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"Different" doesn't mean better or worse...

There's been a lot of squawking about the United States process of "rendition," where we turn suspected terrorists over to their own governments for "interrogation." Apparently some people don't like the fact that those governments have looser restrictions on just how rigorously those people can be questioned, and have no compunctions. In fact, they even go so far as to say the United States is "subcontracting torture."

I think this is incredibly insensitive of the liberals. First of all, by slamming the rendition policy, they're slighting the legacy of President Clinton. I regularly slam his "accomplishments," but he was the instigator of the rendition policy, and it's been a rather successful thing.

Secondly, the left is constantly insisting that we must "celebrate" and "embrace" other cultures. After all, all cultures and traditions are equally valid. We must learn to work together, to accept other peoples' ways.

We must not condemn other cultures simply because they are different. We should praise the government for finding ways to work together with these different cultures, these different nations, and work together to fight terrorism.

And if you don't want to, go ahead and blame Bill Clinton. After all, he started this thing.



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It's a shame that we didn't... (Below threshold)

It's a shame that we didn't embrace some of the cannibalistic and head hunter tribes and encourage them to continue their time-honored traditions, we could send some of those liberals on a mutlti-cultural fact finding mission. They could experience some diversity first-hand. I'm guessing that liberal tastes just like chicken.

While it is true that liber... (Below threshold)

While it is true that liberals behave like chickens when faced with a situation requiring courage, I would suspect that in extremis they taste more like weasels.

I think we on the right (... (Below threshold)

I think we on the right (the correct!!) are actually missing the point. Liberals are ALL in favor of celebrating and embracing the other cultures: the cultures that want to slaughter Americans (as long as it is the RIGHT Americans - soldiers, capitalists, Christians, non-liberal whites, etc). Ask the typical liberal - Ward Churchill.

The only reason liberals were upset over 911 was that as many liberals were killed as non-liberals. If Al Qaeda had hit the NYSE, a couple of large Christian, or the white House with Bush in it they would have been at the very least amused. If the attack on 911 had only been on the Pentagon, the Liberals would have celebrated.

that was supposed to say " ... (Below threshold)

that was supposed to say " a couple of large Christain churches" ooopppss

that was supposed to say " ... (Below threshold)

that was supposed to say " a couple of large Christian churches" ooopppss

This is outsourcing. The P... (Below threshold)
Steve L.:

This is outsourcing. The President is sending torturer jobs overseas without any regard to the effects on American workers.

That's what has the left so worked up.

I've been trying to find a ... (Below threshold)

I've been trying to find a job in the "aggressive interrogation" field for years but Steve's right -- all the good jobs have been sent overseas.

It just ain't fair I tell ya. I'm gonna file a grievance with the International Brotherhood of Branders, Scalpers and Toenail Yankers!

Give him a few days; he's g... (Below threshold)

Give him a few days; he's going back in for further surgery. When he's well, you can smack him all you want. Those other countries have a way of getting rid of scum fairly fast. Let em do it.


Oh COME ON. This s... (Below threshold)
Rob Hackney:


This sounds like Liberal Apologetics to me. Clinton was WEAK, so what if Liberal go against his law. It may have worked pre 9/11 but not now.

NOW we need tough interrogations, and we SHOULD DO IT OURSELVES to make sure we get the best intel.

JAY apparently beleives we should "work together" with Syria and Nth Korea? Gimme a break son. We neeed REGIME CHANGE ASAP. We're American, we do what we need to for Freedom. It's what WE DO. Stop this Liberal pandering and rational.

I thought this was a blog with common sense, instead of Liberal crap!!!!!

Rob, ever heard of sarcasm?... (Below threshold)

Rob, ever heard of sarcasm?






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