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Has anybody notified the ACLU?

(hat tip to the Cheesemistress)

Let me see if I can figure this out. Ocean Haven is an ecologically-conscious resort in Oregon that prides itself on "respecting the interdependence & diversity of all life," but doesn't allow pets, smokers, Hummer drivers, or "FOLKS WHO VOTED FOR BUSH & HIS NATURE DESTRUCTIVE POLICIES."

I'm dumping this into the "Dumbasses" category, but I might have to reconsider -- they might be on to something. After all, nearly all the wealthiest people in Hollywood opposed Bush. The richest senators are all Democrats. George Soros spent millions trying to defeat Bush. They certainly seem to be latching on to the trend of the Democrats increasingly becoming the party of the mega-rich...


(Update: twit that I am, I gave credit to the Cheesemistress of The Cheese Stands Alone, but gave the wrong link. The right link to their page is here. That's right, here. Right here.


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Comments (41)

Just land on Earth, Joser? ... (Below threshold)

Just land on Earth, Joser? Those things have been happening for decades. I was handed a list of "do's and don'ts" by my ob/gyn at my first prenatal check-up over 25 years ago, and #1 on the list was "Fish to Avoid."

I lived at the time in an area of New Jersey called "Cancer Alley." Don't drink the water, check which way the wind is blowing before spending time outside, yadda yadda yadda.

You can't seriously drop all that crap on Bush's doorstep. The environment's been problematic for a very, very long time. Think "Industrial Revolution" and you might get a clue.

Joser: You need to add more... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Joser: You need to add more tinfoil to your hat before the Kwazy Kos energy waves do permanent damage.

But that's not your only po... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

But that's not your only point, Joser -- you're forgetting about the pin-like one on top of your head.

And my only point was that the resort is practicing discrimination, and that makes me and other Bush voters victims of political persecution. Doesn't that bother you?


Um, has anyone ever bothere... (Below threshold)

Um, has anyone ever bothered to LOOK at Bush's environmental record, or do people like Joser simply run on reflex?

As far as that "resort" -- who wants to go there? They sound like a bunch of stuck-up jerks.

From trying to open up land... (Below threshold)

From trying to open up lands in the arctic reserve in Alaska, to GUTTING environmental laws, yes I agree that EVERYTHING can't be blamed on Bush II, but there's a huge difference in not being blamed for everything, and then actively trying to rape Mother Earth, which Bush is doing. He should be impeached immediately

This would be a fun message... (Below threshold)

This would be a fun message to send them:

"Hi, I'm a environmentally-friendly (I recycle!), disabled (I'm blind), dog-owning (seeing-eye-dog), non-driving (as I said, I'm blind), tobacco-chewer (I don't smoke!) who's interested in staying at your resort. I did vote for Bush, however, but I think your state's attorney general would enjoy hearing about your discriminatory policy. (Besides, how could you ever possibly tell if someone voted for Bush or not if they didn't tell you?) I hope you can accommodate me."

...trying to rape Mother... (Below threshold)

...trying to rape Mother Earth, which Bush is doing. He should be impeached immediately

Heard of Juanita Broaddrick, have you?

that makes me and other ... (Below threshold)

that makes me and other Bush voters victims of political persecution.

Persecute: To oppress or harass with ill-treatment, especially because of race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, or beliefs.

Not being permitted into a private resort is not persecution. Discrimination, yes, but not persecution. Besides, do you really want to go there?

OT - Hey, borgqueen, are yo... (Below threshold)

OT - Hey, borgqueen, are you the same "borgqueen" that's on Ogame?

RE: Joser's post (March 9, ... (Below threshold)

RE: Joser's post (March 9, 2005 07:41 PM)

President Nominates Steve Johnson as EPA Administrator
March 4, 2005

THE PRESIDENT: Good morning. I am pleased to announce my nomination of Stephen Johnson to be the Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Steve Johnson is a talented scientist and skilled manager with a lifelong commitment to environmental stewardship. He has 24 years of experience at the EPA, spanning all four decades of the agency's history. Since late January, he has served as Acting Administrator. He knows the EPA from the ground up, and has a passion for its mission -- to protect the health of our citizens, and to guarantee the quality of our air, water, and land for generations to come. I've come to know Steve as an innovative problem-solver with good judgment and complete integrity. I'm proud to ask him to become the first career EPA employee to hold the office of Administrator, and I'm glad he's agreed to do so.

