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A Night On The Town With A Newsmaker

If you're in DC tonight and have $500 to drop for charity [and who doesn't?], then there's an amazing opportunity to get a jump on the Beltway Gossip Gang. From the ever reliable chronicler of the charity benefit circuit, The Washingtonian:

Wednesday, March 9

"Saving and Improving Lives" Gala with reception, dinner, and dancing to benefit N Street Village services to homeless and low-income women; 6:30 pm, Four Seasons, 2800 Pennsylvania Ave., NW; $500. Chairs: Debra Peabody, Kimberly Olson Dorgan, and Diana Enzi. Call 202-939-2071.

One of the three Chair's was identified by Business Week as the Boeing Vice President whose affair with the married CEO of Boeing cost him his job.

Previously: Boeing CEO Ousted For Office Affair

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If this is the lady in ques... (Below threshold)

If this is the lady in question,


and it looks like it is from the narrative, what a waste of a career!

See page 8 of the pdf file.






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