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MoveOn Dot Bust

Now is the time at Wizbang when we get a good laugh at the expense of MoveOn.org and it's founders Wes Boyd and Joan Blades.

Rolling Stone Magazine sums up their existence thusly,

Like so many other Internet start-ups, MoveOn has raised -- and burned through -- tens of millions of dollars, innovating without producing many concrete results. Any reasonable analysis shows its stock may be dangerously overvalued. Those banking on MoveOn had better hope it is more Google than Pets.com. Because should the group flame out, the Democrats could be in for a fall of Nasdaq proportions.
Update: Les Jones is laughing at MoveOn.org and Howard Dean.


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Comments (45)

You freepers need to realiz... (Below threshold)

You freepers need to realize that the purpose of Moveon.org is to allow for demos to elude campaign finance laws. It worked great considering that...

So what you're saying is th... (Below threshold)

So what you're saying is that's essentially an act of dishonesty, by a group of dishonest people, striving to push a dishonest agenda. In other words, liberalism. Thanks for clearing that one up for us.

well duh. Ok...mix in a li... (Below threshold)

well duh. Ok...mix in a little "ends justify the means". You forgot that.

Didn't you have a post awhi... (Below threshold)

Didn't you have a post awhile ago about how they were something like 4 for 24 on the candidates they supported in 2004?

Remember, these kooks endorsed Howard Dean. Their second choice was Kucinich! =)

"Me" -- if you think you're... (Below threshold)

"Me" -- if you think you're at FreeRepublic.com, I suggest you take another look at your map.

They sorta have that geeky ... (Below threshold)

They sorta have that geeky look of the Nader/Jerry Brown wing of the party. Need a little booz, burgers and broads with Bubba to loosen em up.

I'm very taken with my name... (Below threshold)

I'm very taken with my name, by the way. Is it not rather cute?

Oh, no. My name's cuter. </... (Below threshold)
me, too:

Oh, no. My name's cuter.

With the article being in <... (Below threshold)
Clive Tolson:

With the article being in Rolling Stone, which you on the Right consider another Liberal rag, the indicting tone obviously must carry a sobering truth.

Well, the obviously partisan, shrill tone of the writer, the absence of no more information about MoveOn than what can be obtained online, and the lack of any direct quotes from the group's leaders, makes it perfect syndication for the Moonie Times!

RS Publisher/Founder Jan Wenner has recently been quoted as wanting to give his website a more politically balanced content.

I'm frankly surprised that ... (Below threshold)

I'm frankly surprised that MoveOn didn't get more of a backlash post-November like Moore did. They contributed just as much to the insanity factor as he did.

I thought moveon.org said t... (Below threshold)

I thought moveon.org said they bought the Democratic Party. Haven't they been keeping up on the mortgage payments?

I can see now that "Clive T... (Below threshold)

I can see now that "Clive Tolson" is running a game. Not that I didn't perceive that earlier, just saying that those remarks, this thread, are, well, outrageously suggestive of an unreality so wan as to be...Clive, share with us, you're fourteen, right?

Let's see...Rolling Stone being perceived as 'liberal' ...'BY...CONSERVATIVES'...

Clive, Jann and friends ARE the Democratic Party. They ARE liberal. The entire paper was begun by Jann while at Berkeley because the world and the Bay Area along with it were not liberal enough. Trust me, I know.

So, no, it's not a perceptual definition by conservatives that deems Jann and his publications "liberal," but that the publications and Jann Wenner ARE liberal. They're the liberal wing of the Liberal Party. As in, liberally liberal, as liberal and as active in the DNC funding and issue process as anyone could ever be. As in, liberal vehicles and messengers of the liberal wing of liberalism. Liberal where no man or woman has gone before: liberal.

If Jann Wenner intends to become more political in his publications, that just means that he intends to become more actively liberal as a publisher, given that he's gone into entertainment with an annoying dullness with his latest permutations (US and the redo for RS that lost, even, many among liberal entertainment what with it's decided editorial newly drawn edge).

Jann's a big Democrat and always has been, and I write "big" as in he's someone who has always participated in the ultra liberal wing of the ultra liberal members of the Democratic Party and that includes the funding process.