When confirmed by the Senate, Steve will also become the first professional scientist to lead the EPA. He will use that background to set clear, rational standards for environmental quality, and to place sound scientific analysis at the heart of all major decisions. Steve shares my conviction that we can improve the Earth while maintaining a vibrant and competitive economy. He will work cooperatively with leaders in government, industry, and environmental advocacy to continue using our resources wisely. He will listen to those living closest to the land, because they know our environmental needs best.


Go to the EPA to see the policies and the innumerable pages of data.

Does Bush's appointment sound unreasonable? Does this sound like a President bent on destroying the planet and relishing the process while doing it? He is appointing the first professional scientist to head the EPA and with up to 24 years of understanding the workings of the agency to boot.

You select a particular policy that the Bush administration has initiated and then we'll discuss the facts rather than throw out gross generalizations. I happen to be a pretty strong environmentalist but I'm no tree hugger. I may be an ally of your argument but up to this point it sounds specious. Further, as has been pointed out, the environmental problems to which you allude have existed for many years. You better start ticking off a few more names from your list of guilty administrations before you attribute everything to the Bush one. Now, let's pick a one of that topics you mentioned:

Global warming has become more dire of an issue than ever.

If you look at the EPA's global temperature change chart, you'll note that the peak departure from long-term mean ocurred during Clinton's administration. Maybe you have more recent data to replace this graph but, following your logic, Clinton was the worst President because of his administration's impact upon global warming. Now, of course, this is crap as is your assertion that President Bush wants to destroy the environment so that oil barons may purge our ecosystem of non-human life. Yes, I added a few words to your assertion for effect but the tone is accurate. These are snapshot assertions that are not applicable on such small temporal scale. These environmental events take decades, hundreds, or thousands of years to develop and there is a momentum to homeostasis. It is much too simplistic to view your argument in the manner in which it has been presented.

I suspect you will focus on Kyoto or ANWR as the red herrings for debate. I hope you'll select something else but we can all debate whichever one you want. Just be prepared to follow this thread a long time if you want rational discourse because everyone, including myself, will need to get updated on applicable policy and evidence.

Nevertheless, you seem to be missing the point of Jay Tea's post. He is suggesting the Left isn't quite as non-discriminatory as it proclaims nor are its members necessarily the representative of the poor, little people. These would be attributes reflexively pegged as Right... wholly inaccurate in this age. Maybe we are reaching a new homeostasis.

BorqQueen: You beat me to t... (Below threshold)

BorqQueen: You beat me to the punch. I remember reading all these warnings circa 1982 about eating fish in the Great Lakes.

Gee, josey, if you don't think they are dumbasses for restricting their resort, then you won't mind if Wizbang restricts you from their blog. Same difference.

Did they remove the anti-Bu... (Below threshold)

Did they remove the anti-Bush voter caveat or am I missing something?

Looks like they took the Bu... (Below threshold)

Looks like they took the Bush voting comment off their website, but you can still see it on the google cache here:

Opps, I found it.... (Below threshold)

Opps, I found it.

Fripp, thanks.It's... (Below threshold)

Fripp, thanks.

It's actually still on their "Practices" page under "Nature Firendly".

I gotta learn how to type.<... (Below threshold)

I gotta learn how to type.

Rich tree hugers are disgra... (Below threshold)

Rich tree hugers are disgraceful. Arianna Hugginton lecturing others about driving SUVs and pretending to drive a Prius (sp?). Yet, she would travel around it a towncar, live in a big mansion, and fly private jets. Streisand with her little econo car she drives to her private jet. That white elephant of an estate she dumped on the state. Telling us not to use our dishwashers and to hang dry our clothes. Just like, Babs. Yeah. Right.

Ha ha, cowards took it off ... (Below threshold)

Ha ha, cowards took it off their front page and hid it on the Practices Page. Send a few more e-mails and it will disappear too. I bet their politics are outweighed by their bottom line...

Since it looks like they ar... (Below threshold)

Since it looks like they are purging the Bush voting references I'm sure they will quickly remove that mention of it as well now that you have pointed it out for them FreakyBoy =) Guess they didn't like the attention!

Jinx.....I don't know what ... (Below threshold)

Jinx.....I don't know what Ogame is, so I'd have to say no.

Julie.....yeah, those warnings about Great Lakes fish have been popping up forever....I grew up in Rochester (southern shore of Lake Ontario) in the 60's and 70's and they were issuing those warnings, particuarly about mercury, every summer. I'm back in the area now, and they still do it.

