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A Day Late and a Dollar Short

Today, I received in the mail a little present from my employer.

Apparently as a part of my health-care package, all of us have received a "good health calendar," with each month highlighting a specific health concern.

Apparently "Healthy Weight" and "Heart" aren't that important, because they were on January and February, which I promptly threw away.

March's issue is "Smoking Awareness." Perhaps I should start, just so I can quit...

Oh, what the hell. It's a nice thought. I shouldn't grouse. It beats a few years ago when all of us got big envelopes mailed to us marked "URGENT -- OPEN IMMEDIATELY!" with the company's name on them.

Inside were Advent-style calendars showing all the neat holiday stuff we should be pushing to customers.

I think they discontinued that idea when I pointed out that the envelope could be legally construed as a legal order to work, and therefore under Cow Hampshire law I could demand two hours' pay for opening and reading it.


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I always wonder why some em... (Below threshold)

I always wonder why some employers spend all that money on all those printed materials and not on the benefits themselves...my pet peeve with Blue Cross/Blue Shield is the mammoth amount of four-color printed materials they create and then mail out, one by one, to those enrolled, all explaining why limitations exist on healthcare, advising how people can become more frugal with their use of healthcare. I'll never understand the tub-o-documents I collect each and every year from them, all printed by means of membership fees.

And, oh, hi, I'm back. I m... (Below threshold)

And, oh, hi, I'm back. I moved. I'm beat...

Noticed you were gone. Did ... (Below threshold)

Noticed you were gone. Did you change where you sleep? Or, where you work?

Hmmmm...julie...your Q&A...... (Below threshold)

Hmmmm...julie...your Q&A...lemme see: yes, changed it all. I've got so many bandages on me wee hands that I am wondering if they'll ever spin again. *pause* Well, I think they will as soon as they recover.

Well, staying in shape is i... (Below threshold)
D. Carter:

Well, staying in shape is important, but it can be tough. I tried jogging for a while but I had to give it up; my cigarette kept going out.

You have to wonder who is g... (Below threshold)

You have to wonder who is generating these
reams of worthless documents when the
company is laying off people who actually
do work.

And not only do companies send you boatloads
of worthless documents, they often refer you to
non-specific locations to get the information that
you actually need.
e.g. "Refer to corporate guidelines for eligibility
What!? What "corporate guidelines?" Where are






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