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Moron Byrd

Charleston Daily Mail columnist Don Surber is the only member of the mainstream media taking on Sen. Robert Byrd in his home state of West Virginia. Surber looks back at Byrd's 1964 filibuster of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the pain and embarrassment it caused. He also digs up this great letter:

"The one-man talkathon staged by Sen. Byrd for 14 hours last night and this morning indicates the extent to which a mind warped with hate and prejudice will go -- even in the hallowed halls of Congress.

"Sen. Byrd has not only done his state and our nation a great disservice, but has in addition exposed his family and friends to great embarrassment. The shame and stigma that attaches to his continuing acts against civil rights legislation is positive evidence that he is still a present-day advocate of the principles of the Ku Klux Klan.

"The sooner he is removed from the public and political scene, the better chance democracy will have to survive in America and the free world."

Willard Brown
Charleston, WV
June 10, 1964

You Don's his column in the Charleston Daily Mail or access it via his blog. As I've been saying to anyone who will listen, one day soon all columnists will also be bloggers.


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Comments (11)

Byrd spokesman denying rela... (Below threshold)

Byrd spokesman denying relationship between nazism and republicans.

“Terrible chapters of history ought never be repeated,'’ said Tom Gavin, spokesman for Byrd. “All one needs to do is to look at history to see how dangerous it is to curb the rights of the minority.'’

I bet Byrd's spokesman would feel foolish to see that letter from the NAACP.

You people are such hypocri... (Below threshold)

You people are such hypocrites. You cry foul when people bring up Bush's service (or lack therof) from 30 years ago and yet you have no problem digging up some obscure quote from 30 years ago from Robert Byrd that I'm sure (if you checked but I'm also sure you haven't) he would disassociate himself from. You know, whats the problem with people changing their mind? As if adults dont have a right to change their mind. Its the usual run of the mill republican hypocrisy. Nothing schocking here.

RE: OhTheBill's post (March... (Below threshold)

RE: OhTheBill's post (March 3, 2005 11:49 PM)

I'm all for contrition but Byrd's subsequent backtracking smacked of political expediency. The Kleagle filibustered Civil Rights fer cryin' aloud. Now he's tossing out accusatory comparisons to "Nazi" and "Hitler" like firebombs.

It's interesting you bringing up the word "hypocrisy". Now look up the words "irony" and "disgrace".

OhTheBill : Try fo... (Below threshold)

OhTheBill :

Try for a bit of context....

Byrd is the last person who should be throwing around the Nazi label. If you like, it would be like Bush lambasting Kerry for a poor war record if we were to concede the issue of Bushs military record.

How about another interview where he used the 'N' word twice? Would he dissaciate himself from that also? Pity he can't becase it was only 4 years ago. Exactly how recently did Byrd change from a racist into an advocate of racial diversity?
Scarborough mentioned he had voted against both black Supreme Court Justices. In corporate america, when black people aren't hired, it's usually blasted as racism and the government needs to step in and tell you who to hire.
Mind you, when a CEO has affairs with his secretary thats usually regarded as an abuse of a position of power by forcing himself on her. When the CEO is Clinton, the feminist groups are all tripping over themselves to defend him just as the left are all over themselves now trying to defend a racist pork barrel king.

As usual, it's always interesting to see how far the left will stretch and break their own rules to cover one of their own.

You cry foul wh... (Below threshold)
You cry foul when people bring up Bush's service (or lack therof) from 30 years ago

The crying foul stems from people making claims that are unsupported by the data and people resorting to using forged documents to make their case. If you can demonstrate that the Brown letter citation above is a forgery, you stand a chance of drawing a valid comparison.

While we're at it, show us the speech or letter of Byrd's where he actually does apologize for his klan membership. I've seen it reported but never did learn when he actually did so, where, and what he said when he did.

The Dems-Liberals are a vic... (Below threshold)

The Dems-Liberals are a vicious lot. Actually, I'm glad that Chris Dodd and others believe Byrd is the soul of the Senate. A recruiter for the KKK is the soul of the Senate? What irks me even more is Howard Dean saying he hates Republicans and conservatives are evil. They are a sick lot. And it's scary how many of them there are. When it comes to viciousness, the Republicans are amateurs compared to the Libs.

BTW, ain't it great? The Li... (Below threshold)

BTW, ain't it great? The Libs are defending a honcho from the KKK.

What happened to Willard Br... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

What happened to Willard Brown?

Okay, I did a search with t... (Below threshold)

Okay, I did a search with the string "Byrd apologizes" at MSN Search (I'm pissed at Google).

Here are the results in order:

Byrd apologizes (the content was, "Calling the remark "both repulsive and revealing,'' the head of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People said he assumes Byrd's apology was well meant, but suggested there comes a time when a person has to avoid making remarks that require apologies."

Byrd compares Republicans to Hitler

Rental Housing Association apologizes


Sharon apologizes

Lott apologizes

Byrd Backpedals

CBS News Apologizes

And on and on. Lot of apologizing going on, but little from Byrd. Unfortunately, no one's been able to find where Byrd apologized for his KKK days or his fillibuster in 1964. I know, love means never having to say you're sorry. OhTheBill must love him.

But hey, the guy's 87 years old. Patience my padawan.

Oh the Bill I would almost ... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Oh the Bill I would almost go for your hypocrisy charge, except that the dems never let go of Strom Thurmond's past in regards to the civil rights movement (and he wasn't a member of the KKK).

There isn't much difference between Strom and Byrd when it comes to their past in regards to civil rights etc. Strom's sin was that he left the DNC-so he doesn't get a pass, but Byrd does.

So can we revisit that hypcrisy charge again? YOu may want to take it back.

Byrd's fascination with the... (Below threshold)

Byrd's fascination with the Nazis stems from the fact that they had prettier uniforms than the KKK and he's just obsesssing. He should just concentrate what he is best at-being the pork king of the U.S. and maybe getting a better tailor for "his boys in the hood" when they work the midnight shift.






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