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Surrender to the collective: a new contest

This contest is shamelessly stolen from the guys at Car Talk. A few years ago they pointed out that a lot of things have interesting terms for a group -- a pride of lions, a murder of crows, a parliament of owls, and so on -- and had a contest for new, creative names for groups of things. The winners included a huevos of Rancheros, a shrug of mechanics, a sleaze of lawyers, a shortage of jockeys, a lot of car dealers, and so on. I'll also toss my contribution of a basement of losers on to the pile.

So come up with your own collective term and post them in the comments section. Winners oughta be announced Thursday.



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Comments (94)

A press of journalists.... (Below threshold)

A press of journalists.

A smegma of Socialists.<br ... (Below threshold)

A smegma of Socialists.

A stench of trolls.... (Below threshold)

A stench of trolls.

A squeal of teenage girls.<... (Below threshold)

A squeal of teenage girls.
A slouch of teenage boys.

A whiff of bloggers.... (Below threshold)

A whiff of bloggers.

A couch of bloggers.<... (Below threshold)

A couch of bloggers.

A kitchen of bloggers.

A basement of bloggers.

A bedroom of bloggers.

...someone stop me please...

An attitude of bloggers.

A current of bloggers.

A direction of bloggers.

A gig of programmers... (Below threshold)

A gig of programmers
A babble of bloggers

A crack of plumbers.... (Below threshold)

A crack of plumbers.

An array of programmers<br ... (Below threshold)

An array of programmers
A number of mathematicians
A cluster of astronomers
A mix of chemists
A string of seamstresses
A wealth of kings
An aggregate of accountants
A pool of gamblers
A whale of fishermen
A pile of garbagemen
A trunk of movers
A galaxy of moonbats

Is this a quest of quantity over quality? This could go on forever...

A limousine of liberals.</p... (Below threshold)

A limousine of liberals.

A collection of priests...<... (Below threshold)

A collection of priests...

A meme of Democrats...

A pajama of bloggers...

A byte of programmers...

A jammy of bloggers... (Below threshold)

A jammy of bloggers

a google of researchers... (Below threshold)

a google of researchers

A muddle of engineers... (Below threshold)

A muddle of engineers

A stench of French.... (Below threshold)

A stench of French.

A ton of Oliver Willis.... (Below threshold)

A ton of Oliver Willis.

Yes, that's singular. (and yes, that's a cheap shot.)

A pile of Michael Moore...<... (Below threshold)

A pile of Michael Moore...

Better run Mr. Rather -- it... (Below threshold)

Better run Mr. Rather -- it's a SWARM of bloggers!

A Short-Bus of Liberals.</p... (Below threshold)

A Short-Bus of Liberals.

An crescent of moonbats. <... (Below threshold)
Ray Midge:

An crescent of moonbats.

Sorry. A crescent ... (Below threshold)
Ray Midge:

Sorry. A crescent of moonbats.

Tough competition!... (Below threshold)

Tough competition!

A chevy of Mexicans.
A deli of Jews.
A handful of Onan.

A slime of politicians.... (Below threshold)
jd watson:

A slime of politicians.

A Gannon of MSM journalists... (Below threshold)

A Gannon of MSM journalists

A belfry of moonbats... (Below threshold)

A belfry of moonbats

Collectives of geese are ca... (Below threshold)

Collectives of geese are called different things based upon what they are doing: "flock" in general, "skein" in flight, "gaggle" when earthbound, etc.

I hereby suggest a similar naming scheme for engineers (feel free to add to the list):

* When discussing tech specs of cars, computers or anything technical, they become a geeking of engineers.
* When quoting The Simpsons or Monty Python, they become a snort.
* When discussing their current management, they become a carping.

A congress of liars.... (Below threshold)

A congress of liars.

A tax of liberals.... (Below threshold)
Ray Midge:

A tax of liberals.

A Kos of morons.... (Below threshold)

A Kos of morons.

In the spirit of politics a... (Below threshold)

In the spirit of politics and Doug Stewart's addendum:

A quandry of Democrats (before election)
A cheat of Democrats (during election)
A mess of Democrats (after election loss)
A fleece of Democrats (after election win); a currently rare sighting

A flip of Kerrys (clan of Kerrys before voting)
A flop of Kerrys (clan of Kerrys after voting)

a felony of rappersa... (Below threshold)

a felony of rappers
an arrogance of Massachusets liberals
a congress of circuit judges
a [bleep] of censors

A welfare of hockey players... (Below threshold)

A welfare of hockey players

a plan of engineersa... (Below threshold)

a plan of engineers
a scat of politicians
a scum of politicians
a hypocrisy of liberals
a kennedy of democrats
a pelosi of democrats

A kerry of waffles...... (Below threshold)

A kerry of waffles...

