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Photos Of Giuliana Sgrena's car

New photo's from la Repubblica of the car Giuliana Sgrena and Nicholas Calipari were driving in last week in Iraq when they were shot.


From the looks of it the car certainly wasn't shot up. There's been confusion over the pictures before, so it's possible that this is not her car, but the 300-400 rounds story certainly looks unlikely given that none of the windows are broken and among the shots highlighted are some aimed at the tires.

Photo gallery (Italian version)

The Jawa Report rounds up the various versions of the story Sgrena has been telling.

Previous coverage: Moonbat Alert: Giuliana Sgrena Edition
Our Incredibly Incompetent Military


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Comments (26)

Glad to see someone finally... (Below threshold)

Glad to see someone finally found the right car.Sheesh

I guess the circled object ... (Below threshold)

I guess the circled object in the photo is a bullet impact through the windshield?

Anybody who believed the "300 - 400 rounds" story is a fool. If that number of bullets had really been fired into the car, then 1) NOBODY would have gotten out alive, and 2) the car would have resembled Clint Eastwood's bus at the end of "The Gauntlet." I don't see that either of those things happened.

10: 1 the terrorists who kidnapped her got their $$$ payday and then decided to take her out. After all, Sgrena was a journalist who knew all their names and faces. She was more of a threat to them if she was still alive. So they phoned in an anonymous tip alerting the US soldiers of a possible ambush at the checkpoint.

And what better opportunity for the terrorists to further shore up support among anti-American forces than to have the Americans take out a freshly-released hostage. Thank you, Eason Jordan. Your legacy of stupidity lives on.

I wonder what the firing ra... (Below threshold)

I wonder what the firing rate for one of those weapons is (of course that's assuming the trigger was depressed the entire time)

I think the moonbats are ri... (Below threshold)

I think the moonbats are right. The military did screw up. They should have taken a bazooka, or some similar weapon, and blown the fools into another time zone.

OT, but related to the Midd... (Below threshold)

OT, but related to the Middle East & War on Terror: In this morning's MSNBC coverage of the pro-Syria Hezbollah demonstration in Lebanon, I could swear it was actually footage of the earlier anti-Syria protest - there were people carrying placards in English like "No Foreign..." (i.e. kick the Syrians out of Lebanon) and a sea of Lebanese flags. When I switched to Foxnews to see if they had different footage, the female reporter was speaking from Damascus, Syria describing the so-called demonstration in Lebanon! Not exactly an eye witness.

That's it? Where is the 300... (Below threshold)

That's it? Where is the 300-400 bullet damage? Where's the earth shattering KABOOM? I've seen worse damage on a car leaving it parked in a NJ Mall at Christmas time.

It would appear that Sgrena may have spent Christmas in Cambodia too.

M296 .50 cal-750 rounds per... (Below threshold)

M296 .50 cal-750 rounds per minute
M24A1 650 per minute
AR15 750 rounds per minute
Let's give the commie the benefit of the doubt and say 600 per minute/20 per second. A one second burst would have been 20 rounds minimum. If there are 20 holes in that car they are on the bottom, but I don't remember any stories about the car rolling over. She might just be exaggerating. I'd have to also say that calling a piece of glass the size of a match head might be shrapnel by definition, John Kerry certainly thinks so, but to most reasonable people that's like calling a lizard an alligator. Watching them carry her off the plane like her legs were broken sure got a laugh out of me, I could be wrong but I think Italians keep their shoulders where we do, at the tops of their arms.

Mike, I think you're onto s... (Below threshold)

Mike, I think you're onto something. It may not even have taken a phone call to the US soldiers. It could have been shots fired from another direction, an actual terrorist ambush at the same time (easy for them to follow the car from their release point). Also, what you said about the reporter having dangerous info - even more so, the Italian intelligence agent who was the only dead occupant. As others in an earlier thread wondered: when did he actually die? Perhaps they were carrying a dead body in the car with them. If it's true that the driver was on a cell phone, I hope the US has the contents of that conversation (whether it was in Italian or Arabic!)

