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Segway Introduces New Models

Perhaps the most interesting piece of news about the introduction of three new models of Segways [Segway takes to rough terrain (CNet)], is that the company is still in business. We assumed that the underwhelming demand for the over-hyped and over-priced Segway's would have sunk the company by now.

Segaway introduced this ruggedized version:


Also available for the truly lazy: A golf course version

Previously: The Presidential version...

President Bush falling off a Segway personal transporter on the front driveway of his parents' summer home June 12, 2003 in Kennebunkport, Maine.


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Comments (17)

At least he didn't try to b... (Below threshold)

At least he didn't try to blame it on the Secret Serviceman.

Isn't a Segway like a bike ... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

Isn't a Segway like a bike but without the exercise?

I just hope he hadn't just... (Below threshold)

I just hope he hadn't just finished riding the little blue bike with the pink seat behind him.

I shall climb Mount Everest... (Below threshold)

I shall climb Mount Everest - on my ruggedized Segway!

The Segway hasn't had its 1... (Below threshold)

The Segway hasn't had its 15 minutes because the inventor is an arrogant asshole. Smart, for sure. But like all leftists, he know's what's good for us. And the Segway is what people MUST use, as it is invented so shall it be used. Or so says the inventor dude.

Or perhaps it hasn't had it... (Below threshold)

Or perhaps it hasn't had its 15-minutes because they are horribly expensive, bikes are faster, and you only get like 10 miles out of a battery charge! Not to mention, many cities have outright banned them because they are too big and fast for sidewalks, and too small and slow for roads.

I've always thought that Se... (Below threshold)

I've always thought that Segways would be perfect for the golf course. Cost-wise, they're in the same ballpark as a good golf cart.

Segways are pretty darn coo... (Below threshold)

Segways are pretty darn cool. Don't knock 'em
until you've tried 'em.

I think the idea was to have a pedestrian-friendly
vehicle which bikes are not. Bikes really don't
have a place on busy sidewalks or in buildings.

at O'Hare airport some of t... (Below threshold)

at O'Hare airport some of the cops use segways...

I have to admit that I can not possibly take a cop on a segway seriously.

However, they are good in that enviroment - the added height lets the cop see over crowds and they zoom along at a fairly brisk pace that doesn't freak people out.

Think about it - if you saw cops running at the ariport wouldn't you think something bad was happening? But a cop zooming on a segway just makes you laugh.

But a cop zooming on a s... (Below threshold)

But a cop zooming on a segway just makes you laugh.

Would you still be laughing when he knocked you down and rolled over you?

He fell off when Condie tol... (Below threshold)

He fell off when Condie told him that "Brazil has black people too".

The idea is, and I can't co... (Below threshold)

The idea is, and I can't confirm since I don't have 2-5 grand to waste, that the Segway lets you be as lazy as riding a car, but have fine enough control that you aren't a danger to other people on the sidewalk. I guess they could let you use the bike lanes...

'Segways are pretty darn co... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

'Segways are pretty darn cool. '


'Bikes really don't
have a place on busy sidewalks or in buildings.'

And these things do?

Of course they do! With the... (Below threshold)

Of course they do! With the barest minimum of training you can retain pinpoint control of your Segway. I recently rode mine everywhere around an auto convention (in Amsterdam), and that included standing with the masses in line for the tickets, past the ticket-counter, and through the front gates. It sure beats wearing out your feet to try to go see everything.

"Would you still be laughing when he knocked you down and rolled over you?" He would only knock you down in the unlikely event that he deliberately wanted to do so. Otherwise he could just swing around you with the greatest of control and ease. C'mon people, try riding one first before you let loose with these catty remarks.

Truthteller is right to cal... (Below threshold)

Truthteller is right to call this company arrogant. When they were developing the Segway, it was under super secrecy...they seriously thought this rube goldberg gizmo was going to change the world! This will become a future B school marketing case study filed under "not understanding your customer".

MAO: Did I say kno... (Below threshold)


Did I say knocking someone down and running them over with a Segaway was a bad thing?

I think four years of "fail... (Below threshold)

I think four years of "failure" has humbled the arrogant Segway company. Though, I fail to see how a COMPANY can be arrogant but that's for another thread.

Riding a Segway is a unique experience. It evokes a liberating feeling. I think the GT has legs on the golf course (no pun intended). 33% of the U.S. golfer population is over 50 and that number will surely grow in the coming years. Many use carts because they need to, not because they want to. A Segway has the potential to free this group from the constant stress of the sitting-standing cycle that is toruture to bad back and hip sufferers. Along the same lines, I wouldn't underestimate the Segway's psychological power to attract a new base of former cart users. For every segment for that matter, the Segway offers unique benefits that traditional carts cannot match.

As far as the high price, like everything else with enough volume and a little time, the price should drop. If it doesn't then Segway's management will shoulder the blame and the liquidation proceedings.






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