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People Eating Tasty Animals

There's less that a week left until the third annual International Eat an Animal for PETA Day (IEAPD) - March 15, 2005. The creator of this tasty endeavor, Meryl Yourish, explains the history of the event and has details on how you can participate.


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Comments (7)

Actually I IEAPETA every da... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Actually I IEAPETA every day. 3 times a day in fact.

I love animals. They're de... (Below threshold)

I love animals. They're delicious.

I think this year's animal ... (Below threshold)

I think this year's animal will be the lowly crawdad.

Dont't ya just love it when... (Below threshold)

Dont't ya just love it when the blood from a tender rare steak runs down your chin--creating a delicious river of goodness. I leave it there for days sometimes....

PETA= People eating tasty a... (Below threshold)
John Cronkhite:

PETA= People eating tasty animals.

Nothing tastes better than ... (Below threshold)

Nothing tastes better than a good hunk of dead cow melting in your mouth. Anyone ever been to Harris Ranch in California? Oh man, their peppered New York steak is excuisite....

Harris Ranch = a little ove... (Below threshold)

Harris Ranch = a little overpriced and over rated, but above average.

And have you driven by the stockyards when the wind is "right?"






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