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Man Admits To Lefkow Murders In Suicide Note

Hot off the presses of the Chicago Tribune:

Investigators early today said a man who shot himself in the head during a traffic stop in Wisconsin had a suicide note claiming responsibility for the slaying of U.S. District Judge Joan Lefkow's husband and mother last week.

Members of the task force of Chicago police and federal agents said a van driven by Bart Ross, whose last known address was in the 4500 block of North Bernard Street in Chicago, was stopped in West Allis, near Milwaukee, about 6 p.m. As officers approached the car, Ross killed himself with a gunshot to the head, officials say.

Investigators said the man had a suicide note that included an admission that he shot the judge's family.

The note included details in the case that were not released to the public, investigators said. Sources close to the investigation added that there was a list in the van of all the people who had mistreated him, including judges.

In the note Ross claimed that a ruling against him by Judge Lefkow in a civil case had cost him "his house, his job and family."

Update: While they haven't closed the case completely, police in Chicago are confident that Ross was the killer.

CHICAGO (AP) - A man who filed bizarre, rambling lawsuits over his cancer treatment and shot himself to death during a traffic stop appears to be the lone killer of a federal judge's mother and husband, police said late Thursday.

DNA on a cigarette butt found after the killings matches that of Chicago electrician Bart Ross, who claimed responsibility for the slayings in a suicide note, authorities said Thursday night.

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Wow--another case where the... (Below threshold)
J. L.:

Wow--another case where the MSM unfarily smeared the ignorant, racist and genocidal white-supremisist movement!

So typical.

Once again, Wizbang makes g... (Below threshold)

Once again, Wizbang makes google news. Or, is this a rather common occurance?

How convienient. They foun... (Below threshold)

How convienient. They found a suicide note on him because he wrote it before he planned on getting stopped by cops in traffic and offing himself. Case closed, another great piece of police investigation. Perhaps someone should check to make sure he was involved in a civil case with judge Lefkow? Especially since the note wasnt released to the public. Sorry - I smell a rat.

Smellyrat: It woul... (Below threshold)
Don "blah blah" Myers:


It wouldn't be the first time someone wrote a suicide note, took a gun, and drove to the spot they planned to kill themselves. Frankly, it happens all the time. He was stopped for a traffic violation. Also pretty common to get someone on a minor traffic offense.

The Chicago police had to go to Wis. to investigate. The "police sources" are not official releases but leaks. The Chgo Tribune got the name and looked up the court case. The note wasn't released because it's an open case.

The cops are doing exactly what you are demanding they do, and still you bitch at them.

I didn't make that post. It... (Below threshold)
Don "blah blah" Myers:

I didn't make that post. It's too logical for me.

Ok, I registered and read t... (Below threshold)

Ok, I registered and read the article and I was a little off....I was going by the exerpt. Truth is stranger than fiction. My bad.

Kevin,You need to ... (Below threshold)


You need to update when facts change. The note they found was not a suicide note but one that had details not released to the public and a list of other judges now under protection plus other things that led to the Lefkow's murders. He is not the only one I'm sure, so there has to be more out there if they planned on doing the things to other judges and their families. It isn't just Ross and the cops know it. The papers with him are also with others and it was not a suicide note.


"But that's been it," Spiel... (Below threshold)

"But that's been it," Spielberger said.

On Friday, Robert Grant, the special agent in charge of the FBI's Chicago office, stressed that investigators were guarding against being "myopic," explaining that they were not focusing on Hale or any one area at the exclusion of others.

Still, it is clear that investigators are taking a close look at white supremacists and Hale, who is awaiting sentencing after being convicted of attempting to solicit an FBI informant to kill Judge Lefkow. Hale and several relatives have been interviewed by the FBI, said Hale's father, Russell Hale.

Also, along with contacting anti-hate groups that compile photographs of known extremists, investigators also have interviewed people who attended Hale's trial, including reporters, whose names are on a list of those who passed their driver's licenses through a scanning device before they were allowed to enter the courtroom.

And a friend of Hale's, Kathleen Robertazzo, has told newspaper reporters that authorities seized 100 letters Hale sent to her from prison and have made copies of her computer hard drive.

Michael Lefkow, 64, and Donna Humphrey, 89, were shot to death Feb. 28. Judge Lefkow discovered their bodies in the basement of the Lefkow home on the city's North Side when she arrived from work at about 5:30 p.m.






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