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Kitten Born With Two Faces

Here's something you don't see every day...


Kitten Born With Two Faces [Link w/ video]


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Comments (24)

Oh that's precious.<p... (Below threshold)

Oh that's precious.

I hope I can somehow forget about it before dinnertime.

Wookie foetus.... (Below threshold)

Wookie foetus.

Whats your problem, oyster?... (Below threshold)

Whats your problem, oyster?

It looks pretty tasty to me.

Mmmmmm, kitties.....

On second thought, I hope t... (Below threshold)

On second thought, I hope that little kitty lives.

Its obviously got a great future as a politician.

You know, with the two faces and all….

hmmm, I wonder if this <a h... (Below threshold)

hmmm, I wonder if this counts as two with a single bullet?

Since it has two faces (and... (Below threshold)

Since it has two faces (and is a pussy), the obvious name for it would be Danrather.

Amber you are one tough lad... (Below threshold)

Amber you are one tough lady...

I thought poor, innocent kitties melted the fairer sexes heart... lol

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww poor littl... (Below threshold)

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww poor little thing. If it does survive, I hope it finds a good family willing to help care for her special needs.

Maybe the Democrats can dum... (Below threshold)

Maybe the Democrats can dump the donkey and adopt this thing as thier new mascot.

The Democat.

But can it meow out of both... (Below threshold)

But can it meow out of both sides of its mouth?

Hell, this thing can meow o... (Below threshold)

Hell, this thing can meow out of both sides of both mouths.

And I thought that a cat ha... (Below threshold)

And I thought that a cat has more than two lives.

If this is the result of a ... (Below threshold)

If this is the result of a cloning experiment gone wrong, I guess that explains Michael M, Dan R, Mary M, Bill C, Hill C, John K, Ted K, George S, Barbara S and all the rest of 'em.

I usually don't enter the w... (Below threshold)

I usually don't enter the wizbang caption contests, just enjoy the jokes. But now I can't resist:

"Two half-brains and a gender problem?"

Hmm, this demands we introd... (Below threshold)

Hmm, this demands we introduce Unintelligent Design into our classrooms immediately!

Poor kitty.

two faced pussy... (Below threshold)

two faced pussy

Perhaps they'll name it Hil... (Below threshold)

Perhaps they'll name it Hillary!

I can't tell anything from ... (Below threshold)

I can't tell anything from the picture. The poor kitten probably was just born when this picture was taken; he's still wet. He was probably going to be a twin. Show me the picture again when he gets older and has fur.


OMG! L.B. Johnson's been re... (Below threshold)

OMG! L.B. Johnson's been reborn!

Ummm, Don't you mean Nixon,... (Below threshold)

Ummm, Don't you mean Nixon, Jody???

umm...did anyone notice tha... (Below threshold)

umm...did anyone notice that all the jokes are the same? dur...

The kitten had died.... It ... (Below threshold)

The kitten had died.... It was put to sleep for unrelated reasons (pneumonia).

Another kitten with two fac... (Below threshold)

Another kitten with two faces has been born. this one in Oregon (the one above was born in Florida). It saddens me to see these poor little things since I can't imagine they'll have a very happy life no matter how long they live.

I think it is sad. It has h... (Below threshold)

I think it is sad. It has happened before. There was also a two-faced kitten born in Ohio last year. These poor little babies shouldn't be made sport of. It isn't their fault.






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