The Italian Mary Mapes:... (Below threshold)

The Italian Mary Mapes:

Mary Mapes - fake memos
Giuliana Sgrena - fake bullets
Same purpose: stir up anti-Bush passions.

RE: Red's post (March 8, 20... (Below threshold)

RE: Red's post (March 8, 2005 06:59 PM)

So far removed from election year politics and yet you still have me laughing over Cambodia!

Anyway, there has been caterwauling about phones and guns being removed from Sgrena's vehicle after the accident and that that prevented the victims from notifying their contacts.

The guns seem obvious. Phones? Now, I'm no expert on VBIEDs but if I'm a soldier thinking the oncoming car is an explosive-laden torpedo that was stopped in its tracks, you can be sure that I'm not letting any phones (aka detonators) out of my sight or hand. Who knows how they're wired and who's controlling its signals. Some of those terrorists use some pretty creative engineering. I want even more creative soldiers, and I want them alive. Period.

If that’s a bullet hole cir... (Below threshold)

If that’s a bullet hole circled there, it’s obviously on the driver’s side. I doubt she was driving, so if he moved in front of her to protect her how was the security man shot? How was either of them shot without obliterating the windshield? It looks like the driver’s side window is open. Who was shooting from that side, or the other side if that too was open, assuming none of the windows were shot out. It that really the car in the first place?

In my best MSNBC sportcoat,... (Below threshold)

In my best MSNBC sportcoat, tie, starched shirt, and Lawrence O'Donnell inflection:

[Larry "AnonymousDriveler" O'Donnell] Lies, Ms. Sgrena, all lies. Just one big pack of lies from a professional liar! It's all you do, liar. You liar! Liar, liar, pants on creepy liar!! Why do you lie so much?! You lying liar spewing creepy lying lies!!!

[Imaginary Buchanan] Thank you for your thoughtful insight, Larry. We'll return after these messages.

That car looks to be in bet... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

That car looks to be in better shape than the wrong car.

I see that just as many windows appear to be in place-sorry 300-400 rounds, is going to take the windows out, along with pretty much everything else.

A single shot from a tank probably would have left the car destroyed with all occupants dead.

I am not swallowing her story at all-neither apparantly is the Italian government-although the Italian government seems to want somebody punished.

The more I read about this,... (Below threshold)

The more I read about this, the more I realize this could have been a setup from the start. In the trackback article at Big Dog's Weblog:

"As recently as February, our intelligence officials began speculating the Iraqi insurgency was experiencing financial difficulties."

"According to a recent Reuters report, Italy may have paid $15 million in ransoms to Iraqi terrorists."

Two birds with one stone: a fake kidnapping raising more money for the terrorists and a staged PR-hit against the US after the ransom is paid. She has a lot of explaining to do on this and her earlier unbelievable fabrications of Abu Ghraib "atrocities against 60-year old virgins and children."

Looking at this from the bu... (Below threshold)

Looking at this from the bullet count angle, bullwinkle's numbers are, on paper, accurate - but, a few things to keep in mind:

1 - The rifle/gun can fire 720 rounds a minute, assuming that there is a 720 round clip. Not gonna' happen. Unlike Rambo, soldiers need to reload. And clips just don't come that big.

2 - Most automatics (namely the AR-15) are most commonly used on "burst" - or 3 rounds per trigger pull. This is for ammo conservation as when set to "auto" the barrel will pull the shot up, and you're wasting shots.

Aiming at a moving target, a good rifleman will almost assuredly use "burst" and not "auto"- or else the spray would go everywhere.

So, you can't actually fire 720 rounds a minute. If you have a banana clip, top load = 35. Taped mags will give you 70, but you'd need to at least a few seconds to pop the clip, spin it, re-insert, pull back the charging handle, find your target and commence firing. I would say you're - at best - looking at 140 rounds per minute, per rifle. And that's damn spanking good. Oh, wait, then you'd need to dispense the expended two clips, replace with fresh clips and start over again.

I don't know how many soldiers were firing, or for how long; let's say 5 for 1 minute. Again, at best, you're looking at 700 bullets - at best. Theoretically, you could be looking at 300-400 rounds. Realistically, you're looking at around 200-300, max.