I realize that you assume that conservatives just don't know a tree from a stump, but, honestly, can you ever be more pretentiously inaccurate than suggesting that RS is liberal because conservatives perceive it to be? As if it wasn't liberal on it's own merits? Or that Jann was not? Jann Wenner epitomizes what it is to be a liberal in today's United States and, P.S.: it's no secret because everyone already knows that. Even conservatives.

Yeah, as to what Sco... (Below threshold)

Yeah, as to what Scott wrote, I was just reflecting on their threats and allegations of recent times, as in, them alleging that they'd bought the Democratic Party and so they expected it to be handed over to them ("we bought it, we want it" was their statement, or something close to that, just a few months ago).

What I assumed their purchase agreement included was Howard Dean wrangling that Chairmanship...meaning, I understood that Dean being named Chairman was the response to MoveOn's demands, the result of their demands.

Since MoveOn has made it pretty clear that they had the money to actually purchase a U.S. political party, what does that say about the party they purchased, that MoveOn is today teetering on bankruptcy, or perhaps past that ledge?

This is another great example of just what Democrats do with millions and millions of tax payer dollars: make things "look good" and then devalue everything into nonsense. MoveOn is the "you look mahvelous" phenomenon once again raising it's ugly head: it's better to look good than to be good.

All those fancy websites, newsletters, house parties and campaign dollars and look what they have to show for it.

Where did the money go? Wh... (Below threshold)

Where did the money go? Who got rich off the Democratic Party, um, MoveOn?

Quote from the Rolling Ston... (Below threshold)

Quote from the Rolling Stone's 2nd paragraph:

" 'It's our Party,' MoveOn's twenty-four-year-old executive director, Eli Pariser, declared in an e-mail. 'We bought it, we own it and we're going to take it back.' "

Here is a link to a 3-part ... (Below threshold)

Here is a link to a 3-part series which describes the groups Soros funds and/or guides: The Shadow Party by David Horowitz & Richard Poe, Oct 6 - 11, 2004.

Part II contains this:

"By early 2004, the Shadow Party’s infrastructure had assumed a coherent shape, under Soros’ guidance. At its heart lay seven ostensibly “independent” non-profit groups which constitute the network’s administrative core. Let us call them the Seven Sisters. In chronological order, based upon their launch dates, they are:

1. MoveOn.org - Launched September 22, 1998

2. Center for American Progress (CAP) - Launched July 7, 2003

3. America Votes - Launched July 15, 2003

4. America Coming Together (ACT) - Launched July 17, 2003

5. The Media Fund - Launched November 5, 2003

6. Joint Victory Campaign 2004 - Launched November 5, 2003

7. The Thunder Road Group LLC - Launched early 2004"


Part III has this:

"By pushing McCain-Feingold through Congress, Soros cut off the Democrats’ soft-money supply. By forming the Shadow Party, Soros offered the Democrats an alternate money spigot – one which he personally controlled. As a result the Democrats are heavily – perhaps even irretrievably – dependent on Soros. It seems reasonable to consider the possibility that McCain-Feingold, from its very inception, was a Soros power play to gain control of the Democratic Party."

(The details on how Soros pushed it through are also there.)

I find it interesting that ... (Below threshold)

I find it interesting that this supposedly grassroots and progressive group is run by a handful (10, the rolling stone article says) of rich people. Not bad or wrong, mind you, just incongruous.

Since MoveOn has made it... (Below threshold)

Since MoveOn has made it pretty clear that they had the money to actually purchase a U.S. political party, what does that say about the party they purchased, that MoveOn is today teetering on bankruptcy, or perhaps past that ledge?

Yes, one line in an email is making it pretty clear that they actually bought the entire Democratic party. Who'd the money go to? Oh, umm, the media owners? They do collect advertising revenue, right? Maybe he didn't mean that literally, -S-. And who says MoveOn is anywhere near bankruptcy? Oh, just you? Ok.

Where did the money go? Who got rich off the Democratic Party, um, MoveOn?

Wait, I thought they were bankrupt. Now they are rich? That was quick. They must have bet it all on Bush's social security privatization plan going in the crapper.