No surprise, though, since the swimming bans are even more common.

[See PETA thread below]... (Below threshold)

[See PETA thread below]

I love trees, in fact I am burning one now in my fireplace as I tread across my hardwood floors built by a REAL Democrat (I know cause I still get his mail) and sold to me. I hug them every time I lug an armful of seasoned split oak (had to take down the tress beyond salvage due to insect and storm damage). So does that make up for me voting for Bushes and Reagan?

Rocket fuel in the water? T... (Below threshold)
Patrick Chester:

Rocket fuel in the water? True. It's called hydrogen. Oh dear gods... the other part of rocket fuel is in the water too! :-)

epador: do you sleep in a w... (Below threshold)

epador: do you sleep in a wood bed?

Maybe they can invite the K... (Below threshold)

Maybe they can invite the Kerry's who have FIVE LARGE houses, a Gulfstream private jet, numerous SUV's, a large boat or two, and God knows what other energy guzzling toys. NOW THAT'S CONSERVATON!

Think about the footprint they're leaving on Mother Earth.

Mantis, where did you get y... (Below threshold)

Mantis, where did you get your definition? M-W defines "persecute" as "to harass in a manner designed to injure, grieve, or afflict" (first definition) or "to annoy with persistent or urgent approaches."

Mantis, you're persecuting me. Stop it.

Since when did animals (aka... (Below threshold)

Since when did animals (aka pets) become a threat to the environment?

One of the top news stories... (Below threshold)

One of the top news stories on Detroit stations tonight was about the UAW not allowing Marine reservists to park in their lot anymore.

For years the Marine reservists were allowed to park at the large lot at the UAW International Headquarters "Solidarity House". Even those that drove -eghads - imported cars were allowed to park there, until now.

Turns out that a lot of Marines had bumper stickers that said horrible things like "Bush-Cheney" or "Support our Troops". So, now they are not allowed in the UAW lot.

The UAW issued a statement that said "the reservists have the right to drive imported cars or have bumper stickers supporting the most pro-war, anti-union president since 1920" but they don't have the right to park in their lot.

Patriotic bastards.

Just checked out Ocean Hav... (Below threshold)

Just checked out Ocean Haven, it's kind of a dump. In a nice location, but nuthin' special. They can have it.

I do like how they are protecting the beach by building right on top of it.

From salmonandeconomy.org:<... (Below threshold)

From salmonandeconomy.org:
Salmon are in trouble throughout most of the Pacific Northwest. Watersheds with salmon and related species listed as threatened or endangered under the Endangered Species Act cover 71 percent of Washington and 50 percent of Oregon. Current proposals for preventing a further slide toward extinction and for rebuilding healthy salmon populations will affect the activities of households, businesses, landowners, communities, and public agencies. With such widespread proposals come fears that protecting salmon will cause similarly widespread harm to the region's economy.

Over the past decade, nearly all relevant analyses and reporting in the news media have stressed the costs that salmon recovery would impose on the economy. By ignoring the potential economic benefits of salmon recovery, and inflating the potential costs, these reports have induced many political leaders and residents to conclude that taking the steps ecologists say are needed to rebuild healthy salmon populations would have a "devastating" impact on the economy.

I don't know how accurate these claims are (there are many sites discussing this issue) but I've been hearing about the plummeting salmon populations for many years now.

Hmm, let's check the Ocean Haven menu, shall we...

$5.75 PIZZA - Smoked Salmon (11.5oz)
$ 9.00 SMOKED SALMON (8oz)

I hope Ocean Haven isn't contributing to the further endangerment of vulnerable salmon species and are, conversely, leaving enough for the regional and native non-human/non-salmon species. Maybe they are all from aquaculture, but how do we know? They seem to promote lots of "organic" goods so my inclination is to think that they take conservation seriously. Still, the irony of their conservation in view of selling a good cut of "wild" salmon would be comical if nature is indeed their source.

Taken to a further extreme, would they not contribute more to the purity, sanctity, and conservation of nature in that delicate natural enclave by, well, not being there? More food for thought.

They must have changed it. ... (Below threshold)

They must have changed it. It now reads "Folks who drive Hummers." I guess that mean Arnold won't be visiting anytime soon.

RE: Chad Evans' post (March... (Below threshold)

RE: Chad Evans' post (March 10, 2005 12:19 AM)

Does that mean that Maria would be welcomed since she is just along for the ride and, technically, not driving (behind wheel or politically)?

