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Someone was listening!

A little while ago, I lamented the dearth of new dumb-criminal stories.

This morning, my prayers have been answered.

The short version: several men armed with knives burst into these folks' West Yarmouth, Massachusetts home. The residents called 911, and the intruders fled. But the residents didn't think to hide their pot-growing operation (which the intruders were apparently looking for) before the cops arrived.

The cops were a bit more clued-in than either the home's three residents or the intruders -- they found the pot and arrested the guys.

No word yet on the intruders, but all signs point to them doing something stupid and getting themselves arrested soon.


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This might be a suggestion ... (Below threshold)
Allan Yackey:

This might be a suggestion for a regular feature.

Twenty Five years ago when I worked for a Public Defender Agency in my local county we had a monthly contest for the dumbest criminal. Anyone could post a case but it had to be documented. (Cases in the office were not eligible for obvious reasons)

You would think that selecting the dumbest stunt each month might result in some close races. But normally one stunt stands out beyond question.

You could do this as a regular feature. With people all over the country to contribute, we would almost certainly get the dumbest crook in the country each month (if not the world).

Man, how did I miss that on... (Below threshold)

Man, how did I miss that one? I live for posting Dumbass Crook Crap.

Last year when I was workin... (Below threshold)

Last year when I was working at a hotel at the front desk, we had a couple come in and stay for about a week. We started to get pretty suspicious of them when they refused to have their room cleaned, and our suspicions were confirmed.

Because they came on a busy football weekend and stayed through, they ended up being up on the 2nd floor alone on a night when we only had a few other guests. In the evening they called up to complain that someone was running up and down the halls. We said, "I don't think there's anyone up there, but would you like us to call the police?' They said yes. The police arrived, didn't find anyone, and knocked on their door to tell them, only to find crack and pipes laying all over the place.

Will they never learn? We n... (Below threshold)

Will they never learn? We need sensible knife control laws! Until knives are registered and kept out of the hands of criminals we'll never be safe, not even in our farmhouses. Most people don't even realize that even a minor can walk into nearly any store in this nation and buy salad shooters, rapid-firing assault knives without even showing identification! Another outrage is the pocket knife, designed to be easily concealed, with some models smaller than a pack of gum but still capable of containing multiple blades and in the case of some fiendishly clever foreign models, especially those from Switzerland, armed with other devices like toothpicks and scissors. We must stop this madness!

It's called "stupid news" ... (Below threshold)

It's called "stupid news" Jay. Always part of my favorite read. Plus every morning on the radio, they always tell you about some bit of stupid news and then make fun of it. Since I don't have to listen to it anymore because I'm not driving to work or school (but hopefully sleeping), I get to read about it instead. People sure do stupid things, eh? :-)


Jay,didn't you hea... (Below threshold)
t. z.:


didn't you hear about the old ladies in Texas beating some guy for road rage. I heard the audio on a "progressive" radio station here in AZ & almost wrecked my car.....it' s priceless.


You can find a couple of ne... (Below threshold)

You can find a couple of new ones every week at www.newsoftheweird.com, along with sundry other examples of idiocy.






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