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Getting plucked over by the state

Last July, I wrote about the ski resort town of Killington, Vermont, and their efforts to secede from the Green Mountain State and become part of Greater Cow Hampshire. Their efforts have continued since then.

Yesterday was Town Meeting Day in Vermont, one of the last bastions of pure democracy left in America. One ballot question they had was whether the town's selectmen should continue their efforts to secede. It passed with almost 72% of the vote.

The proponents of this move aren't really expecting to win. They mainly want relief from the state's sales and property taxes. One Killington resident says his taxes have gone up 455% in ten years, from $2,200/year to $10,000/year. Rough estimates the town could save anywhere from $7 million to $12 million dollars a year.

The irony is, Killington was once part of New Hampshire. The town's initial charter came from Concord, not Burlington, back before the Revolutionary War.

Vermont needs to wake up, and wake up soon. For years -- nay, decades -- they've been plucking this goose that lays the golden eggs. And this particular goose is tired of getting plucked over by the state.

As I've said repeatedly, and even the proponents acknowledge, the chances of this movement actually succeeding are virtually nonexistent. But maybe -- just maybe -- it'll shame Vermont into treating the people of Killington a little more fairly.

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I take it that Vermont do... (Below threshold)
mark m:

I take it that Vermont doesn't have a set maximum that taxes can go up per year????. That just seems hard to believe.

Don't you mean Sherburne go... (Below threshold)
Governor Breck:

Don't you mean Sherburne got its charter from New Hampshire? The town of Killington has only been in existence for a few years.
Actually, I may be remembering the former name of Killington incorrectly. The town has effectively purged any mention of its former self and memory is such a fragile thing.

Yeah, Killington should loo... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Killington should look elsewhere for tax relief.

In Keene, NH, $2,200 a year barely covers the tax on a single-wide trailer. Families of modest means (and homes) typical pay $4-6,000 per year.

Five figures is certainly not unheard of, and one recently contructed house generates over $30k a year in town revenue. We're not even a resort town...

That's one of the main reas... (Below threshold)

That's one of the main reasons I didn't move back to New York state when I retired from the Air Force. I currently pay $1400/year for property taxes in Colorado Springs. A similar home/property in the Albany NY area would have run $7000/year (plus school taxes).

LJD - you're comparing appl... (Below threshold)
Chilly willy:

LJD - you're comparing apples and oranges - unlike VT, NH has no income tax and no sales tax- you have to look at the entire package.

Plus, NH is far less silly. See: "bring the troops home" referenda.

(Former NHerian.)

Yeah, Vt is plenty silly...... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Vt is plenty silly... Thank God for the CT river.

However, the property tax in NH is a real burden.

I don't support income tax, but the combination doesn't even come close in comparison. Add up sales, income, and property tax, and it's still less than our property tax. I guess it depends on the town you live in.

So do you penalize some one for making money, or for wanting a nice home? I say neither. Of course, our state legislators have yet to find a workable solution tothis quandary.

I don't mind a small sales tax because it's a choice. Problem is, imposing one will not reduce our property tax burden at all.

I like the way that "spend ... (Below threshold)

I like the way that "spend less money" is never a "workable" solution.

as whacky as much of the po... (Below threshold)

as whacky as much of the politics in my native state of California are wont to be, I thank God (and Howard Jarvis) for Proposition 13.

It's the only reason my parents still have their home.

well, Jay, my taxes here in... (Below threshold)

well, Jay, my taxes here in New Hampshire have doubled this year alone so vermont is not alone in the problems they are dealing with when in comes to taxes. Massachusetts isn't much better, if anything, they're worse. Maybe they want to become part of New Hampshire too??


Sooner or later N.H. will f... (Below threshold)
John S.:

Sooner or later N.H. will figure out that they shouldn’t install Democrats to the governor’s office. N.H. has the highest meals tax in the nation? See Water Peterson (D) 1969-73. (At least his “temporary” 3% income tax didn’t go through) N.H. has the highest electrical rates in the known universe? See Hugh Gallen (D) 1979-1982. Seabrook nuke construction-works-in-progress was his scam. Your property tax went up 400% since 1997? See Jeanne Shaheen (D) 1997-2003, Clinton lackey, NEA toady, Claremont decision, imposition of state property tax, 250% increase of N.H. budget in 6 years. I can hardly wait to see what kind of damage John Lynch will manage.

Gov. Breck, you are remembe... (Below threshold)

Gov. Breck, you are remembering the former name correctly but not the history. In fact the original name of the town was Killington and the mountain where the ski area is built was Mt. Pisqah. The mountain was renamed to Killington Peak after the town in the late 1700s. In 1800 the Vermont State Legislature changed the name of the town to Sherburne most likely after Colonel Benjamin Sherburn who had promised to build some mills for the town.

So actually, by changing our name back to Killington we are remembering far more of our past then most people will ever know.

-Chris (Killington Resident)






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