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Cracking the code

(via amcgltd.com)

Man, I wish someone had spelled this code out to me when I was younger. I just went through the list, and I think I've broken at least 14 of them... some quite frequently.



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Comments (5)

Bah. If I'd known all it t... (Below threshold)

Bah. If I'd known all it takes to get a Wizbanging was to reprint 2 year old Maxim articles I'd be set up. I've got a few years worth of back issues to work on.

So, for breaking 14 items f... (Below threshold)

So, for breaking 14 items from this list, does that mean we get to call you "Princess" for the next two weeks?

Real men do not play "rock-... (Below threshold)
Remy Logan:

Real men do not play "rock-paper-scissors."

I liked it!... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

I liked it!

No. No. No.... (Below threshold)

No. No. No.






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