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Weekend Caption Contest™

It's Friday, which means it's time for the Wizbang Weekend Caption Contest™. Enter your best caption for the following photo:

Photo - REUTERS/Jason Reed

Winners will be announced Sunday evening.

Photo via low culture.

Update: Winners announced. Comments are now closed.


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Comments (118)

"What? me in 2008, Aw Reall... (Below threshold)
Rodney Dill:

"What? me in 2008, Aw Really guys, you're embarassing me."

This..or the horns..what do... (Below threshold)

This..or the horns..what do you think?

"And it burns, burns, bu... (Below threshold)
Jay Tea:

"And it burns, burns, burns,
The ring of fire,
The ring of fire.



beam me up scotty, there is... (Below threshold)

beam me up scotty, there isnt any intelligent life down here..HHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

See? Flick a switch and pre... (Below threshold)

See? Flick a switch and presto-chango, "I'm a Fundamentalist!"... I can't lose I tell ya'!

"Yea, as part of my anger m... (Below threshold)

"Yea, as part of my anger management thing, instead of doing the scream I visualise an atomic bomb going off.......WHAT ? NO SHIT ! You can see it too Teddy ?

Yeeeehhaaaaooooooowwwww - I'm back!

Though it's usually charact... (Below threshold)

Though it's usually characterized by a single light bulb, an idea of Howard Dean's is shown as a ring of lights to signify the circular reasoning of the left.

"No, just like young George... (Below threshold)

"No, just like young George Washington, I cannot tell a lie : I am indeed a complete dork."

Even though WE don't believ... (Below threshold)
Jack in TX:

Even though WE don't believe in God, we'd like you stupid Red-Staters to take this as sign that you're supposed to vote for us from now on....

That grilled-cheese sandwic... (Below threshold)
Homer Bombeck:

That grilled-cheese sandwich ain't got nothin' on me... put my ass on eBay!!

No, I didn't know you could... (Below threshold)
Jack in TX:

No, I didn't know you could get hemorrhoids there either.....

Dean to Audience: See my ha... (Below threshold)

Dean to Audience: See my halo? From now on you are to address me as "Your Holiness."

"All right... who shoved th... (Below threshold)

"All right... who shoved this Christmas tree up my ass?"


"And we're going to Earth, and Heaven, and Hell... and we're going to Paradise and Purgatory... YEAGGGHHHHH!"

I see visions in the night,... (Below threshold)

I see visions in the night, passing through the stars
Who's to run and who's to fight?

Evil tries to pull me in, enslaving me to die
Who's to lose and who's to win

I'll see the light, tonight
Flashing through the sky
Take my life, tonight

Now, the chaos has begoun, people crying out
You're alone, you gotta run

Victims of circumstance, not able to decide
No, we never had a chance

I'll see the light, tonight
Flashing through the sky
Take my life, tonight

I'll see the light, tonight
Flashing through the sky
Take my life, tonight

Evil tries to pull me in, enslaving me to die
Who's to lose and who's to win

Victims of circumstance, not able to decide
No, we never had a chance

I'll see the light, tonight
Flashing through the sky
Take my life, tonight

(Ynjwie Malmsteen, Rising Force Album)

Once again, Howard Dean pon... (Below threshold)

Once again, Howard Dean ponders the Democrats' "nuclear option."

How did you know I was a De... (Below threshold)

How did you know I was a Democrat?

(singing)...Yes Jesus loves... (Below threshold)

(singing)...Yes Jesus loves me, yes Jesus does....

They stole the precious fro... (Below threshold)

They stole the precious from us. Nasty. Stinky. Republicanses.

One Ring to rule them all. ... (Below threshold)

One Ring to rule them all. And in the Democratic Party blind them.

And were going to Pergatory... (Below threshold)

And were going to Pergatory and to limbo and the pearly gates and then were gonna take back the heavens.


"Ring around the lunatic."<... (Below threshold)
Jim Hines:

"Ring around the lunatic."

Gas stoves are better than ... (Below threshold)

Gas stoves are better than electric, especially when it comes to holding former governors of Vermont upside-down over them.

"Oh sure, I really love bla... (Below threshold)

"Oh sure, I really love black people. As I was telling the waiter this morning..."

Frank Drebin's got nothing ... (Below threshold)

Frank Drebin's got nothing on me!