I'd say it's a long way off... (Below threshold)

I'd say it's a long way off from being bankrupt:

"Jonathan Soros is a MoveOn.org activist, a financial sponsor of MoveOn, and a contributor to other Shadow Party groups as well." [Part III already linked above.]

"Next on the PETA files, th... (Below threshold)

"Next on the PETA files, the Pug and the Afghan hound try to stare down Muldour and Skully in an attempt to evade the truth"....

What?.... Oh? Really? But I thought this was the Caption Contest..... Well, um... Nevermind...

I have to aplogize. Its jus... (Below threshold)

I have to aplogize. Its just with a picture like that I just assumed it was the caption contest.

*Mental Note* READ THE POST FIRST....

More deep pockets supportin... (Below threshold)

More deep pockets supporting MoveOn: (Part II)

"Following the September 17, 2003 meeting between Soros and Boyd mentioned in Part 1, Soros and his associates poured nearly $6.2 million into MoveOn over a period of six months, according to the Center for Public Integrity. The contributions include $2.5 million from George Soros personally; $2.5 million from Peter B. Lewis of Progressive Insurance; $971,427 from Peter Bing of Shangri-La Entertainment;  $100,000 from Benson & Hedges tobacco heir Lewis Cullman; and $101,000 from Soros’ 34-year-old son Jonathan T. Soros, an attorney and financier recently promoted to deputy manager of Soros Fund Management LLC."

MoveOn's sister organizatio... (Below threshold)

MoveOn's sister organization, CAP, also bears watching.

(Part II Cont'd)
"The Center for American Progress (CAP) is widely understood to be what one inside source called, 'the official Hillary Clinton think tank' – a platform designed to highlight Hillary’s policies and to enhance her prestige as a potential presidential candidate...."

"Hillary Clinton tries to minimize the depth of her involvement with CAP – as indeed she does habitually in all matters concerning the Shadow Party. Beltway insiders are not fooled, however. Persistent press leaks confirm that Hillary calls the shots at CAP – not John Podesta. 'It’s the official Hillary Clinton think tank,' an inside source confided to Christian Bourge of United Press International....

Many ideological purists on the Left dismiss the Center as a platform for Hillary’s presidential ambitions. No doubt, they are right. Dreyfuss notes the abundance of Clintonites on the Center’s staff, among them Clinton’s national security speechwriter Robert Boorstin; Democratic Leadership Council staffer and former head of Clinton’s National Economic Council Gene Sperling; former senior advisor to Clinton’s Office of Management and Budget Matt Miller;..."


CAP spawned MediaMatters.org (President and CEO, David Brock.)

Ok, BR, we got it. You kno... (Below threshold)

Ok, BR, we got it. You know how to cut and paste.

You trying to shut me up, M... (Below threshold)

You trying to shut me up, Mantis? Are you afraid of free speech? Remember, you guys only bought and paid for the Democratic Party, not me.

Which one of the 7 sisters ... (Below threshold)

Which one of the 7 sisters or its subsidiaries do you work for, Mantis? Part of CAP's "Rapid Response Team" ? Tell me, have you guys decided on the new name for the party yet? Progressive Party? Like the Communist sponsored one after WWII?

Woah there, camper, calm do... (Below threshold)

Woah there, camper, calm down. I couldn't shut you up if I wanted to, which I don't. You just keep posting sections from the same article over and over again. We got it.

Btw I neither belong to the democratic party nor moveon, thank you very much. And the progressives were the party of Teddy Roosevelt long before WWII. You keep up with that paranoia though, it suits you.

Yeah, shut up, mantis. It's... (Below threshold)

Yeah, shut up, mantis. It's information that I find interesting and want to read. It sure beats your knee jerk, "I'm miserable-everyone else must be miserable, too" posts. You are acting way too defensive. You a member of moveon?

. . . or maybe, you just th... (Below threshold)

. . . or maybe, you just think Joan Blades is hot?

Yeah, shut up mantis? And ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, shut up mantis? And I'm the knee jerk? I'm not miserable, I just don't see the point in posting the same link three times. It was information I found interesting and wanted to read to. So I did, through the first link. Is your mouse broken?

