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Quote Of The Day - Heteronormative Edition

"Some of the content was extremely heteronormative, and made BGLTSA members feel uncomfortable."

Response to a speech by actress Jada Pinket Smith upon receiving an award at the Harvard Foundation for Intercultural and Race Relations. You'll be shocked at the controverisal comments!!! Begging to Differ has the rest of the story.


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Comments (8)

The gay activists were upse... (Below threshold)

The gay activists were upset that Ms. Pinkett-Smith did not spend enough time talking about gay relationships as opposed to hetero relationships.

Evidently, Jada forgot her stopwatch.


...and speaking as a straig... (Below threshold)

...and speaking as a straight male, Ms. Pinkett-Smith makes me feel _very_ heteronormalatavistic.

I am sorry, but some people... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I am sorry, but some people just seem to be looking for things to offend them. I can't help but wonder what kind of life they have, where they want to turn everyone into a villain and themselve into consumate victims.

I think some people need to get a life and grow some thicker skin.

They are Offended-Americans... (Below threshold)

They are Offended-Americans, and we need to stick bamboo slivers under all their finger- and toenails.

To maximize their victim-identification, of course. Since it's obviously what they live for.

(This has been a message from the Citizens' Committee for the Torture of Offended-Americans.)

Hey, McGehee, where to I si... (Below threshold)

Hey, McGehee, where to I sign up?

Hey, my word is bigger than... (Below threshold)

Hey, my word is bigger than their word [see GreenspanGate - Dark Forces Align]

McGehee, Is it really such... (Below threshold)

McGehee, Is it really such a good idea to give them something they would so enjoy?

For supposedly smart kids w... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

For supposedly smart kids why would these Harvard students give a shit about what some B list actress says?






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