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Sometimes you just gotta say, "what the puck?"

I've repeatedly stated that I have no interest whatsoever in sports. I just must have been born without the sports gene or something. Yet twice in the last couple weeks, I've written about hockey -- major-league and minor-league hockey, and a high school hockey team.

Maybe I should just give in to it, embrace my inner Joe Sixpack and learn to accept things.

Or maybe not.

Then again, I do feel this powerful urge to belch and scratch...


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Hockey is great except for ... (Below threshold)

Hockey is great except for all that skating around and passing the puck. And the shooting too! Let's just stick with the fighting! No wait, we already have boxing. Tell me why we need hockey again?

Next you'll be telling us y... (Below threshold)

Next you'll be telling us you dreamt of having a big stick and a hard puck and were trying to score. :p

Julie, I never dream that. ... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Julie, I never dream that. I don't have to. I LIVE that.


(And if any of you doubt me, I have several signed affidavits just faxed me from a Kinko's in Abiline...)

Belching and scratching are... (Below threshold)

Belching and scratching are just natural male urges. Proper hockey urges would include randomly body checking co-workers or pulling someone's shirt over their head and pummeling them.

Oh, if you do body check a co-worker sitting in bathroom stall for 2 minutes doesn't really make things better. Theyy still frown on body checking as a form of feedback in most workplaces. Least that's the way the police explained it to me. Hehe, deja vu...

Not to worry, Jay -- like y... (Below threshold)

Not to worry, Jay -- like you, I am a grown male who seems to lack this "sports gene" too. Whenever guys at work start talking about the Game or the Playoffs or such, my eyes get real round and I just sort of back away.

Hey, you don't need to be i... (Below threshold)

Hey, you don't need to be into sports to belch and scratch - that's a typical male thing anyway.


Cheerleaders. Do you guys l... (Below threshold)

Cheerleaders. Do you guys like the cheerleaders at half-time? Any gene activity there??

I like YOU at half-time jul... (Below threshold)

I like YOU at half-time julie, does that count?






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