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A long time to carry a grudge

Lately, I've been feeling self-conscious about my "Bush/Cheney 2004" bumper sticker on my car. I've felt I should take it off -- after all, the election was four months ago. But today, I saw something that made me feel a little better about myself.

In a parking lot, I saw a clapped-out old minivan with a faded (but still quite clear) "IMPEACH CLINTON" sticker.

And before anyone asks, no, the minivan didn't have New York plates.



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Comments (20)

That's nothing, I'm still m... (Below threshold)

That's nothing, I'm still mad a Grover Clevland for helping deliver the New York Times to the Schulzbergers.

Like old ties, if you keep ... (Below threshold)

Like old ties, if you keep 'em long enough they will be in style again.

RE: epador's post (March 4,... (Below threshold)

RE: epador's post (March 4, 2005 07:50 AM)
Like old ties, if you keep 'em long enough they will be in style again.

Yes, but for that to be true, that would mean... are you saying... no, could it? Would it? Can it? AAAaaah... ! Not again! PLEASE not again! Is one legacy not enough pain and suffering for one to bear?

The sticker might not be a ... (Below threshold)

The sticker might not be a political statement. It's probably the only thing holding the vehicle together.

Does this mean I have to re... (Below threshold)

Does this mean I have to remove my "I Like Ike" sticker? I do not know which is more a classic, the car or the sticker.

My brother in law still has... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

My brother in law still has his Dole/Kemp sticker on his car from 1996.

I don't know that you should be in a huge rush-compared to him you have at least 9 more years.

i have that beat. Overe her... (Below threshold)

i have that beat. Overe here in the People's Republic of Montgomery County MD, I passed a house the other day with Gore/Leiberman and Kerry Edwards signs on their lawn.
If I had a camera phone, I would have taken a photo.

I'm keeping my black & whit... (Below threshold)

I'm keeping my black & white 'W' sticker, because (a) it looks cool and matches well with some of the band stickers that are next to it, and (b) offers a small counterpoint to my neighbor who has the back of her vehice plastered with the likes of '51% is NOT a mandate!!!' If they won't let go, I don't mind pushing their face in it a bit.

I still have my W'04 sticke... (Below threshold)

I still have my W'04 sticker on my bumper. It covers up a scratch so it won't be going anywhere for a while.

I actually saw a minivan la... (Below threshold)

I actually saw a minivan last week with a Mondale/Ferraro sticker on it. The bumper sticker looked like it was holding up better than the van's paint job.

jmaster - I'm sure the stic... (Below threshold)

jmaster - I'm sure the sticker is holding up better than mondale/ferraro as well....

Good point....... (Below threshold)

Good point....

Mike, I am betting t... (Below threshold)

I am betting they are the ones in the neighborhood that keep their Christmas lights hanging on their house all year long too.

I still maintain a home rig... (Below threshold)

I still maintain a home right in the middle of Bush country, Odessa, Texas. You can see those by the dozen around here, and there are still quite a few "Chappaquidick-1/Three Mile Island-0" cruising the streets, usually on cars less than than two years old.

Somewhere I still have a "K... (Below threshold)
Dan S:

Somewhere I still have a "Kennedy for Lifeguard" sticker from his primary campaign days.

I think a Bush bumper stick... (Below threshold)
Will Pickering:

I think a Bush bumper sticker is a good "screw the establishment" statement, like the McGovern stickers that looked cool round about 1974 or 75.

P.S. What is a URL?

I am proud to say that I or... (Below threshold)

I am proud to say that I ordered my "Impeach Clinton" bumper sticker even before he was inaugurated.

I still have no regrets.

I'll take my Bush/Cheney 04... (Below threshold)

I'll take my Bush/Cheney 04 and Veterans Against John Kerry bumper stickers off my truck when I stop seeing Kerry/Edwards bumper stickers on other vehicles. If they want to be bitter so be it but I can be happy and rub their noses in it just a little.

There is someone in my apar... (Below threshold)

There is someone in my apartment complex with a Dennis Kucinich sticker. How over is that?

I like to see which lasts l... (Below threshold)

I like to see which lasts longer, the stickers or the car.






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