After becoming head of the ... (Below threshold)

After becoming head of the DNC Howard Dean sets his eyes on his next job, Pope of the Catholic Church.

Howard's End... (Below threshold)

Howard's End

Howard Dean seeks divine in... (Below threshold)

Howard Dean seeks divine intervention in his quest to reshape the Democratic Party.

This is why we need a separ... (Below threshold)

This is why we need a separation of Church and Stupidity.

[DNC Chairmanship Election,... (Below threshold)

[DNC Chairmanship Election, Washington, D.C.] - Still smarting from last year's moment of Van Gogh pique, a beleaguered Howard Dean requests help in retrieving his left ear from Sen. Hillary Clinton.

Yeah, it looks good, but at... (Below threshold)
Jim in Texas:

Yeah, it looks good, but at night the thing goes thru double "As" like Sherman thru Georgia.

If we can get the solar cells to hold a charge all day, I think we'll have a marketable product.

In a quid pro quo wi... (Below threshold)

In a quid pro quo with the D.C. Lawyers Association, newly elected DNC Chairman Howard Dean announces that he is championing the class-action suit against Navin R. Johnson, inventor of the Opti-Grab.

[Dean]:"...so calm your fea... (Below threshold)
Salt Lick:

[Dean]:"...so calm your fears and rejoice, because that Mother Ship landing behind me right now is going to take us all home."

“Howard, this is God speaki... (Below threshold)

“Howard, this is God speaking. It is time for you to make your choice. Heaven or Hell. If you don’t make your decision in the next 20 minutes, I will make it for you.”

"It's absurd to suggest tha... (Below threshold)
Dan Collins:

"It's absurd to suggest that the Democratic Party has been abducted by aliens."

To his shock, Howard's self... (Below threshold)

To his shock, Howard's self-image was momentarily visible to everyone.

"Defferment what defferment... (Below threshold)

"Defferment what defferment? Oh the medical one for my back that kept me out of vietnam. So what if I went skiing right after. I'm okay now, the only effects are the shrill screams and whacked out, tourette like symptoms that cause me to spout off."

"Republicans really ARE evi... (Below threshold)

"Republicans really ARE evil. Who better than me to make that judgement?"

"Yes, I made contact with Roy Neary and I can assure you that he is doing just fine."

" Wow, who knew that positi... (Below threshold)

" Wow, who knew that position of 'DNC's Angel of Death' scored you an actual halo? Two more states turning red and I get my wings too!"

When advised that his new h... (Below threshold)

When advised that his new halo would prevent him from hating Republicans, Dean demurred.

Hmmmm, that John-Paul has a... (Below threshold)

Hmmmm, that John-Paul has a sweet job...I wonder how he's feeling...

"DNC Chairman Howard Dean s... (Below threshold)
hyper vyper:

"DNC Chairman Howard Dean sports the new Halo puchased by Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton in an effort to make the Democratic Party more appealing to the religious community."

Now wait a minute -- I'm th... (Below threshold)

Now wait a minute -- I'm the one crucifying the party, so shouldn't you all be wearing the halo?

Yes, the extraterrestrials ... (Below threshold)

Yes, the extraterrestrials did mistake my scream of enthusiasm as a cry for help... but they swear they have good juju and, well, I'm going with 'em.


If I have to board this craft to reach Hale-Bopp, I will. And all responsible moonbats would be wise to prepare for the advance beyond human.

"Stupid is as Stupid does"!... (Below threshold)

"Stupid is as Stupid does"!

"This circle of lights over... (Below threshold)

"This circle of lights over my head? Don't worry about it. It isn't real, it's just a marketing gimmick."

Yep, the Democrats are for ... (Below threshold)

Yep, the Democrats are for God's, Guns & Gays.

I just may burn in hell for this stunt.

DNC Chairman Howard Dean qu... (Below threshold)
T.P. Mcatamney:

DNC Chairman Howard Dean quickly took reporters questions before wisking off in the mother ship to meet the Hail Bop Comet.

This is what a lightning bo... (Below threshold)

This is what a lightning bolt looks like just before it strikes.

Howie's Angels... (Below threshold)

Howie's Angels

In this only known photogra... (Below threshold)
Kaptain Krude:

In this only known photograph of the world's tiniest nuclear bomb a split-second after detonation on the head of Howard Dean ( news - search ), a minor political figure from that time period. Apparently a rousing success, as no life is recorded being found left behind.

