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No honor among thieves

I've written before about Lawrence, Massachusetts, "armpit" of Massachusetts. They have problems with gangs, illegal immigration, crime, drugs, insurance fraud, the city's broke, the school system's completely screwed up, and so on. But apparently they are also home to some of the dumbest thieves around.

Cars are a culture unto themselves in Lawrence. They stage accidents with them to get insurance money. There are several times more car customizers than supermarkets in the city. (That's just a presumption based on my own observations.) Everyone, it seems, has a car, and uses it to go everywhere -- and nowhere.

There also is apparently a group of street racers in Lawrence that will do anything to improve their cars' performance -- even steal other cars and strip them.

This all came to a head recently when some of the group stole a car belonging to a fellow racer. He confronted them and saw that the thief had already put the tires and rims on his own car. Apparently giving him back his tires wasn't enough -- we wanted everything. And when he didn't get all his parts back, he went to the cops.

So now two street racers are behind bars, because they weren't smart enough to un-piss-off the guy who they ripped off and who found them out. And now, perhaps, the streets of Lawrence will be a little quieter and safer.

Nah. It's gonna take a hell of a lot more than two dipshits behind bars to show any real improvement.


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See what happens when you b... (Below threshold)

See what happens when you base a city on the inner workings of the United Nations?

Jay, I'm thinking you need ... (Below threshold)

Jay, I'm thinking you need to move to Texas.

Just a feeling I'm getting...;-)






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