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Moonbat Alert: Giuliana Sgrena Edition

Well, it's Monday morning and the DU Moonbats are barking again with fun threads like:

Berlusconi Victim of Failed Sgrena Assassination


Neocon talking point (question) on Sgrena...how did she get to airport after the ambush?

Notice it was automatically an ambush? The barking continued...

if the operational cover was 'it was a tragic accident' then of course we would provide transportation to any survives... the problem with the plan is that she did.

be hard to explain murdering them at such close range now wouldn't it?

of course that is just 1 possibility.

Well, with several surviving Italian diplomats on the scene,.. ... I guess the jig was sort of up.

Notice the "first instinct" of this DU'er

my first instinct, and second and third was they were trying to kill them. i find it hard to believe that italians arent aware of the touchy trigger fingers at these posts. all know about this issue with military and fear of suicide bombing. i find it hard to believe the italians would go thru any posts

but then on fourth thought, i couldnt see them allowing her medical care if they purposely tried to kill her.

i dont know that much about story. i havent read about several italian diplomats on scene. i know there were like three others besides the reporter. two wounded and one dead. i would think they owuld just finish off those two also. if a crowd had gathered, that would be another reason they wouldnt be able to kill them off. if there were serveral italian diplomats, beyond who was in the car, i could certainly understand. but then i would want to know where they came from.

i just need more of the story. and i havent seen more of the story in any of the articles i have read that answers my questions. so until answered i cant say for sure. not convincing me yet

It is just assumed we tried to murder her. But whatever you do.. DON'T QUESTION THEIR PATRIOTISM

Don't know about diplomats, but I've read there were Italian troops at the airport.

It's also possible that the low-level grunts on the patrol weren't in on the grand plan, so it wouldn't exactly do to tell them to go to Plan B and shoot identified westerners at point blank range


Then they get loony even for DU

In fact, now that I think of it... Here's the plan. A sniper, in on the plot, fires the shot meant for Sgrena, that Nicola takes for her. The patrol, not in on the plot, is just set up to start shooting and create the cover. When the sniper fails, the patrol is already quite aware that the car is friendly, and there is no further opportunity for snipering

Now certainly SOMONE in DU will spank them for being idiots right? I give you the very next reply:

a story i hadnt thought of... but could make sense. i just like to see reason if possible. now not saying it is true, but at least it is buyable and would fit
So the lunacy is contagious.

But then another poster figures it all out:

They were talking on their cell phones... maybe that's what kept them from finishing them off. Also maybe soldiers from the nearest checkpoint came inquiring when they heard the shooting (Sgrena said they weren't shot at a checkpoint but rather were ambushed). In bith cases the only thing they could have done was to say "oops - call an ambulance".

YIKES! Then they identify "insane" people... and it ain't them:

I guess they are basically saying "if 'we' wanted her dead, why didn't someone just fire one more shot and finish the job"

(Most of these insane goobers are calling her a "communist bitch/traitor", etc.)

Again, surely the devil is in the details. I imagine that by the end of the fusillade there would have been witnesses, it's just that there don't seem to be many 'facts' forthcoming...and the military doesn't know where the car is...

DUH! She calls herself a communist! You insane goober!

Not knowing where the car is is as believable as the lump on... Bush's back in the debate being caused by a poorly tailored shirt. Nonetheless, a lot of dumbf***s are going to believe it. "Chaotic conditions in Iraq" yaddy yaddy. My head hurts too, life in this country get more bizarre every day.

AHHHH Another "answer" from DU:

The answer is: They don't know what she relayed via phone to SB's office.
Remember they were communicating with Sylvio Berlusconi's office via cell phone transmission when the attack occurred. The U.S. military ordered the cell phone transmission to be cut.

The U.S. had no way of knowing what sort of information had already been relayed; thus, it was to their benefit to render aid and comfort ASAP.

Well, we would have killed her... if Nicola Calipari, the secret agent hadn't thrown himself on top of her. Obviously that fucked up Plan A, so the special ops had to move to Plan B, which I suspect was to let the troops (who were unaware of the arrangement) believe it was an accident and carry on as such.

Not a single DU'er on the thread defended the US soldiers in any way. It was assumed to be a murder.

(More later if I have the time and the stomach for the lunacy.)

