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Politics Online Conference Coverage Wrapup


Here's some highlights of the coverage of the Politics Online conference, which really did feature a diverse roster of those who work politics online.

    PoliticsBlog blogged pretty much every session. Just go visit and scroll down through the coverage.

    Pat Hynes of Ankle Biting Pundits.com covered a conference roundtable discussion on blogging that featured Patrick Ruffini, Peter Daou, Ken Deutch, and Micco Mele (of Nicco.org and the Dean campaign).

    Ryan Sager's Tech Central Station piece, Free Speech For Me But Not For Thee captures much of the hypocrisy of the current state of campaign finance reform. It got quite a buzz at from Politics Online attendees.

I'll be adding more later this evening. I'm working with the conference organizers (Institute For Politics Democracy & The Internet) to get video and transcripts out as soon as humanly possible.


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Thank you for spending the ... (Below threshold)

Thank you for spending the time to give us comprehensive coverage. I encourage all bloggers to contact their senators and representatives to let them know their concerns. I think the best way to do it is to communicate directly with the legislative aide in his/her office who handles FEC issues. I found out who they were for the Alabama senators, and spoke to both by telephone. Since then, I've sent about 3 emails with updated information from online - for example, a link to a column by a law professor specializing in election law, and, just today, links to the online petition and to the TechCentralStation article by the NY Post editorial board member. Send only the best - volume isn't the key here. You don't want to inundate them, just keep the issue fresh in their minds and make sure that your side is well represented in their consideration.

You can rest assured that both Goodloe Sutton in Senator Shelby's office and Ryan Robichaux in Senator Session's office will have a link to the Politics Online Conference transcript in their email inbox when they open them Monday morning. To write your US Representative, go here. To write your Senator, go here. Then call their office.






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