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All Apologies

What happens when a radio talk show host calls bloggers "geeks cranking out crap in their basements?" As Jeff Blogworthy notes, talk show host Mike Gallagher found out the hard way.

The real problem is that even in apologizing Gallagher proves he still doesn't understand that of which he speaks and writes:

"I made the all-too-typical mistake of a broad, sweeping generalization. And I'm sorry. I should have used the word "many" in front of "are geeks cranking out crap in their basements." Because obviously many are not. Many bloggers are bright, articulate and completely accurate. In fact, the worst aspect of my mistake is the fact that so many bloggers are like-minded conservatives. I didn't need those hundreds of emails to remind me of the power of the blog in the CBS phony document scandal. I talked about it often on my show."
The whole episode, while marginally entertaining, highlights the fact that Gallagher doesn't know a blog from a log. He writes that he's a contributor to at the highly successful (sic)"blog" NewsMax in addition to having what he considers a blog at his website - even if it is pay access only. Gallagher's excuse for his generalizations are that a nutjob is supposedly stalking him. The problem is this person is not a blogger either. You can read his stalkers ramblings for yourself at The Mike Gallagher Chronicles.

When Gallagher tries to correct the record from the implied all to "many," what he really means is one guy with a web site. As a commenter to Jeff's post notes, "I would advise him never to generalize from a sample of one. Crappy statistical move."


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Comments (4)

You are a textbook example ... (Below threshold)

You are a textbook example of one of the self-righteous, proud "new media" bloggers. Who cares if it is a forum or a blog or a website or Matt Drudge or whatever. Don't be so frigging pedantic.

Gallagher is confused on th... (Below threshold)

Gallagher is confused on the subject. He seems to be using the term 'blog' to refer to any internet news site. From remarks I have heard him make on the show, I do not think he is very computer savvy generally.

Not that it is a big deal. Many people are like that. He obviously focuses on the news/talk and leaves the computer stuff to others. Gallagher needs to educate himself. He'll come along eventually. Surely he has some acquaintances who can enlighten him.

He ought to run a real blog for awhile so he can see how it works.

melather "words... (Below threshold)


lather "words mean things"
repeat as needed

Darleen, we gotta have a ne... (Below threshold)

Darleen, we gotta have a new FLAME WARRIOR caricature for the people who get all into some semantic side-argument and don't address the main point of a logic train. Do you have a photo handy?






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