*as an aside, I think I'm in love with Maggie for posting lyrics from Yngwie.*

Following a secret meeting ... (Below threshold)

Following a secret meeting with a long haired man sporting a goatee an sandals, a visibly shaken Howard Dean announces that he's changing parties, now opposes abortion, supports school prayer and vouchers, and is stepping down as DNC Chairman.

Dean works on his image in ... (Below threshold)

Dean works on his image in preparation for the on-going fight for public access to his gubernatorial records which goes before the Vermont's high court next week.

2 Corinthians 11:14... (Below threshold)

2 Corinthians 11:14

Dean: " If I ever li... (Below threshold)

" If I ever lie about president Bush may a rng of fire shoot from my ass"


Once again, the dangers of ... (Below threshold)

Once again, the dangers of nuclear (nucular) power are underestimated as two brain cells collide.

Howard Dean - Patron Saint ... (Below threshold)

Howard Dean - Patron Saint of Assholes

Howard Dean - "I told them ... (Below threshold)

Howard Dean - "I told them God wanted the bike path."

I think we need to lower th... (Below threshold)

I think we need to lower the intensity on the halo to go with "this look" of piety. After all, the picture is suppose to be about ME.

"G--damn conservatives and ... (Below threshold)

"G--damn conservatives and those G--damn Christian yahoos think they have the monopoly on bein' all G--damn righteous 'n shit? This'll show 'em! Somone get me some of that 'Jesus Juice' I've been hearing about in the news to go with this G--damn halo!"

I've heard of playing "Halo... (Below threshold)
Blunt waepon:

I've heard of playing "Halo" but this is ridiculous.

"Hey, swing voters! I've g... (Below threshold)

"Hey, swing voters! I've got values! Moral, uh, whatchamacallits. Jesus! Church! I love babies! And poor people! And, um, doing what's right!


Ethics! Values! Virtue! The bible, and, uh, scripture!


Values? Jesus? God? God God God Jesus!


Ah, Christ."

Barney Rubble has a bright ... (Below threshold)

Barney Rubble has a bright idea.

The Dem's "Nuclear Option"<... (Below threshold)

The Dem's "Nuclear Option"

Now, let's see......I've go... (Below threshold)

Now, let's see......I've got my Rebel flag sticker on the pickup truck, I've got my plastic Jesus on the dashboard.......ummm, I've got my day-glo halo charged up......yep, that's it....DNC roadtrip to South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Arkansas, North Carolina .... Yeaaarrrgghhhh!!!!!

Even though he fought like ... (Below threshold)

Even though he fought like mad to be elected President of the DNC, Howard Dean's real ambitions were somewhat loftier...

"Hey guys, look at this! H... (Below threshold)

"Hey guys, look at this! Hillary ain't got NUTHIN on me!"

"Did somebody say Scooby sn... (Below threshold)

"Did somebody say Scooby snack?"

Howard Dean: "Goatse Man" o... (Below threshold)

Howard Dean: "Goatse Man" of a New Generation.

"Hello, I'm Howard Dean, an... (Below threshold)

"Hello, I'm Howard Dean, and I just thought I'd pull my head out of You-Know-Where to say -- man, I shoulda used Preparation-H!"

Howard Dean:“Lets put a nat... (Below threshold)

Howard Dean:“Lets put a nation wide tax on toilet paper. We can’t let the Dems down there in Florida have all of the fun.”

"...I don't care if the Bib... (Below threshold)

"...I don't care if the Bible says that Satan can disguise himself as an angel of light. I am not Satan. I mean, it is a battle between good and evil, and I am on the good side. See just look up...past the 666 tatooed on my forehead."

"George Bailey, do ya hear ... (Below threshold)

"George Bailey, do ya hear those bells? That means I'm about to get my angel wings, too!"

"And when a liberal is fina... (Below threshold)

"And when a liberal is finally elected to President I get my wings!"


"See, we are good, they are evil. The halo proves it!"

Every time a bell rings, a ... (Below threshold)

Every time a bell rings, a moonbat gets his wings.

Maybe this'll help get vote... (Below threshold)

Maybe this'll help get votes from those religious nuts with confederate flags on their pickup trucks.


__________________________<... (Below threshold)


Close Encounters of the Yeeeeargggghh kind

Forgive me Father, for I ... (Below threshold)

Forgive me Father, for I have sinned. It's been...ahhhh...a lo-o-o-ong time since my last confession. Let's see, where do I start? Do you have a Snickers, 'cause, heh-heh, this is gonna take a while!

