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Blondes Have More Fun Career

When bad dye-jobs happen to marginal talents.

Ashlee Simpson (before)


Britney Spears (after)


Britney picture courtesy of Sterogum. Ashlee Simpson picture circa 2004 - pre SNL fiasco...

Update: Don't miss video of Ashlee's drunken McMeltdown.

Comments (79)

Britney Spears is thirty po... (Below threshold)

Britney Spears is thirty pounds and ten million dollars away from being Rosanne Barr.

The only thing worse than t... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

The only thing worse than that Spears trollops grating excuse for "MUSIC" is her disgusting hypocrital "lifestyle". She's nothnig but a slutty cheap whore. Mind you, so is that Simpson bimbo. Have you heard the lyrics these whores sing in their music? AND THIS STUFF IS AVAILABLE TO CHILDREN!!

Their video clips are nothing but soft porn either. If I wanted that, I would BUY A GOD DAMN PLAYBOY!

I fail to see any humor in this.

I agree with Rob, to a cert... (Below threshold)
Eneils Bailey:

I agree with Rob, to a certain extent. Neither one of these two entertainers have any noticeable talent. And even with brain enlargement sugery, neither would be capable of sustaining an intelligent conversation. They spent thier money on extra hair dye and tits. As for the children listening to thier crap, where are the parents. As Larry Flynt once said " You want to put Hustler out of business. Get people to stop buying this crap." But gee, I would love to pork these two little pigs. After a doctor's exam for STD, of course.

Regarding Ashlee, doesn't s... (Below threshold)

Regarding Ashlee, doesn't she look like a young Ellen DeGeneress (with longer hair)?
Regarding Brittany, her chest must've been on 'deflate' that day.

Ashlee looks more like Pari... (Below threshold)

Ashlee looks more like Paris Hilton - doing neither of them any credit.

Not even with a rented dick... (Below threshold)

Not even with a rented dick...

Photographic proof to corro... (Below threshold)

Photographic proof to corroborate the audio evidence: Britney really does suck.

What's really depressing ab... (Below threshold)

What's really depressing about Spears or Simpson or Aguilera or whoever is the pop tart du jour is that they're all in their early 20s -- which means that we're going to be subjected to their crappy music and guttertramp antics for the next 30-40 years. And Spears even has an up and coming younger sister! As Dr. Smith on 'Lost in Space' used to say, 'oh, the pain, the pain...'

"Not even with a rented ... (Below threshold)

"Not even with a rented dick..."

You are kidding, right? Because if you're not, that's fine, more for me.

I must say, Ashlee actually... (Below threshold)

I must say, Ashlee actually looked nice there.

Re: kgowenI don't ... (Below threshold)

Re: kgowen

I don't know, kgowen. There were some teenyboppers in the 80's (Tiffany, Debbie Gibson) that had shitty music and low-cut skirt videos and they vanished off the face of the earth...

... only to pop up 15 years later in Playboy. So, hey, they got that going for them.

And I do like Ashlee's necklace... Its location, more specifically.

I have to say ashlee and br... (Below threshold)

I have to say ashlee and britney are to much and do go a little over board all the time, but ashlee does look pretty there, and shes back to a blonde so its all good.

I think ashlee is way bette... (Below threshold)

I think ashlee is way better than britany but i don't really care for either thier music isn't really my thing. ashlee does look pretty there though.

well lets think about this.... (Below threshold)

well lets think about this...were ARE the parents...hmm..you know i think i know where they are! they are probably 100% behind their childrens choices! because if they are listening to britney spears & ashlee simpson then they probably arent out in the streets or at parties getting drunk & doing drugs, sure you may be saying well no but they're probably out being sluts! but commom most young girls don't do the things you may think they do. with all do respect it's almost like you're spending your time picking away at these people when all they've done is make their fans happy. so they have a few extra bucks & spend it in ways you may not like. but they got you talking about them & if they can do that then they still hae a career. so with all love i ask what's your point?...no one who cares is listening. ( oh & i think ashlee simpson it great because her lyrics are true & they have meaning. i have her CD & i personally like it thank you.)

