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Stupid cop tricks

Boston, Massachusetts has historically had problems with integration. Forced busing of school children in the 70's led to riots that still bring up bitter memories. And the police department was forced into adopting a policy of hiring one minority officer for every white officer they hired.

That policy was struck down by a court last fall, that ruled that with 1/3 of the Boston Police Department a minority of one type of another, they could start hiring strictly on merit, with complete disregard for the applicants' race, sex, or other status.

But that wasn't enough for the powers that run Boston. They decided that they would actively recruit minorities to apply for positions with the police. Current officers who were black, Hispanic, or gay were tasked to "talk up" would-be applicants and spread the word among those communities about upcoming vacancies.

I have no problem with that. In fact, I think it was a great idea.

My objection is how it was done. Police Commissioner Kathleen M. O'Toole didn't just encourage those six officers to make the effort. She took them off the street for two months and made their only duties to be to actively recruit their fellow minorities.

I've never heard of a police department in a major city lacking for applicants -- hell, not even qualified applicants. On the other hand, I've also never heard of a major city having things go so nicely that they yank half a dozen officers off regular patrol duty for two months because things are just going so swimmingly.

It's been a while since I've been outraged at what is often called "political correctness run amok." Silly me, I thought those days were past. I should have known I ought to just wait a little while, and Massachusetts would come through for me.


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I get a chuckle out of my n... (Below threshold)

I get a chuckle out of my northern firends when they learn I grew up in the south. Almost always get the same comment of "You guys have a problem with racism down there don't you?" I always reply with:

"You mean like those bastions of racial tolerence like New York, Philly, Boston, Detroit and Chicago?"

Glass houses and rocks....

Faith,I moved from... (Below threshold)


I moved from New York to Atlanta. The race issue is no where near as bad as it was growing up on Long Island. The South is not perfect, but it is much better than anything I saw up North.

I hate to disagree with you... (Below threshold)

I hate to disagree with you here Jay. I am sure these officers are going to different schools and community centers letting the minorities see the officers as real people not just people who ask to see I.D. or arrest their friends. In the inner city many young people see the police as the enemy. If these officers are on duty they are not going to have time to actively recruit.
I know I have seen Army recruiters at our High School. It seems to be the same concept. They have all the material on what is expected and training ect.
I think it is important for these kids to see officers off duty, smiling, talking, and letting them know that they are wanted in the police academy. It may the only way out of a world of bad things for some of these kids.

Rightwingsparkle, you're pr... (Below threshold)

Rightwingsparkle, you're probably right. Officers around here do that sort of thing all the time. They take turns talking to classes, hanging out at community fairs, giving presentations, staffing information booths at malls, and generally being regular folks. It's a good thing to do, but I don't think it requires being removed from their regular duties for two solid months.

"I've never heard of a poli... (Below threshold)

"I've never heard of a police department in a major city lacking for applicants -- hell, not even qualified applicants."

Hmm. Wouldn't hurt to expand your readings to cover New Orleans, and its chronic police shortage.

oyster said "Hmm. Wouldn't ... (Below threshold)

oyster said "Hmm. Wouldn't hurt to expand your readings to cover New Orleans, and its chronic police shortage."

Could it be that NOPD has the lowest pay of any major police department? Could it be that NOPD has THE WORST REP of ANY police department nationwide? There is more to NOPDs recruiting problems than lack of applicants.......

I am shocked— shocked, I... (Below threshold)

I am shocked— shocked, I say— to discover that the hosts of this fine weblog have such contempt for law enforcement.

What's next? "The only good pig is a dead pig?"

Jay, I would submit that b... (Below threshold)

Jay, I would submit that big departments take Officers off the street for community relations and outreach on a regular basis. Hell, even my little rural Sheriff's Department does it.
Before I retired I did a couple-three stints when I was stove up.
All the guys and gals I ever knew doing that work were Officers and Deputies that had to go off the street for a while anyway. In my case the first time I did that work for a couple months I had a chest full of cracked ribs from totaling a County Cruiser when a tire blew during a chase.
The other times I did that work were more or less the same, minor injuries that kept me off the street.
LEOs get dinged all the time, minor things like cracked ribs make it too dangerous to work patrol, a hamstring, ankle or knee that means we can't catch an asshole if it comes to a foot chase, strained backs from helping the fire department guys carry the fat lady down the stairs. The Department has to pay us anyway so we do a few shifts as Officer Friendly if we have the gift of gab.
Sure as Hell beats sitting at the intake desk at the jail doing cavity searches on people who haven't grasped the concept of toilet paper.






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