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  • Did Denise Richards have a $4 million dollar "cheating clause" in her prenuptial agreement with Charlie Sheen? If so the six month pregnant Richards stands to rake in the motherlode, as she reportedly caught the former Fleiss fan in flagrante delicto with a "professional."

  • The Sun reports that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston are back together again. They claim that the couple have moved back in together and are secretly seeing a marriage guidance counselor

  • Overnight numbers for NBC's Mark Burnett/Sylvester Stallone reality show ""The Contender" didn't score a knock-out. The debut came in last

  • Remember Chris Rock's Oscar telecast monologue the poked fun at actor Jude Law? Someone had to pay... Law fired his agent the next day.

  • From the What Ever Happened To... files . This topless protester sure looks a lot like Cybil Shepard.

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"Did Denise Richards have a... (Below threshold)

"Did Denise Richards have a $4M dollar "cheating clause" in her prenuptial agreement with Charlie Sheen?"

With that track receord she better had. I am a little upset as the wedding lasted over the 1 yr 1 mo and 2 days I predicted in the pool.

"she reportedly caught the ... (Below threshold)

"she reportedly caught the former Fleiss fan in flagrante delicto with a 'professional.'"

And she didn't just join right in? Man, Wild Things was flagrant false advertising.

What's a "topples" proteste... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

What's a "topples" protester? Someone who protests toppling governments?

What? Is Wonkette lagging ... (Below threshold)

What? Is Wonkette lagging behind or something?

That English protester does... (Below threshold)

That English protester does look like Cybil EXCEPT:
Cybil does not have British teeth, and that protester definitely has British teeth.

Cybli Shepard? Wow, I must... (Below threshold)

Cybli Shepard? Wow, I must be out of touch because she does not look like what I remember Shepard to look like.

Yes Dave, you 'must' be out... (Below threshold)

Yes Dave, you 'must' be out of touch, cause this is what Cybil looks like today.

Cybil Shepard

Ho hum. Another couple of b... (Below threshold)

Ho hum. Another couple of boobs out protesting.

Can I hold a protest against having to look at the unclothed torso of that beast?

"That's not a protester! That's a MAN baby!"
-Austin Powerline

Admit it, Kevin - this post... (Below threshold)

Admit it, Kevin - this post is just an excuse to use the phrase in flagrante delicto.

And why is everyone mocking... (Below threshold)

And why is everyone mocking the protester? She's calling for the death of the monarchy. That's a Good Thing. It's not like she's a blood-spattered PETA terrorist.

Who cares what these LIBERA... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

Who cares what these LIBERAL DEGENERATES are doing?

I don't even know who this Denise woman is, nor do I care. If I want this sort of stuff I'll read a womens magazine.

CAN YOU PLEASE post more about the issues affecting our great nation today?

I'm surprised Kevin hasn't ... (Below threshold)

I'm surprised Kevin hasn't caught the "topples protestor" yet. What is the protestor toppling? Good taste?

No one cares about liberal ... (Below threshold)

No one cares about liberal degenerates, Kevin just likes looking at WOMEN'S BREASTS.

If you don't like looking at women's breasts, NO ONE IS HOLDING A GUN TO YOUR HEAD to do so.

If Wizbang stops posting photos of WOMEN'S BREASTS, I guarantee one of the other commentators WILL HOLD A GUN TO YOUR HEAD.

A professional or just a ta... (Below threshold)

A professional or just a talented amateur? And is it subject to verification?

OK I got the topples fixed.... (Below threshold)

OK I got the topples fixed. I was in a meeting...

Thanks to Amber for the for the assist on the Cybil picture.

in flagrante delicto... (Below threshold)

in flagrante delicto

In delicious flagrance?

I need to brush up on my Spanish.

Ahh.. Charlie Sheen. He ha... (Below threshold)

Ahh.. Charlie Sheen. He had the best quote about the oldest profession. When asked by a reporter why he, a good looking, successful Hollywood star, needed to pay to have someone sleep with him he replied:

"I don't pay prostitutes so they'll sleep with me. I pay them so they'll leave when we're done."

Why do I see more boobs her... (Below threshold)

Why do I see more boobs here than I did living at my sorority house in college?

Why do I see more boobs ... (Below threshold)

Why do I see more boobs here than I did living at my sorority house in college?

Because the total number of boobs in your sorority was only (women)x2.

Bring in us guys and the total is bound to exceed (women)x2.

Are you sure about the Char... (Below threshold)

Are you sure about the Charlie Sheen thing? A repeat of his show with his wife and young baby daughter was on this past week. Jon Cyer, his costar says he's a totally different guy now; he comes to work then immediately goes home to wife and child and loves it - and Charlie Sheen said the same thing. I also can't imagine why his wife would get pregnant so soon after just having a baby.







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