaired, or replace the following:

  • A car windshield
  • A humidifier
  • A microwave oven
  • A car battery
  • An electronic signature pad (like the kind you use to sign for a credit card purchase at Home Depot's self service lines)
Obviously I'm on no mood to be trifled with. I'll be settling down to watch the premiere of The Amazing Race and collecting my thoughts for blogging this evening.

A personal note to my appliances - If any of you think it would be funny to stop working this evening you're sadly mistaken. I don't care who you are, if you breakdown tonight there's a sledgehammer with your name on it...

Comments (12)

One more thing needs fixing... (Below threshold)

One more thing needs fixing.

Your spelling ;)

[Ed - You're trifling with me! :-) Fixed.]

I bet you're one bad-assed ... (Below threshold)

I bet you're one bad-assed plumber, too.

Man, just be happy that you... (Below threshold)

Man, just be happy that you have the ability to do this kind of stuff. Most people would have had to call in a different repair man for each of those problems. And then wait hours or days for what would probably end up being just a half-assed fix that they never would be happy with. Or they would have just tossed the old stuff, and made the trip to the Home Depot. Appreciate the value and rarity of your technical abilities, and enjoy the satisfaction of a job well done!

Geek motivational speech over…..

HAH boy, do I know what t... (Below threshold)

HAH boy, do I know what that is like.

Hope you had a good night. I don't know how you can watch the Amazing Race with Boston Rob and Amber in it. ick


I have fixed absolutely not... (Below threshold)
Ray Midge:

I have fixed absolutely nothing (perhaps ever) and will also be retiring for said program.

If democracy's seemingly sprouting in the middle east has taught me anything, it's that one should dream big. Thus I am hoping the producers will allow Lena and Kristy (especially Lena) to return (Kristy too) for this series (but especially Lena).

Thier early dismissal in that Norwegian hayfield was a a conspiracy... an international incident. Oh, the producers couldn't have made it a non-elimination stage if they wanted too? What were those two goddesses supposed to know about hayrolls? Hayrolls?!? Lena was a strip-aerobics instructor for God's sake, an entirely different skill set. I call bullshit! BRING LENA BACK! (kristy too). Put the 'Amazing' back in the race.

Hope your TV doesn't go out... (Below threshold)

Hope your TV doesn't go out next.

I'm awfully impressed that ... (Below threshold)

I'm awfully impressed that you can do all those things. Hmmmm..... *peers around at her 85-year old house*

Any chance you want to move to Dallas???? Seems like an intelligent, well-written, interesting blogger cum handyman is just what we need here in town!

Hope you enjoyed your program.....


Yeah, I have a car I am sta... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I have a car I am starting to have that attitude toward...

Did you do it in this order... (Below threshold)

Did you do it in this order, the car windshield first, then the home applicances, and then back to the car battery? One wonders if the car battery went dead while you were replacing the windshield while blasting Aerosmith on the CD player. So many questions.

Did the wife still get afte... (Below threshold)

Did the wife still get after you for not taking out the garbage or something?

Whoa whoa whoa....this fr... (Below threshold)
mark m:

Whoa whoa whoa....this from the fella that ALMOST had to have his frozen windshield wiper sprayer fixed at a shop?????.....I smell appliancegate 2005!!!! ;)

If you fixed a microwave ov... (Below threshold)

If you fixed a microwave oven then you have an extra career worth $$$. I have never known anyone who could do this.






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