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Michelle Malkin: "Battered Wife" consumer?

Michelle Malkin should need no introduction to Wizbang readers. But I feel a close, personal relationship with her (based solely on a single question I once asked her on a radio call-in show), and I feel the need to make this public intervention on her behalf.

Michelle recently chimed in on the whole IKEA kerfuffle about them not showing women in their instruction manuals, apparently out of deference to Mideastern countries where women are suppressed. Michelle doesn't give two figs about that; she's more upset at their inscrutable assembly instructions, shipping damaged goods, inept delivery people, and general crappy customer service.

Let me get this straight, Michelle: you've repeatedly received damaged goods from them. You can't understand the assembly instructions. In your own words, "their online customer service and delivery contractors suck." And yet you've bought -- by your own admission -- at least five different items from them?

I know what it's like to be a battered consumer. I've often caught myself re-frequenting businesses that have treated me shabbily in the past. I rationalize it to myself by saying "I probably deserved to be treated like that" or "I need to show I don't hold grudges." But it's wrong. It's just encouraging them to commit more abuse. It's cooperating in your own exploitation and degradation.

You're a strong woman, Michelle. You're a good woman. You deserve to be treated better than that. Stop giving more of your money and support to a company that takes you for granted and walks all over you.

You can do it. You have the support of those of us who truly care about you (based on that one 30-second conversation six months ago). Just walk away from these cruel, abusive, exploiting swine and take your business elsewhere.

You do deserve better.



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Comments (23)

Time to find a new supplier... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Time to find a new supplier. 5 times! I am thinking less of Michelle - but I still think she is great, just no so great,

I know a drunk in Texas tha... (Below threshold)

I know a drunk in Texas that keeps going back into the same bar and getting battered on a weekly basis. He has a similar arrangement with his wife too. I guess some people like that kind of thing. Rod is right about Michelle though, I'd be happy to drop in on her local IKEA store and slap some people around if she wants me to, they should treat her better than that. I'm pretty good at things like that, there's this one drunk in Texas I've been throwing out of my bar for once a week or so for years.

Does seem like it takes an ... (Below threshold)

Does seem like it takes an entirely different skill set to produce a product as opposed to producing instructions for putting the darn thing together. Craftman is well regarded for making fine tools. However, I nearly went nuts putting a table saw stand together this week. What these companies need to do is hire regular folks to "test drive" the instructions. Often it seems the instructions were written by engineers for engineers. Don't get me started on the worst of the bunch (cribs).

I rarely have problems with... (Below threshold)
Frank H:

I rarely have problems with instructions; I usually ignore them. But one thing I do find amusing is reading them and trying to figure out what the first language of the author is, 'cause it CERTAINLY isn't English!

If'n dat dang woomin wadn't... (Below threshold)

If'n dat dang woomin wadn't sow dang bizzy makon muney mabe her dang huzbind wood hav tyme to make dem damn tings and not takin caire of dem babees.

Michelle Malkin (Yummy) can... (Below threshold)
Clash City Rocker:

Michelle Malkin (Yummy) can call me anytime to help her assemble anything she she desires.

This whole Ikea discussion ... (Below threshold)

This whole Ikea discussion reminds me of a Futurama episode I saw. Here's the dialogue from the scene in question:

Farnsworth: “Good news, anyone. The Swedish robot from Pikea is here with the supercollider I ordered.”

Swedish Robot: “Enjøy yøur inferiør Swedish krap.”
(Leaves while breaking apart)

Bender: “There, and only 6 missing pieces.”

Fry: “Those Swedes sure know how to put in almost everything you need.”

Apparently, Ikea will suck in the very distant future, too.

IKEA is the Bennetton of cr... (Below threshold)

IKEA is the Bennetton of crappy home firnishings. Buy from people who don't actually hate Anerica, eh?

This problem is a common on... (Below threshold)

This problem is a common one shared by most consumers. They frequent the big box stores because of the prices and selection but expect the service available at the fancier specialty and department stores. As much as we would like the best of both worlds it's not going to happen. Take your choice- service or price - and learn to live with what you choose.