Big deal. I heard that Den... (Below threshold)

Big deal. I heard that Denny's is banning Kerry voters.

RE: Rob's post (March 10, 2... (Below threshold)

RE: Rob's post (March 10, 2005 12:52 AM)

What, BOTH of them?!

Mantis, you're persecuti... (Below threshold)

Mantis, you're persecuting me. Stop it.


Big deal. I heard that Denny's is banning Kerry voters.

Probably think they're all black.

I notice they don't have a ... (Below threshold)

I notice they don't have a problem with murdering innocent salmon. Don't that know that killing salmon for our consumption is evil and is doing more to wreck the environment than all of Bushs twisted plans on the earth?

Is it true that it was Karl... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Is it true that it was Karl Rove who ordered the extermination of the salmon? I read that somewhere on DU, so it's probably true.

House and Senate Budget com... (Below threshold)

House and Senate Budget committees are expected to vote on the FY06 budget on
3/9 and 3/10, respectively, with floor votes the following week. President
Bush's FY06 budget request would cut environmental programs by 10.4 percent,
from $31.3 billion to $28 billion. The EPA's budget would be cut from $8
billion to $7.5 billion. The biggest reduction would be in the State Revolving
Fund, a loan program for the construction of wastewater infrastructure, such as
sewer systems and water pollution control plants. The president proposed
reducing this fund by 25 percent, to $730 million, even though the EPA
estimates that wastewater infrastructure needs over the next 20 years will
exceed $388 billion. The president's budget also contains language that would
authorize drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Neither Rep. Nussle
(R-IA), House Budget Committee chair, nor Sen. Gregg (R-NH), chair of the
Senate Budget Committee, have indicated publicly whether they will include the
Arctic drilling language in their versions of the budget bills

RE: OhTheBill's post (March... (Below threshold)

RE: OhTheBill's post (March 10, 2005 06:05 PM)

President Bush's FY06 budget request would cut environmental programs by 10.4 percent,
from $31.3 billion to $28 billion.

I haven't read the budget to know if this particular cut is disproportionate to other cuts in a burgeoning budget. As I understand the Bush administration is trying to reign in spending after being a bit loose with the pursestrings partly as a result of 9/11, partly as a result of the hugely expensive war on terror, and partly as a consequence of spending our way out of the Clinton recession. There are some domestic social programs that I think he let get away as well. Bush, and Congress moreso, all get to share in the blame. Mind you, we the people are responsible too since we accept their unrestricted boondogling and pork. But I digress.

I'm of the default position that any ineffective program get its funding cut. I'm also supportive of reducing government expenditures whenever possible since the government doesn't have any money. Having said that, does the budget have similar percentage cuts ("real" cuts and not a just a "reduction in rate of increase") in other programs? Military and national security might need a bit of leeway for some time and we should adjust accordingly. Is the environment the only arena getting reduced? Somehow I think the slashing is almost across the board.

The president's budget also contains language that would authorize drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

ANWR is a bit of a sticky wicket. Measuring the impact of man on environment is hard to quantify since so much of what we do is intangible. I happen to think a balance can be made between harvesting the oil and respecting the habitat though I'm reluctant to opening up that area too. I'd much rather focus on developing solar power (or other alternative energy sources) to supplement current energy supplies and not be quite so accepting of the NIMBY defense. It would be nice to preserve some component of our continent in its native state and to save the oil in ANWR as a natural strategic depot. What we must do is figure out how much is there more precisely since that has not yet been determined. If this requires some focal interference for improved analysis, then I'm receptive to that. No doubt, however, that this country has done a poor job of escaping our dependence on fossil fuels. Just plain poor. Bush, along with every previous administration, has been shamefully derelict in this regard.

here where i live we ha... (Below threshold)

here where i live we have plenty of wildlife living on farmland

Do they have punctuation where you live? Or just breathless rants?

RE: mantis' post (March 11,... (Below threshold)

RE: mantis' post (March 11, 2005 12:49 AM)
...Or just breathless rants?

Do they have complete sentences where you live or just picky run-ons? ;) Sometimes thrown stones deflect and bounce off one's temple. [I'm sure I read that in a wise cookie somewhere. They are never wrong.]

AnonymousDrivel's Grammer-checking Shepherd

Do they have complete se... (Below threshold)

Do they have complete sentences where you live or just picky run-ons?

Curse you Strunk and White!






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