Thank you spacemonkey...</p... (Below threshold)

Thank you spacemonkey...

A lifeguard of Massachusetts liberals

A pastry of police
A hero of troops
A wizbang of good entries [for this contest]

Excellent, Doug! ... (Below threshold)

Excellent, Doug!

When procrastinating before actually sitting down to write code, a slack of engineers

A TANG of forgeries...... (Below threshold)

A TANG of forgeries...

A favorite from Ed McBain -... (Below threshold)

A favorite from Ed McBain - "A snatch of hookers."

A condescension of liberals... (Below threshold)

A condescension of liberals.
A noise of protesters.
A drone of professors.
A compass of explorers.
A blast of terrorists.

A Denny's of cops.... (Below threshold)

A Denny's of cops.

An unraveling of comment threads.

A NASCAR of Atlanta drivers.

A muttering of conspiracy theorists.

A mothership of wackos.

A yawn of televised award shows.

A swiftboat load of magic h... (Below threshold)

A swiftboat load of magic hats...

A splatter of suicide bombers...

A burst of Palestinians... (Below threshold)

A burst of Palestinians

A bushel of democrac... (Below threshold)
Ray Midge:

A bushel of democracies.

A syringe of baseball playe... (Below threshold)

A syringe of baseball players

A round of bartenders

A denial of Democrats

A geek of bloggers

A sh*tload of stable workers

A helping of charity workers

A handful of Onanists

A Trackback of Bloggers... (Below threshold)

A Trackback of Bloggers

A Web of Bloggers

A Ruin of Reporters

Based upon current events, ... (Below threshold)

Based upon current events, I'd say a loveliness of Lebanese women is appropriate.

Actually, to be fully allit... (Below threshold)

Actually, to be fully alliterative, perhaps a loveliness of Lebanese ladies is more appropriate...

A fifth of Kennedy's.... (Below threshold)

A fifth of Kennedy's.

An aggregate of plasterers.... (Below threshold)

An aggregate of plasterers.
A string of violinists.
A cacophony of blogs.

A shiite load of Iranian te... (Below threshold)

A shiite load of Iranian terrorists.

"A shiite load of Iranian t... (Below threshold)

"A shiite load of Iranian terrorists."

jmaster....ROFL...that one got me...

Faith:Tanks.... (Below threshold)



An assize of fatties.... (Below threshold)

An assize of fatties.

A horum of legislators.

A bedlam of Deaniacs.

And I forgot...a f... (Below threshold)

And I forgot...

a fearmong of Democrats.

an imbedment of combat correspondents.

One more from me, and then ... (Below threshold)

One more from me, and then I'll go away.

A pwned of geeks.

A ledger of accountants... (Below threshold)
Just John:

A ledger of accountants

A cheek of Donkeys (singula... (Below threshold)

A cheek of Donkeys (singular or plural)
A handful of beggars
A waist of chefs
A batch of cooks
A babble of teens
A score of addicts
A void of ghosts
A yarn of authors
A yard of gardeners
A fraud of actors
A hint of detectives
A scorn of criminals
A grunt of linguists
A spite of nostrils (this is silly)
A skit of spam (this is altogether too silly)

- an odor of hippies... (Below threshold)

- an odor of hippies
- a cacophony of albums
- a box of corners
- a cycle of violations
- a bourbon of drunks
(alt: a gutter of drunks, yeah, that's better)
- a circumference of globes

An obfuscation of lawyers.<... (Below threshold)

An obfuscation of lawyers.

a nielsen of television exe... (Below threshold)

a nielsen of television execs

a Rather of network newscas... (Below threshold)

a Rather of network newscasters

An impeachment of Senators<... (Below threshold)

An impeachment of Senators
An impeachment of Clintons

A preen of leftist celebs.<... (Below threshold)
Ray Midge:

A preen of leftist celebs.

A skank of hoes. (or <a hr... (Below threshold)

A skank of hoes. (or prosti-tots)

a dangle of dorks.... (Below threshold)
Dave A.:

a dangle of dorks.

Wow, there are some great o... (Below threshold)

Wow, there are some great ones in here. So, even though I think Ray Midge's 'bushel of democracies' may already have won, here are a few more suggested collectove nouns:

- An indecision of clients (applies equally well for customers of lawyers, accountants, or web designers)
- a dodge of politicians
   alternatively, a purchase of politicians
- a sanitorium of Kucinich voters
- a blind of DailyKos/Atrios/DU readers
   alternatively, an echo of DailyKos/Atrios/DU readers
- a barking of moonbats

An erection of Japanese pol... (Below threshold)

An erection of Japanese politicians.