I must be strange, or build... (Below threshold)

I must be strange, or building different products. Or maybe it's all my childhood experience following the text-free little-LEGO construction instruction books. But the IKEA instructions have always been very plain and easy to follow for me...

As Bindare said: if you can't do it yourself, or you want the kind of service at more expensive stores, well, buy your stuff there. IKEA puts up signs in their stores explaining that one of the reasons they're so cheap is that they don't have many service people (to assemble things, to floorwalk, to dawdle around and say "how can I help you?", to talk to you on the phone and explain the difference between a flathead and a phillips, or between a bolt and a screw...). You want lots of those people? easy: shop somewhere that pays for them.

Ring around the rosey,<br /... (Below threshold)

Ring around the rosey,
Pockets full of poseys,
Ashes, ashes...
We all fall down.

Eh, I bought some IKEA book... (Below threshold)

Eh, I bought some IKEA bookcases. They are nice, but the guy in the warehouse gave me the wrong measurements, so it screwed things up. They were extremely difficult to figure out how to assemble, too. And, yes, I've assembled bookcases before.

Jay: You do know Michele Malkin's husband reads the blogs, don't you?

You men don't understand. L... (Below threshold)

You men don't understand. Let me try and give you an analogy so you might be able to. Shopping makes most women stupid, just like sex makes most men stupid.
We want what we want. It may not be perfect the first few times, but we keep coming back for more cuz we love it so much.

Shopping and Sex. Thats it.

Well, I guess this just goe... (Below threshold)

Well, I guess this just goes to show that being insensitive and creating a shoddy product is the best way to become the richest person in the world.

Ingvar Kamprad (founder of IKEA)- Current richest person alive.
Bill Gates - Former title holder
Rupert Murdoch - Up next???

I'd be happy to drop in ... (Below threshold)

I'd be happy to drop in on her local IKEA store and slap some people around if she wants me to, they should treat her better than that. I'm pretty good at things like that...

Somehow this comes as no surprise. ;)

Ikea stores I used in Germa... (Below threshold)

Ikea stores I used in Germany were more fun than here, and had no problem with products. I think the problem is that Swedish translates better into German than English. Or maybe the long voyage over the Atlantic causes some of the parts to fall out of the boxes. Or maybe they don't like or care about their American customers as much?

I'm with you, Rod.... (Below threshold)

I'm with you, Rod.

Everyone deserves GREAT SERVICE from any company but to be stupid enough to order that many times from a company that screws up it's orders is ridiculous. She might be respected by you guys, but I have no respect for her at all and do not think she should be considered a blogger when she's on tv and radio getting paid for it. That is not a blogger - that is syndicated columnist, tv reporter with her own opinion which is not always the opinions of the rest of us - ie Fox is one - so no, if she gets damaged goods from a company she's ordered from 5 times is just plain stupid.


Julie,What makes y... (Below threshold)


What makes you think she's even married? Not all of us are.


Cindy,What makes y... (Below threshold)


What makes you think she isn't? Why do you care if she is?

because of what you said, g... (Below threshold)

because of what you said, girl.

in your own words: Jay: You do know Michele Malkin's husband reads the blogs, don't you?

Posted by: julie at March 11, 2005 02:37 PM

Cindy: What makes you th... (Below threshold)

Cindy: What makes you think she's even married?

Julie: What makes you think she isn't?

Cindy: because of what you said, girl. in your own words: Jay: You do know Michele Malkin's husband reads the blogs, don't you?

So, you think she isn't married because of my comment to Jay that she is married?

From Michelle Malkin's <a h... (Below threshold)

From Michelle Malkin's about page

"Other: Fox News Channel contributor. Oberlin College grad. Philadelphia-born. South Jersey-raised. I live with my husband and two children in Maryland."


She is married.Her... (Below threshold)

She is married.

Her husband had the right idea, long ago he convinced her, ala Bill Cosby, that he was useless around the house and she had to do all the building. Smart guy.

But by putting pictures of men in there, IKEA may be giving the wives funny ideas and ruining it for all of us men:
Men's Groups Angry With IKEA






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