While Mantis is checking wi... (Below threshold)

While Mantis is checking with his superiors on his next move, here's another C & P, with added notes by me:

"Another of CAP’s missions is to carry out “rapid response” to what it calls conservative “attacks” in the media. CAP’s Web site promises that it will soon be capable of “responding effectively and rapidly to conservative proposals and rhetoric with a thoughtful critique and clear alternatives.”  To this end, CAP offers a stable of talking heads – coiffed, credentialed  and fully briefed – ready to appear at a moment’s notice on national talk shows to interrupt, side track, browbeat and otherwise prevent conservative commentators from getting their message out. Notable among CAP’s line-up of talking heads are The Nation’s Eric Alterman – who claims expertise on the subjects of media and democracy – and Morton H. Halperin, who offers to speak on national security."


And that's Morton Halperin, Senior Vice President of CAP and Director of the Open Society Policy Center established by George Soros. Morton Halperin, also of Ellsberg "Pentagon Papers" infamy. Father of ABC's Mark Halperin: The ABC's of Media Bias.

Mantis, if you had really r... (Below threshold)

Mantis, if you had really read the linked articles, you would have seen this about the Progressive Party of 1948:

"In the final analysis, the movers and shakers of the Shadow Party may or may not decide to break off and go it alone, forming a Progressive Party to the left of the Democrats as Henry Wallace and the Communist Party did in 1948 (Wallace lost and the Progressive Party disintegrated after a pitiful showing in the 1952 elections)."

BR - We got the point. Geor... (Below threshold)

BR - We got the point. George Soros set up a shadow party with his bazillions of dollars. This is not exactly earth-shattering news. It is interesting and the details thereof are definitely food for some thought.

But mantis' point was that you've already posted a link with interest-whetting material. The other six or seven posts about the same subject is overkill and makes you look a bit agenda-pushy.

You made you point. We heard it. Now let us sit and digest a while before you hit us with the same point again.

Yes, BR, I'm aware of the c... (Below threshold)

Yes, BR, I'm aware of the communist party's endorsement of Wallace. I'm also aware that Wallace was a former Republican. If you knew your history you would know that Teddy Roosevelt started the 1st Progressive Party in 1912.

Can't we strip that tratoro... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

Can't we strip that tratorous turd Soros of his citizenship already?

The way that man operates with all his power over the "LITTLE PEOPLE" I think he should be srung up with piano wire, Mussolini style!

Jimmy, digest all you want.... (Below threshold)

Jimmy, digest all you want. You don't need teacher's permission to leave the room. My agenda is truth and you're not the blog censor.

Mantis, you were caught not knowing about the 1948 Progressive Party. 1912 was pre-WWII. It was also the year Lenin established connection with Stalin and took over editorship of "Pravda." And Kim Philby was born in 1912. So what? Trying to distract from the subject, looks to me.

I'm off for my latte and daily game of chess, so don't malign me in my absence :))

Mantis, you were caught ... (Below threshold)

Mantis, you were caught not knowing about the 1948 Progressive Party. 1912 was pre-WWII.

You caught me! Zounds! Ok, let me spell it out for you. I mentioned the progressive party of Roosevelt not because I was unaware of the communist-related party, but because of the frequency with which I see people try to equate the word progressive with "communist". It happens all the time, and I feel I would be remiss if I didn't point out that that title has had other meanings as well. But you think what you want.

In one of the more memorabl... (Below threshold)

In one of the more memorable lines of the Rolling Stone interview, “MoveOn has already revolutionized Democratic politics, energizing the party faithful in ways Karl Rove would envy.”

Then MoveOn says ..."MoveOn is ditching the traditional Democratic model of using paid canvassers, whom the group derides for blowing into town every four years “like the occasional tornado.” Instead, it plans to emulate Karl Rove — building a permanent field campaign, staffed by MoveOn volunteers reaching out to their neighbors.”

Why would Rove be envious of his own strategy?

BR,Yeoman's work, ... (Below threshold)


Yeoman's work, my man, yeoman's work.

Very interesting clips and quite enlightening. I've been aware of Soros' interventions for some time but you've provided a nice repository.