Sorry, but this is more addictive than the movie title contest!

a freak of Michael Jackson ... (Below threshold)

a freak of Michael Jackson fans

A screech of feminists<br /... (Below threshold)

A screech of feminists
A harmony of barbershop quartets
A bounce of trampolinists
A cough of smokers
A guffaw of comedians
A groupthink of reporters
A whine of unionists

A penumbra of Supreme Court... (Below threshold)
D. Carter:

A penumbra of Supreme Court justices.

A Kos of screws.

A bogus of AP reporters.

An irrelevance of liberals.

A dean of paranoiacs.

A hash of suicide bombers.

A retreat of Frenchmen.

A prevarication of Italian journalists.

A babbel of linguists... (Below threshold)

A babbel of linguists
A lick of lesbians
A mooch of son-in-laws
A grope of perverts
A shiver of Eskimos
A jiggle of cheerleaders
A flap of wingnuts
A sham of NGOs
A sack of apprentices
A graft of Congressmen
A poke of proctologists
A qwerty of typists
A shrivel of geezers

A winston of liars... (Below threshold)

A winston of liars

An orgy of UN workers... (Below threshold)

An orgy of UN workers

I'm going to assume mine ha... (Below threshold)

I'm going to assume mine hasn't already been taken, and if it has then just ignore me...

A bark of moonbats

Ah, I see it has been taken... (Below threshold)

Ah, I see it has been taken... crap!

A lateness of clever commen... (Below threshold)

A lateness of clever comments.

"a Rod of Gigolos"... (Below threshold)

"a Rod of Gigolos"

A sack of Assholes... (Below threshold)

A sack of Assholes

A Ward of Churchills... (Below threshold)

A Ward of Churchills
A Ton of Moore
A Felon of Democratic Voters
A Gastric Tube of Pro-Death Husbands

A Daschle of Whinebags.<br ... (Below threshold)

A Daschle of Whinebags.
A Theresaful of Trouble
A Jeterful of Championships
A Whoopie of Weasels

A tea of Jays.... (Below threshold)

A tea of Jays.

What? Nobody has yet poste... (Below threshold)

What? Nobody has yet posted the most obvious collective term of all. OK, I'll do it:

A Loss of Democrats

A drivel of Kos-sacks.... (Below threshold)

A drivel of Kos-sacks.

Wait! "I want to amend one ... (Below threshold)
D. Carter:

Wait! "I want to amend one of my earlier entries.

Change "A retreat of Frenchmen" to "a surrender of Frenchmen".

Also, add:

An Oliver of kryptonite.

An avarice of lawyers.

A circus of senators.

A Kerry of whoppers.

A Rather of forgeries.

A daschle of ex-senators.

A wizbang of great blogging... (Below threshold)

A wizbang of great blogging.

RE: E. Nough's post (March ... (Below threshold)

RE: E. Nough's post (March 8, 2005 10:28 PM)
A drivel of Kos-sacks.

Hey, I resemble that remark! And , frankly, I'm partially offended.

A scribble of posts.

Are we done yet? Are we done yet? Ooh, I know...

A scream of kids.

A break of brokersA ... (Below threshold)

A break of brokers
A cast of pitchers
A can of Trumps

A Howl of Deaniacs</... (Below threshold)

A Howl of Deaniacs

A Fabrication of Moores... (Below threshold)

A Fabrication of Moores

OK, a few more:A m... (Below threshold)

OK, a few more:

A mash of interns
A quash of liberals
A mangle of "insurgents"
A dork of Deaniacs
An ADD of the DNC
A fraud of Rathers
A Lord of Flanders
A nuke of Streisands
A fisk of Krugmans
A lurch of Kerrys
A vat of Moores (eeeiew!)

A futility of Democrats.</p... (Below threshold)

A futility of Democrats.

(And, for equal time...)

An ineffectuality of Republicans.

An excretion of politicians... (Below threshold)

An excretion of politicians.
A bowel movement of policitians.

A hump of prostitutes.

A bite(byte) of programmers.

A spherical cow of physicists(inside crappy physics joke).

A spurt of porn stars.

A scorch of firemen.

An account of bankers.

A catalyst of chemists.

A groan of puns.... (Below threshold)

A groan of puns.

A group of Democrats is cal... (Below threshold)
Dave A.:

A group of Democrats is called a "fillibuster."

And an exhaustive collection of witty submissions is called a "terminus."

Let's do this again sometime.






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