However, there is no way in hell, you're going to get me to believe 5 soldiers couldn't lay down a consistent rate of fire on an object headed, reletively straight at them, that only resulted in a handful of hits.

Unless, of course, the soldiers were such good shots that they were sliding bullets through the same bullet holes.

Or - the highest concentration of fire went through the driver's window (in which case, you'd more than likely see sharding around the window frame).

Or - the US has hired the A-Team to do check-point support.

Or - Sgrena's off her nut.

To nitpick, at 600 rounds a... (Below threshold)

To nitpick, at 600 rounds a minute it's 10 shots a second. (Unless they've changed minutes to be 120 seconds and no one's bothered to tell me...) There's a difference between the cyclic rate and what a weapon can sustain. The M296 cites by Bullwinkle is a pod mounted machine gun used by the OH-58 scout helo. The cyclic on that is adjustable to a max of 750rpm (Rounds per minute), but is usually set to 500rpm. It's set to that rate because for sustained fire, it can only fire 50rpm. (No, I didn't forget a zero) At 500rpm that's six seconds of fire before letting it cool for a minute or so in peacetime use. In a war-zone, they're less worried about barrel wear from overheating. Go fig.

In a ground mount you're more likely to see a M2HB .50, a Mk19 40mm auto grenade launcher, or a M240 (I think that's whay Bullwinkle meant by "M24A1, as the M24 is a sniper rifle) GPMG. Cyclic on those are 550rpm, 350rpm, & 650-950rpm repsectively. You'll also see the M249 SAW (725rpm) and the M16A2 or A4 (800rpm, but burst limited) being carried as individual weapons by the troops manning the roadblock.

Regardless, if 3-400 rounds of anything had hit the car, we'd still be doing DNA tests to see who they were.

It WAS NOT US troops that f... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:

It WAS NOT US troops that fired at that car.

If it had been our boys, that STINKING COMMIE BITCH wouldn't be alive now to tell her lies!

This is nothing more than a beat up on our military when they need morale boosting to GET THE JOB DONE!

Yes, the M240 machine gun i... (Below threshold)

Yes, the M240 machine gun is 900 rpm, with belted ammunition. If it was mounted in a Bradley, it could have fired 300 rounds in 20 seconds.

But there would be no car left.

The only explanation needed... (Below threshold)

The only explanation needed for those guinea bastards is this:

"Sit down and shut-up!!""

This is not the real car. ... (Below threshold)

This is not the real car. This photo was from another incident earlier.

RE: jy's post( March 9, 200... (Below threshold)

RE: jy's post( March 9, 2005 02:13 PM)
This is not the real car. This photo was from another incident earlier.

This car seems to change as often as Sgrena's story. Next thing you know, the report will be "Colonel Mustard did it in the dining room with the candlestick".

AnonymousDrivel, but the re... (Below threshold)

AnonymousDrivel, but the real story is that everyone killed everyone else, but only the butler killed Mr. Body..In the entryway...with the revolver.

More breaking news, Henry? ... (Below threshold)

More breaking news, Henry? No, I hadn't heard. Did they mention the make and model of the car? And have they finally cleared up that repeated misconception that she is a Communist propagandist working for a Communist paper with a leading Communist as her padre and not a straight-down-the-middle-just-the-facts reporter?

Next thing you know, the... (Below threshold)

Next thing you know, the report will be "Colonel Mustard did it in the dining room with the candlestick"


Assuming 5 men with m-16's,... (Below threshold)

Assuming 5 men with m-16's,and 10-15 seconds of fire (as reported), they would fire about 100 shots total with the need to remove and replace empty magazines and reaquire the target in their sights. If they felt they were threatened, they all would not fire warning shots. 1 or 2 might, with the rest ready for sustained fire on the target.

I suspect her car ran onto an unexpected checkpoint at night, and did not stop when the soldiers expected it to, after the standard signals.

If attacked while driving, you accelerate out of the attack zone. Sitting there will surely get you killed. A car will provide some protection from small arms fire.

Her story has more holes in... (Below threshold)

Her story has more holes in it than that car does. The poor woman is obviously deranged and anyone who belives her is grasping at straws.






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