who cares if there whores,s... (Below threshold)

who cares if there whores,sluts how ever u wanna call them they don't care about what ppl think about them they got the money

I totally agree. Ashlee and... (Below threshold)

I totally agree. Ashlee and Britney are nothing but posers. I mean just because they have a special talent to "lip sync" you're classified as famous! I mean really~~

ok, for everyone who loves ... (Below threshold)

ok, for everyone who loves putting people down, do you walk away from your computer happy because you just made fun of someone else? does it make you feel better about yourself? celebrities are people too. don't like their music? dont listen to it, dont let your kids listen to it. You dont know who these people really are, no matter how many pictures you see or articles you read, so dont say things about who they are. and if you dont like the way they dress, then oh well, too bad for you. you dont have people on t.v., the internet, and in magazines saying things about how you dress. they dress how they want and shouldn't be torn apart because of it. who says you wear better clothes then they do? and as for there jobs, maybe you dont think they have talent, but they put them selves out there in front of millions of people. i dont see you people doing that. they have crazed fans stalking them, people constantly asking for autographs and taking their pictures. untill you live like they do with no privacy, dont judge the people who do.

First of all: to the people... (Below threshold)

First of all: to the people who are calling Ashlee degrading names, who are you to judge the content of her character (or intelligence for that matter)? Sure, you are entitled to your opinion about her music or musical abilities because your the only person who cares what you really think but it's very immature to go on a website and call her degrading names, especially since you do not know if she is a promiscuous or not (her older sister remained a virgin until the wedding night so I think Ashlee might do that as well).
Second of all: I personally think that it is up to the parents to teach their children restraint and responsibility concerning their musical tastes and to lead by example as a role model for their children. Teenagers (I am a teen) listen to music that they can relate to on a psychological and social level (hence your children might not be into the same music as you). If you sat down and read some of Ashlee Simpson's lyrics you can tell it was written by a young woman trying to find herslef, just like many of her fans. In terms of a role model, I believe it's up to the parents to provide an example before the kids grow up and find others. If you don't like the idea of your child looking up to Ashlee, Britney, Christina, or any others, it's not their fault. And I doubt going on a message board and using terms like "slutty cheap whore" and "bimbo" to describe a person whom you have not and probably never will meet does not provide a positive example for your children to follow. Arm your children with the tools to be mature, responsible, and self-thinking towards societies pressures and not a bunch of obscene and distasteful words.

you guys are jerks no i don... (Below threshold)

you guys are jerks no i dont care for britney spears but ashlee is very talented nd very pretty...ya she lip sang on snl that was one time i saw her in concert nd i must say it was absolutely amazing and both off them had to work their asses off to get where they are today so just because your not talented dont hate on them

Ashlee Simpson had to follo... (Below threshold)

Ashlee Simpson had to follow in the footsteps of her older sister, which isn't easy. As far as Britney, well, she used to be fairly modest until her 2nd or 3rd album. Who knows what happened to her. Anyway, they are both hot, and I would mind makin out with them.

I'm 16 and personally i do ... (Below threshold)

I'm 16 and personally i do believe these solo artists are aimed at a young audience, i think Ashlee Simpson has great talent, and even with her hair going back blonde again... she still seems to stay strong in the singing career, i'm a huge fan of hers and love her music! wots so wrong?!?

kommt mal klar ihr spacken ... (Below threshold)

kommt mal klar ihr spacken !!!
and what about the tellerrand ?

probleme kann man haben - rita
lässt grüssen.............

jeff.... ur an arse who sho... (Below threshold)

jeff.... ur an arse who should get shot.

jeff.... ur an arse who sho... (Below threshold)

jeff.... ur an arse who should get shot.

jeff.... ur an arse who sho... (Below threshold)

jeff.... ur an arse who should get shot.

