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Quote Of The Day - InstaPundit Edition

"I'd like to thank Commissioner Thomas for providing the most cogent argument yet for the abolition of the FEC."

- Glenn Reynolds' opening remarks to the Politics Online Conference. Glenn was following the mind numbingly dull remarks by the Chairman of the Federal Elections Commission, Commissioner Scott E. Thomas.

Update: A full transcript and video will be available here later this evening, so pass the link around. In the meantime Glenn has posted his thoughts about the speech. One bonus to bringing a laptop was that I was able to show Chairman Thomas that at the time of the speech 650+ additional people had signed onto the letter [Ed - 1250+ as of this evening]. Suffice it to say he's was a bit in awe. We'll have a picture of Michael Bassik delivering the letter soon as well.


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Comments (11)

Holy crap, Instapundit has ... (Below threshold)

Holy crap, Instapundit has balls!

Big, brass, puppy-blending ... (Below threshold)

Big, brass, puppy-blending balls. I can't wait to see the transcript of that speech.

Hell, I want to see Thomas'... (Below threshold)

Hell, I want to see Thomas' face at the moment he realized what Reynolds had just said.

I agree with him 100% and a... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

I agree with him 100% and applaud his guts; which I have known he has for many months. It was he who first callid for Kofi's canning in an article in the WSJ(I may be wrong on the paper here) 4 months ago. That took big, brass, balls as we said in the Old Corps.

Still trying to parse the "... (Below threshold)

Still trying to parse the "puppy-blending" thing.

Heh, that's great! Go Glen... (Below threshold)

Heh, that's great! Go Glenn!

mcq: First time I heard abo... (Below threshold)

mcq: First time I heard about Glenn Reynolds being a puppy-blender was IMAO (website) accusing Glenn--who was getting all the blog-traffic--of putting puppies in a blender; a tongue-in-cheek accusation of scandal to mockingly tarnish Glenn's reputation and, consequently, send some of that prized blog-traffic IMOA's way.

Yeah, I sort of miss all th... (Below threshold)

Yeah, I sort of miss all the puppy smoothie jokes.

Well ... the FEC has way... (Below threshold)

Well ... the FEC has ways, you know.

I expect that pretty soon Glenn's voting records will be released anonymously via Wonkette/TPM/Altercation. They will show that Law Prof Glenn has for the past seven presidential elections years written in "my penis ... hehehehehe" for President "my nutsack" for Veep.

No he wrote in "Heh" for pr... (Below threshold)

No he wrote in "Heh" for pres. and "Indeed" for VP.

Wow, nice verbal smackdown!... (Below threshold)

Wow, nice verbal smackdown! Can't wait to see the transcript. Can we edit out the parts where Thomas made everyone yawn?






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