Update: heh Sgrena's ambush was a colossal mistake, only because she survived it. Funny thread... as long as none of those people live in my neighborhood.


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Comments (23)

Have they called for Rumsfe... (Below threshold)

Have they called for Rumsfeld to resign yet?

I mean, over THIS tragedy, that is.

Paul the reason nobody at D... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Paul the reason nobody at DU has called anyone on their first instinct to think the worst of the military, is because almost everyone there has the same instinct.

Honestly the people who need to be spanked here are the Italians for A paying money to free hostages (money that will most likely be used to bomb more innocent people in Iraq) and B not coordinating her release with the US military.

Honestly, if you are in a warzone and the main military force in control has a checkpoint set up, you STOP at it, if they had just stopped, everyone would be alive and in good health right now.

The Italians didn't want th... (Below threshold)

The Italians didn't want the U.S. to know they had paid a ransom for the Commie, er Journalist (God only knows why). So they thought they would run the checkpoint. The soldiers, following their R.O.E. warned them with hand signals and lights, and fired warning shots. Only when the vehicle STILL failed to stop, did they put rounds into the car.
The fact that this stupid commie is still drawing breath is a testimonial to the discipline of our troops, and their adherence to the R.O.E. Some one should get a medal.

Paul the reason nobody a... (Below threshold)

Paul the reason nobody at DU has called anyone on their first instinct to think the worst of the military, is because almost everyone there has the same instinct.

Exactly. Those folks at DU would find conspiracy in anything, especially anything involving the military. They're not alone though, there are wackos on the right as well as the left. A visit to Jawa Report yesterday would have enlightened you to the plot by the Italians to let the Army kill them in order to make the U.S. look bad (the comments are often lovely too). The difference here being that Rusty recanted today, while DU will keep with the conspiracy bit until, well, always.

I don't think there are any... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I don't think there are any major conspiracies at work here, I do think the Italian government probavbly made the biggest mistake-1st in paying off terrorists, and secondly in not coordinating their efforts with the US military.

If I was the soldier manning the checkpoint, and a car wasn't stopping after warnings, I would probably start shooting too, especially given the number of soldiers who have died manning checkpoints or in other bombings.

According to Sgrena's accou... (Below threshold)

According to Sgrena's accounts, it was tanks that opened fire. If it was a tank that opened fire with its main gun, there wouldn't have been any survivors. After all, tanks use really big guns to fire really big piece of metal and explosives at high speed to destroy enemy targets. These enemy targets are usually heavily armored. Therefore, the ammo used would pierce practically anything and cause massive damage to target. If the tank opened up with its crew served weapons, the car would still be trashed, especially if 300-400 bullets riddled the damn thing. Lots of hot lead and metal flying everywhere. I learned that much watching GI Joe cartoons growing up - and Desert Storm video of tankers blowing up Iraqi tanks at 1,000+ meters.

As a journalist of the first order, any military vehicle is automatically considered a tank, especially if you're on the wrong side of the muzzle. She had no idea what was firing on her if she was in the back seat (was she?) and someone quickly draped themselves over her to protect her from incoming fire (how did he know there was incoming if there wasn't any warning unless the first hint of incoming fire was rounds exploding on and in the vehicle itself).

As for the conspriacy minded yahoos at DU, they continue to try and find conspiracies to match preconceived notions of reality, rather than trying to figure out the facts, such as they are.

I don't know, you would thi... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I don't know, you would think any journalist who is reporting from a war zone would know the difference between tanks, armour vehicles and guns.

Although, I am pretty certain anyone in their right mind would realize a tank couldn't have been firing at them, but I can see somebody being confused, I would just expect more out of somebody reporting on war.

Is this the same Italy that... (Below threshold)

Is this the same Italy that we are going to trust with building the President's next helicopter (instead of Connecticut's Sikorsky)?

Instead of referring to thi... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

Instead of referring to this person as a journalist why isn't she referred to as a terrorist fundraiser?

Jack - you forgot "propagan... (Below threshold)
tee bee:

Jack - you forgot "propagandist".

I've found that if you go a... (Below threshold)

I've found that if you go ahead and defend the troops in anyway, a witch hunt insues and you are prevented from posting further. In fact, they will erase your posts.

(search on login "deignan" at DU).