Dude, Ashley Simpson Rocks ... (Below threshold)

Dude, Ashley Simpson Rocks you Hippocrites. You guys look at her body instead of listening to her music. You guys are discusting! Thinking about her boobs and her ass! Get a life you sexual hobos! And Britiney is a good singer too. God, you people are fagets,LMAO!!!!! You fagets probably sit on your computers look at porn and critizepeople. You guys are probably fat too.

ROBS A FAGET!!!!!!!!.......... (Below threshold)

ROBS A FAGET!!!!!!!!.............

aight aight....time to clea... (Below threshold)

aight aight....time to clear things up. ashlee simpson has no talent what-so-ever, nor does britney spears. they are both complete imbeciles with intelligence marginally higher than a housefly. i do enjoy some of their music however. But i dont see how you can even consider calling them talented. and hot? icky. angelina jolie is hot. these girls are just....girls......


Ashlee simpson is a person ... (Below threshold)

Ashlee simpson is a person too you know and you're probably just jealous of her? So QUIT JUDGUNG PEOPLE WITHOUT KNOWING THEM!!!!!!!!!

Wow, I just read all your c... (Below threshold)

Wow, I just read all your comments and instead of taking sides with "Ashlee and Britney are sluts" or "Ashlee and Britney worked hard to get where they are" I just laughed at your anguements. The point the person who posted these pictures was trying to get across is that Britney Spears and Ashlee Simpson died their hair and it hasn't seemed to do them any good...

wow you have no life...... (Below threshold)

wow you have no life...

To tell you the truth...I d... (Below threshold)

To tell you the truth...I don't like either of them. Not because they lip-sync, but their singing talent is atrocious and has no meaning. I mean, it's hard to believe that teenagers ACTUALLY like them. I mean, come on. The songs mean absolutely nothing, and their voices aren't worth crap. And to all of those people out there aggravated by lip-syncing, what's the big deal? You know a lot of singers do it. You expect them to sing and dance without getting out of breath or sounding terrible once in a while? Have a little more sense. Oh, and I completely agree with btochik. They're definitely not good looking, Angelina Jolie is :D

Dude, you all need to shut ... (Below threshold)

Dude, you all need to shut up your just jealous you ain't got the money -or-looks these girls do..so keep ur negative comments to yourself..u jerks! there both so pretty and they have awesome music and lyrics so whoever wants to say neg. things about people they don't even know you need some help.

Ashlee simpson rocks but no... (Below threshold)

Ashlee simpson rocks but not more than Avril lavinge.ashlee's a kinda dumb but she' ok avril gets 100% ashlee gets 60%

Ashlee has got Ryan Cabrera... (Below threshold)

Ashlee has got Ryan Cabrera. She is, at very least, lucky :P

They both want me.... (Below threshold)

They both want me.

I think the main distinctio... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

I think the main distinction here is that Ms. Simpson (either of them) has not yet degenerated into the unrepentant skankdom that has claimed Ms. Spears.

ashlee simpson is not a vir... (Below threshold)

ashlee simpson is not a virgin HAH! jokes on you bud. i dont know where your getting your facts from but its obviously false because she said on national tv she wasnt ...shame..

Since this post is original... (Below threshold)

Since this post is originally about bad dye jobs, not talent ......

