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Double standard? What double standard?

Laurence Simon is not for everyone. He's crass, vulgar, foul-mouthed, and speaks many unspeakable things. He's also wildly entertaining, if you like that sort of thing. And, occasionally, he's brilliantly insightful.

Recently, Time Magazine published an interview with Mahmoud Abbas, the president of the Palestinian Authority. He told Time that Hamas may end up represented in the Palestinian parliament, and justified it by saying that "Israel has more than 33 political parties from right to left and in between."

Lair (don't call him "Larry") pointed out the simple truth here: the most radical political element in Israel, the Kahanist groups, are forbidden by law from holding seats in the Knesset. So much for Abbas' attempt for moral equivalency. (Warning: Lair was in fine fettle when he wrote this. Be warned; he's exceptionally crass and vulgar and snarky here. It' not for everyone.)

Some of you might not be familiar with the Kahanists, followers of the late Rabbi Kahane. Let me make an analogy for you: that would be like having a member of the Ku Klux Klan run for the U.S. Senate, and...

Um, never mind.



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Comments (12)

(You forgot to mention the ... (Below threshold)

(You forgot to mention the cats. The fact that I catblog draws in a lot of sweet and innocent people thinking that they're in for a cute, fluffy, and cuddly blog experience.

All it takes is one click out of the Cats Crap category, and they're in for the shock of their lives.

Oh, and speaking of TIME Magazine, they called my carnivalofthecats.com site a blog. It's not. It's just a portal and FAQ.

What do you expect from the morons that brought you Pathfinder?)

Comparing Kahane to the KKK... (Below threshold)

Comparing Kahane to the KKK is unfair. I think that the past 5 years has proven him more right than wrong on a lot of things. And I know Lair would support sending commandos to blow up the Dome of the Rock - he's suggested as much a number of times.

I wish there was a way to f... (Below threshold)

I wish there was a way to filter out the cute, fluffy, and cuddly cat blog experience and just show the crass, vulgar, and foul-mouthed stuff.

how about catfree.isfullofcrap.com ?

Not only would I support su... (Below threshold)

Not only would I support such a move, but if they had a Paypal link up to collect for gas to put in the armored D-9's I'd contribute five bucks right now.

Hell, I'd put in six. Fill 'em up with Premium.

Gee whiz, you think you hav... (Below threshold)

Gee whiz, you think you have come up with an example of a US politician with more recent ties to the KKK.

Here's one.

Rick, I was going on promin... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

Rick, I was going on prominence, not freshness. Duke's highest political office was State Representative. He's failed in his bids for every other office, and been soundly rejected by the Republican Party leadership. But Byrd is, after all, "the conscience of the Senate."


Duke's highest political... (Below threshold)

Duke's highest political office was State Representative.

Actually, his highest political office was Laughingstock.

Kinda like Rick, come to th... (Below threshold)

Kinda like Rick, come to think of it...

Thank God Laurence got that... (Below threshold)

Thank God Laurence got that toliet paper thing off his site and changed his blog name.
The grim reaper is better than looking at that.

Um... RWS, my main site has... (Below threshold)

Um... RWS, my main site has the toilet and toiletpaper.

The reaper is on the group blog - the dead pool.

Sure, it's 90% me and my berserk rants against fame, celebrity, and the MSM coverage thereof, but it's still a group thing.

oops! My bad.Maybe... (Below threshold)

oops! My bad.

Maybe it's a girl thing. I just don't see the aesthetics of T.P.

But hey, it's your blog. Right?

I must say I'm rather offen... (Below threshold)

I must say I'm rather offened at your comparision of Kahane and the KKK. The worst that can be said about Kahane was that he agitated for the expulsion of Arabs from Israel. Now you may not agree that this is a policy of a liberal western democracy, but you'd be wrong, historically speaking. Besides, what exactly is wrong with the removal of a population inimical to the very existence of your state? The simple fact is, that with very few exceptions, Rabbi Kahane was empirically correct in pretty much everything he said.
In any event, if you, or anyone else, has a problem with the forcible transfer of population, why are you not coming out against Sharon's plan of forcible relocation of the Jewish population of Gush Katif/Gaza.






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