The best description of DU is as a cult of the self-centered. They are fun to watch, but a trained psychologist would be needed to understand their "philosophy".

On the bright side, they do make dKos participants seem exceptionally tolerant and worldly.

We do seem to be missing th... (Below threshold)

We do seem to be missing the big picture here, which I talk about on my blog, which is that the Italian govt. is paying millions to release a few and THAT money is being used to kill hundreds in car bomings. HELLLOOOO!!!!

Grrrrr.Eason Jorda... (Below threshold)
Head Cheese Syndrome:


Eason Jordan was right!!!!



Jeff Gannon!!!!


Just practicing. Think I'll fit in on DU?

I just *know* it was Karl R... (Below threshold)

I just *know* it was Karl Rove driving her car. That's why the driver survived.

RE: BorgQueen's post (March... (Below threshold)

RE: BorgQueen's post (March 7, 2005 07:05 PM)
I just *know* it was Karl Rove driving her car. That's why the driver survived.


Speaking of which, has the driver been interviewed? What's his take on his driving and the driving conditions? He wasn't the one that was killed, was he? Forget Sgrena and her recollections or her projected recollection of others, if they exist. She is a contaminated source. But has anything factual been revealed from anyone other than the propagandist?

The one bit of info on the ... (Below threshold)

The one bit of info on the driver that I can recall is that she admits he was "on the cell phone". How much attention can he have been paying to what was going on around him, considering he was, by sgrena's own admission:

1) driving either so poorly or so fast (or both) to almost lose control of the car while trying to avoid puddles

2) making cell phone calls (and most likely driving with one hand, unless he had a "hands free" unit)

3) trying to hear the person on the other end of the phone while the other occupants of the car were "incredibly laughing"

4) it was dark outside, being night time

Again, I submit it had to be Karl Rove. Or Mario Andretti.

You're wrong, it was Mareen... (Below threshold)

You're wrong, it was Mareen Dowd. although how she survived (since the military is out to get her), we'll never know.

RE: BorgQueen's post (March... (Below threshold)

RE: BorgQueen's post (March 7, 2005 07:50 PM)
1) driving either so poorly or so fast (or both) to almost lose control of the car while trying to avoid puddles

Maybe they were driving slow before they were driving fast? Or is it the other way around? I get so confused during flipping. Or is it flopping? I'm so confused.

According to Sgrena's ac... (Below threshold)

According to Sgrena's accounts, it was tanks that opened fire.

Using depleted uranium shells, no doubt.

Doesn't anybody find it odd... (Below threshold)

Doesn't anybody find it odd what kind of angle the 007 would have to be in th receive a bullet in the temple? Face down in the crotch or face up, how does one throw themselves like that from a sitting position? Which side was he and she sitting on and what side did the bullet enter the head, shouldn't we try and figure this out before we have a state run burial for him? Hmmmmm . . .

Doesn't anybody find it ... (Below threshold)

Doesn't anybody find it odd what kind of angle the 007 would have to be in th receive a bullet in the temple?

Not really. If he was in the backseat with Sgrena it seems entirely possible that he just leaned over her, maybe putting is arm over her and thus putting himself in the middle of the backseat with his head facing the side window. Then a bullet could pass through the middle of the windshield and hit him in the temple. This would make sense because the troops said they were shooting at the engine block, presumably aiming at the center of the front of the car. One shot a little too high and there you go. In any case why would that effect what kind of burial he gets? Unless you're suggesting he shot himself in the head just at the moment that the troops started shooting at them.

The thing that cracks me up... (Below threshold)

The thing that cracks me up about DU the most is that they ban anyone who doesn't march lockstep with their lefty group think, and secondly, almost every post on that festering shitpile is in violation of the sites own rules: http://www.democraticunderground.com/forums/rules.html

Content: Do not post messages that are inflammatory, extreme, divisive, incoherent, or otherwise inappropriate. Do not engage in anti-social, disruptive, or trolling behavior. Do not post broad-brush, bigoted statements.

Then again, since when has the left ever played by any rules, let alone their own?

I wonder how the 300 to 400... (Below threshold)

I wonder how the 300 to 400 bullets got inside the car without leaving a hole or breaking a window. Must be them napalm gas bullets that they used in Falujah






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