I'd have to say that I like Ashlee's hair blonde, and if Britney wants to dye her hair brown. Who cares???

all of you people, need to ... (Below threshold)

all of you people, need to get a life. someone simply decided to post pictures of ashlee simpson and britney spears because of their new hair colors. guess what? ashlee simpson nor britney spears care about whether or not you think they're a whore, slut, or a bimbo. They must be doing something right, for Britney has four albums and ashlee two. Sitting here boringly attempting to critisize these people and bring them down has no effect on them what so ever. in regards to children listening to it, it's better than 50 cent, Pdiddy, ludacris and all of those other hidious untalented so called "artists". Me, being thirteen, knows how it feels to be critisized and judged. you don't know these girls at all. you believe what you read and hear from others. I mean, sure, they're no Barbra Streisand, who in my opinion is the greatest artist to ever live, and whoever will live, but in order to be so successful, so rich, and so popular amoung young kids, they must be doing something right. in conclusion, all of you low life's who spend your time critisizing people you don't know just because you think you're better than them, it doesen't work. It's immature, silly, and pointless. it will get you know where in life. In my opinion, you are no better than them. And also, in regards to all of your disgusting and perverted comments, just keep them to yourselves. no need to share your disgusting and shameful fantasies with the world. you should be ashamed. have some respect for woman and grow some common sense. thank you and have a nice day. =]

you guys are just all hater... (Below threshold)

you guys are just all haters because you are jealous.. if u guys had an actually life u would stop caring about theirs and think about ur low life. ur all so jealous

I can't believe I wasted 5 ... (Below threshold)

I can't believe I wasted 5 minutes of my life reading all of your gay opinions and comments. I must be hungover. Damn. How bout this, pop music sucks.

Who cares what stars look l... (Below threshold)

Who cares what stars look like? Yea it is fun to look at them and read about them but they are just people. We say aweful things about these celebrities forgetting that they are humans ther're not perfect. Before we go and criticize them look at your own flaws. Who cares what Britney Spears or Ashlee Simpson do or wear?

I think Ashlee Simpson is y... (Below threshold)

I think Ashlee Simpson is young, talented, and beautiful..and if they have so called "dirty , whorish lyrics" then dont buy there cds! some people love those kind of lyrics and personally i dont think either britneys nor ashlees are whorish and i think you people should get a life and stop bringing them down, they have worked hard for what they have and people like you guys are just hurting them..all of you obviously have no life if all you do is try and make others feel bad !

Remember all those days of ... (Below threshold)

Remember all those days of DOL in elementary school and middle school English? Apparently those didn't pay off. I never realized how stupid the average person was until I started reading web blogs.I think the obvious lack of grammar and spelling skill is more ignorant than anything either of these two have done. Except maybe Britney's one day marraige...

asdf, you spelt marriage wr... (Below threshold)

asdf, you spelt marriage wrong you stupid shit. don't lip people off about spelling and grammar.

I DON'T THINK ANYONE COULD ... (Below threshold)


asslee ass so huge... (Below threshold)

asslee ass so huge

There is not the same as th... (Below threshold)

There is not the same as their or they are or they're....please learn the difference

Hi to all the provacateurs ... (Below threshold)
Tal Farmout:

Hi to all the provacateurs and fans alike. Yes, both are super media magnets; Britney obviously as she is a veteran and proven quantity, Ashlee somewhat less of a draw, but surely getting there (especially with 12-16 set). Beautiful, sensitive ladies are both, with great careers too, but as the blush of youth fades, what will they become? I only hope that there will be room in this fickle industry for the 30 something "has beens" they have created but history says NOT!!

Please let me do my thing d... (Below threshold)
Ashlee Simpson:

Please let me do my thing don't get in my life

If you whant to get your to... (Below threshold)
Britney Spears:

If you whant to get your tong into my pssssy let me know and you will change your mind!!!!!!!!!!!! promise!