I guess to follow the trail further, one needs to track his donations to Democratic (or Republican?) legislators prior to campaign finance. If there was a statistically significant surge of donations from Soros and family prior to the committee or floor votes for campaign finance, would it be unreasonable to speculate that this was a powerplay attempt to subvert the party through another vehicle? If he controls the purse to the bulk of campaign messaging, that would provide some pretty considerable leverage, dontcha think? Granted, he wouldn't be the first to manipulate politics with money, but I just think it would be interesting to follow that money trail too.

Instead, it plans to emu... (Below threshold)

Instead, it plans to emulate Karl Rove — building a permanent field campaign, staffed by MoveOn volunteers reaching out to their neighbors.”

Oh, great! This means 19 year olds with facial tattoos and tongue piercing will be knocking on my door and lecturing me on politics.

Worse, Julie: Felons knock... (Below threshold)

Worse, Julie: Felons knocking on your door:

Felons Paid in Voter Registration Drive:

Jun 23, 10:17 PM (ET)
"JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) - A Democratic group crucial to John Kerry's presidential campaign has paid felons - some convicted of sex offenses, assault and burglary - to conduct door-to-door voter registration drives in at least three election swing states.

America Coming Together, contending that convicted criminals deserve a second chance in society, employs felons as voter canvassers in major metropolitan areas in Missouri, Florida, Ohio and perhaps in other states among the 17 it is targeting in its drive."


Soros.org is pushing for felons to actually vote themselves. (Maybe that's Hillary's secret weapon - how to win in 2008, hee hee: Hillary: Let Ex-felons Vote).

AD - yes! This yeowoman :)... (Below threshold)

AD - yes! This yeowoman :)) is also interested in the prior money trail - BEFORE Soros got rich. I'm wondering if he is China/Russia's secret weapon against capitalism and freedom, or whether he is the EU's Rothschilds' puppet - or all of the above. At that level of the game, the puppetmasters don't care which party they manipulate, but the liberals' own anti-Americanism makes them easy prey.

My apologies BR. I'm still ... (Below threshold)

My apologies BR. I'm still a bit new here.

I had a 50/50 shot and blew it. Now you know not to travel with me to Vegas.

Your speculation runs deeper than mine. Probably a good thing considering Soros' actions and interminably deep pockets. I'm still trying to grasp Soros' ultimate angle. He has plenty of money and power but I just sense that he still wants the power for more money. Either way, he is a dangerous puppeteer.

No apologies necessary, AD ... (Below threshold)

No apologies necessary, AD :) I've been enjoying reading your posts since your arrival at wizbang. I don't know if you're a yeoman or a "yeowoman" either. I'm sure I'd enjoy a trip to LV either way, in such good company. Your bets would probably be right more often than wrong!

Re the super rich and their obsession with communisim (for the peons only, not for themselves), it used to puzzle me when I first read how the blue-blood Cliveden set in England mentored Marx. I thought, don't they know what that would mean to their own wealth? Redistribution and all that?

Thennnnn I realized - ooooh. They have no intention of parting with their own wealth and power. What Soros gives to the Seven Sisters is small change for him. Probably what the Rothschilds gave him as seed money was small change for them.

Communism (which is utopian PR at first, but once in power turns into fascism) is simply a way for the rich to further dominate the peons. Keep them in their place, yes, yes. Keep 'em poor and only thinking about where their next meal will come from. Easier to manipulate.

If there is a future global financial meltdown, as Soros predicts, we would have him and his ilk to thank for it. But the indomitable spirit of the peons may yet surprise them all.

The latest admission on Sor... (Below threshold)

The latest admission on Soros funding, David Brock Group Backpedals on Soros Funding:

By Marc Morano
CNSNews.com Senior Staff Writer
March 03, 2005

"(CNSNews.com) - Media Matters for America, the group headed by conservative turned liberal writer David Brock, has changed course on its stated association with billionaire liberal financier George Soros.

After initially claiming on Dec. 1, 2004 that "neither Media Matters nor its president and CEO David Brock has received any money from Soros or from any organization with which he is affiliated," the group is no longer disavowing any connection with groups "affiliated" with Soros.

The Media Matters shift came after Cybercast News Service questioned the group's financial ties and demonstrated that there were numerous and extensive links between Media Matters and several Soros "affiliates" like MoveOn.org, the Center for American Progress and Soros ally Peter Lewis."


Media Matters for America's website is mediamatters.org.






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