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Abu Musab al-Zarqawi Arrested - Again

Photo credit - CNN

I saw this little blurb in Israel's Arutz Sheva:

Sources in Iraq claim that United States Armed Forces have arrested the leader of al Qaeda in Iraq, Abu-Masab a-Zarqawi.

Some sources say he was arrested with three assistants, while others claim he was arrested before Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's last visit to Iraq.

The Saudi paper Al Watan reports that al-Zarqawi has been in custody for several weeks, awaiting the formation of the new Iraqi government for the arrest to be announced. Given that al-Zarqawi is the second most wanted man in the world right now the likelihood that he is "on ice" seems pretty low. As with all previous reports, these latest reports should be taken with a healthy dose of skepticism.

Captured or not, al-Zarqawi's been busy on the PR front. CNN is running a new set of pictures showing al-Zarqawi with associates, and Friday his group, al Qaeda in Iraq, published a slick 43 page online magazine.


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Comments (4)

As many times as that guy's... (Below threshold)

As many times as that guy's been arrested, you'd think they'd stop letting him make bail before the arraignment.

Great line McGehee. Guarant... (Below threshold)

Great line McGehee. Guaranteed the talking heads
will have stolen it by 6 p.m.
I put together a deck of cards with the faces of the most wanted al qaeda thugs. If we have Zarqawi
that's only the second captured in 11 months. Not a
great record.
My cards at www.deckofterror.com highlight the
19 thought to possibly be in this country. Of that number we have caught exactly 0. Everyone in
Iraq is playiing Where's Zarqawi? The U.S. public seems to have forgotten about the ones that are HERE.

Finally not an old scratch ... (Below threshold)

Finally not an old scratch photo - one that actually looks like the real him. Hope it's truel


I disagree Kevin, it is qui... (Below threshold)

I disagree Kevin, it is quite likely they would keep him on ice while rolling up his associates.

OTOH, it is also quite likely the Iraqi gov't is lying to discourage his associates, 99% of whom prbably have no idea whether Zarqawi has been captured either.






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