AHAHHAHAH... (Below threshold)

AHAHHAHAH its embaressing u are [retending to be ash nd brit lol......biach

You people are all very fun... (Below threshold)

You people are all very funny. Reading these comments have tought me how immature the people in our society are becoming. No, I'm not talking to all of you, but come on... pretending to be Brittany Spears and making her look like an idiot with horrible typing skills...that's just over the top. As for calling them sluts...who knows. Maybe they are, but you know what?! There are a lot of people like that in our world. Just because Brittany and Ashlee are famous, the poor things get all the negative comments. As for not wanting your children (or maybe your husband) to see Brittany's video when she's basically wearing nothing... I would have to say that is understandable. Unfortunately I think that also means we have to admit we are jealous and uncomfortable with the fact that anyone can flip a channel (including our husbands) and watch Brittany Spears dance around barely naked. It's a shame, but I'll be the first to admit I am jealous. I wish I could ban t.v., but come on (bringing the situation back to our kids) it's almost impossible to block this kind of media from our children or whomever. It's obvious we cant ban t.v. and a lot of us dont have those fancy programs in which you can choose what channels can be viewed and which can not. Those of us who do have that privledge also know that their kids will probably go over a friends house to watch it anyway. So unfortunately for us, there is no possible way to protect our future generations from this downfall in the way people respect women. Or in the way women respect themselves.

Now back to their haircolor. Brittany looks great with blonde hair. We all know that. How many people can pull off being blonde? Not too many, so its a shame she isn't taking advantage of that privledge. Although I must say, If we saw Brittany with her new haircolor in a nicer picture (one in which maybe she was posing for the camera) with her make-up done and a nice outfit on, I'm sure she'd look good. I mean come on, that picture obviously doesn't do her justice. As for Ashlee...She's a pretty girl. She looks nice with blonde hair, but I personally like her with dark hair. It goes great with her complection and brings out her eyes....and as for being blonde, the same thing goes for going black. Not too many people can pull off the whole black hair bit. Now that I've talked forever, thanx for listening to my unimportant opinion!


all u peeps r just shunn... (Below threshold)

all u peeps r just shunning them 'cause u ain't them and i think i speak for ash and brit both when i say don't hate me 'cause u ain't me
and don't hate me 'cause i'm beautiful anyways this is supposed to be about hair color they are both hott and i like ash with black dye and brit should stay blonde

why dont all u dirty talker... (Below threshold)

why dont all u dirty talkers and thinkers should just go get exited at a porno sire

why do all u people even lo... (Below threshold)

why do all u people even look at this stuff if it sucks sooooooo bad i like it :p

I think people are confusin... (Below threshold)

I think people are confusing the word "artist" with "singer". Just because you belt out a few notes (that, on average, most likely aren't hitting the pitch they were intended to) doesn't mean you're worth listening to. The point of art is to express yourself. Song lyrics are like poetry. If you handed in Ashlee Simpson or Britney Spears's lyrics to your English teacher in.. oh, say, 7th grade.. you might be lucky to pass with a low C.

As for vocal talent, have any of you taken music classes? They probably have a combined vocal range of about two octaves. That is downright sad. As for singers not being able to perform live.. who have you been listening to? Go listen to Muse. Their live shows are better than their albums. He hits every note and has twice the quality and range either of these two do.

Just because they are prettier than you and more talented than you.. doesn't mean they are pretty OR talented. It probably just means you're ugly and can't sing.

Asslee! umm...i mean Ashlee... (Below threshold)

Asslee! umm...i mean Ashlee. She is such a copycat! shame on her. First she copied Avril, and now Gwen Stefani? This shit is bananas B.a.n.a.n.a. l.ol.o.l.o.v.e did u hear me say..... Haha she copied. Ashlee simpson thought why not steal Gwen's style too? Omg!!I wanna be like Gwen!

Asslee! umm...i mean Ashlee... (Below threshold)

Asslee! umm...i mean Ashlee. She is such a copycat! shame on her. First she copied Avril, and now Gwen Stefani? This shit is bananas B.a.n.a.n.a. l.ol.o.l.o.v.e did u hear me say..... Haha she copied. Ashlee simpson thought why not steal Gwen's style too? Omg!!I wanna be like Gwen!

ashlee is not a copy cat. A... (Below threshold)

ashlee is not a copy cat. Alot of ppl do that kind of thing and hey that is one of her best songs "love" She is def not a copy cat if anyone is a copy cat it is all the old has beens that are like almost forty and wannabe popular again so they do and like the young popular stars do to get their names back in the spotlight which usually doesnt work look at Cindy laupher Madonna Janet jackson......etc Beyonce Ashlee Jessica all of the youngns are at the top of their game and arnt goin anywhere for a long while so y ridicule thats ridiculous. they r hot too make fun of the ugly fat ppl... that what i wana hear about

I thought that Ashlee's nat... (Below threshold)

I thought that Ashlee's natural color was blonde? Didn't she dye it dark? Maybe not...

Both are cheap whores. I m... (Below threshold)

Both are cheap whores. I mean, really. If these dumb bitches wanted to do anything important in their lives, they wouldn't be lip synching crap music acting like sluts. If they weren't making the millions, they would have no desire to go along with any of it. They are the cheapest, whorest nasty bitches ever, and I hope they die.

ok well first of all....its... (Below threshold)
kimberly tullila:

ok well first of all....its funny how people are so rude to celebrities when they have the chance.... like on this page... everyone has their flaws.... spears doesnt try to be better than anyone else....we all have pics of ourselves that we dont like..... why does everyone have to be so negative?? just accept things the way they are and you will be much happier.......

She looks nice in the pictu... (Below threshold)

She looks nice in the picture. I prefer her blonde, and didn't realise she had such nice knockers. I must pay more attention to these things...

As for the whole 'she rawks'/ 'she's crap' debate - it's irrelevant. One way or the other, I'm sure her Dad is laughing all the way to the bank.

But for the record, she's crap. Come on people. Seriously.

Ashlee Simpson is soooooooo... (Below threshold)

Ashlee Simpson is soooooooooooooooooooooooooo HOT!!!!!!!! all of you people need to stop hateing on her. Since this is about dye jobs Ashlee looks better as a blonde. I'm not sure if she's a VIRGIN or not but by what Wilmar Valderrama say's she's loud in bed. VIRGIN or not she is still very HOT!!!!!!!!!! I would still hve sex with her. She is not hot she is SEXXXY. You should not judge someone you don't know FUCKING BICTHES.

dear ashlee, lala g... (Below threshold)

dear ashlee,
lala get it your song

hola no soy una fanns pero ... (Below threshold)

hola no soy una fanns pero me gusta tu vos y vcomo cantas bueno chauu...

yeahh & i like britt as a b... (Below threshold)

yeahh & i like britt as a blond & ashlee as a brunette better

o & ps ::: i cant believe how pathitic some of you people are.. sitting here commenting on how you hate britney & ashlee .. do you have no life or what .. go get a life assholes. they dont give a fuck what you say thats why there so strong & do what they want. if music wasnt like it is 1/2 of the people today wouldnt have some of the guts they do now. and its very hard to perform & be in the media all the time.. i mean how would you like it if as soon as you stepped out the door you were bombarred with papratzzis, also another group of people that dont have lives, but to just follow celebrities around. so stop being jealous & hating on them & get a fucking life

ashlee simpson, cute but le... (Below threshold)
Ramsey Lockhart:

ashlee simpson, cute but learn to sing...
britney-what the fuck do you expect!? they caught her off guard assholes. i'm sure you all would look BEAUTIFUL if u were caught turning around fast w/ a sucker in your mouth talking. jeeze, yea some of her stuff is "suggestive" but it's hot and i happen to like it..so jeeze lay off shes way richer than any of you will ever be so go and fuck urselves dumbasses!!!!!!

ashlee simpson, cute but le... (Below threshold)
Ramsey Lockhart:

ashlee simpson, cute but learn to sing...
britney-what the fuck do you expect!? they caught her off guard assholes. i'm sure you all would look BEAUTIFUL if u were caught turning around fast w/ a sucker in your mouth talking. jeeze, yea some of her stuff is "suggestive" but it's hot and i happen to like it..so jeeze lay off shes way richer than any of you will ever be so go and fuck urselves dumbasses!!!!!!

I don't care about Ashlee..... (Below threshold)
Lanna Dredle:

I don't care about Ashlee...but Britney, I LOVE HER!! Her music is sweet! And i think that its soo pathedic that everyone is roasting her on here...how would u like it if you were her and u stumbled on this site and saw all this bullshit. i agree with some of the comments on here that are feeling for her etc..and yea if she was posing for the pic w/ out makeup and a nice outfit SHED LOOK GORGEOUS

haha. before i state my com... (Below threshold)

haha. before i state my comment, everyone look at the people favoring their music in this thread. i havent seen such idiosyncracy, or so many moronic banters about how their opinion is greater than anothers in quite some time. i admit i am not a fan of their music, not only because the kid of people who are into this garbage are sprouting up all over the place like vermin, but because JUST LISTEN TO THE SONGS. jesus christ, can you find ONE lyric that actually means something to you?
since this is about bad hair dye, ill admit ashlee looks good with blonde, but britney obviously had a crash-and-burn that day

if you want to get all hostile on my ass, ill be mre than happy to complete conquer your ass in a debate, hopefully not pertaining to this topic.

fuck you guys...Ashlee simp... (Below threshold)

fuck you guys...Ashlee simpson is the shit.

ashlee jou ar sooooooooooo ... (Below threshold)

ashlee jou ar sooooooooooo goooooooooood

Lolll you don't post a good... (Below threshold)

Lolll you don't post a good picture of Britney... It's normal that everybody prefer the picture of Ashlee Simpson. Anyway, a lot of people critic Britney because she lypsynced.. HEllo? Do you have another thing excep this to say? Don't forget to say that she sold more than 85 millions albums worldwide lolll so I don't think she suck with this total of albums sold.... If she suck, everybody suck in my opinion!

i find it highly amusing th... (Below threshold)

i find it highly amusing that you guys actually think that people will take the time to sit down and read all the shit you wrote. this thread is way too long and is as good as dead. i only read the first few posts and unfortunately, i have better things to do with my time... i'm pretty sure all the hundreds of posts afterwards are basically the same anyway. and for you folks that are about to label me as a hypocrite for making a post myself, like i said, i only read a few posts, and this post is intended for you people who do waste your time reading and writing about worthless shit, and writing this post was a waste of my time out of pure fun and boredom. i rock. =)
P.S. i do find it really frustrating that even the people who seem to have something "intelligent" and "mature" to say still have horribly retarded spelling and grammatical errors. yes, your spelling and grammar are retarded. if it's a debate you want, you need to learn how to spell and construct sentences correctly before you can expect anyone to take you seriously.

I am appalled by most all o... (Below threshold)

I am appalled by most all of the commentors on this site. How would you feel if someone made a website(in Brittney and Ashlee's case, many sites) in honor of having people write degrading comments about you? Comments posted my people like "Hudlamman" and a few others are completely unacceptable. If you were half a man, you would learn to be sensitive and not look at woman for their bodies and wanting to "get in their pants". Anyone who can sit at their computer and write this stuff is a complete and total waste of anyone's time. I am disgusted by all of you. As for "meh", capitalization counts as grammar, so yes, I believe you ARE a hypocrite. How can you write about people using correct English, when you can't use it correctly yourself???

Ashlee sucks. She ca... (Below threshold)

Ashlee sucks. She can't sing, she can't write songs, she is ugly. I hate Asslee for lip synching on a Live show. Then she did a stupid dance. Wtf?! And then said it was her band fault. idiot!! Then she change her mind and said she had singing problems. Hypocrite!!!! If she had singing problems she should ave said it first, and then apologize instead of running of the scen like a freakin idiot! Cos when she did it it seemed like she was embarassed. and if she had singing problems she wouldn't be that.

Ashlee du är världens sämsta sångare!!fy fan för dig!!*puuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuke*






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