Say it with me: n-u-c-u-l-a... (Below threshold)

Say it with me: n-u-c-u-l-a-r

With his halo of fire and b... (Below threshold)

With his halo of fire and brimstone, Dean covers all the bases... just like any good Democrat.

"After the I have a scream ... (Below threshold)

"After the I have a scream speech, I had electroshock treatment which left me with a very lovely halo."

"I told you I talked to the... (Below threshold)

"I told you I talked to the gzoomies, and all you did was laugh. Well look damnit the're back, and over 3000 of them voted in Washington...who's got the last laugh now?"

"Dude, where's my wings?"<b... (Below threshold)

"Dude, where's my wings?"

"As I said during th... (Below threshold)
jack rudd:

"As I said during the campaign, I know a lot about the Bible. Job is my favorite New Testament book."

Howard Dean, whose p... (Below threshold)
jack rudd:

Howard Dean, whose party supports murder, sexual abuse of interns, lying about adultery, growing human embryos for spare parts, euthanasia, and appeasement of totalitarian thugs, calls the Republican Party "evil".

(apologies to Ann Coulter)

Yes, I know that God... (Below threshold)
jack rudd:

Yes, I know that God is Love. But I know better than God... I hate Republicans and all they stand for.

It is the descent of the fa... (Below threshold)

It is the descent of the false light.

Howard Dean doesn't know it.

I've had UFOs following me ... (Below threshold)

I've had UFOs following me around ever since the VRWC decided I was a threat that must be eliminated.

Howard Dean's mind finally ... (Below threshold)

Howard Dean's mind finally snapped after one scream too many and detonated in a spectacular mushroom.


"So THAT'S where Hussien's WMDs went!"

Circle gets the square pant... (Below threshold)

Circle gets the square pants.

pull my finger... (Below threshold)

pull my finger

"No - unlike Jean-Fraude Ke... (Below threshold)

"No - unlike Jean-Fraude Kerry I did not get my hat from some imaginary CIA dude in 'Nam......"

Just 'cause the light's on ... (Below threshold)

Just 'cause the light's on doesn't mean anyone's home...

From the glow of a nuked de... (Below threshold)

From the glow of a nuked democrat party, Howard Dean reflects on his legacy.

"Y'know, it pains me to hav... (Below threshold)

"Y'know, it pains me to have to do something as obvious as this, but you morons aren't going to get it any other way: we're the good guys, and the Republicans are evil. Have you got that through your stupid goddamn heads yet?"

The last thing you see (bef... (Below threshold)

The last thing you see (before political irrelevance) is the ring...

Vatican City - March 12, 21... (Below threshold)

Vatican City - March 12, 2125: Howard Dean, a prominent political figure of the early 21st century, canonized this weekend as Saint Howard, patron saint of Moonbats.

Okay, guys. If you're sure ... (Below threshold)

Okay, guys. If you're sure the halo is working, can we get to work on that stigmata thing?

"I'm king of the world!!!! ... (Below threshold)

"I'm king of the world!!!!

Kevin's attempt to capture ... (Below threshold)

Kevin's attempt to capture HD's aura shows that it even doesn't want to be associated with him.

"Yes, Lord. If you really ... (Below threshold)
James Kidder:

"Yes, Lord. If you really want me to build the bike path, I will build it."

Just after he supernovaed, ... (Below threshold)

Just after he supernovaed, Howard Dean began to suck surrounding liberals into his black hole.

Does anyone here know what ... (Below threshold)

Does anyone here know what that light above my head is all about?

[Foreground] Saruman, rela... (Below threshold)
Ray Midge:

[Foreground] Saruman, relaying talking points of Social Security reform opposition to Orc host and assorted Democrat minions.
[Background] Eye of Sauron (unavailable for comment) looks on approvingly.

"I am trying to turn my hai... (Below threshold)

"I am trying to turn my hair blond. I want to have more fun."

Roger Moore, Casper the Fri... (Below threshold)

Roger Moore, Casper the Friendly Ghost and the Public Defamation of Halo League (Public DOHL) become unlikely allies in the fight against Howard Dean’s improper use of halo.

Tiny a;iens, mistaking Dean... (Below threshold)
D. Carter:

Tiny a;iens, mistaking Dean's head for a planet, veer away sharply on discovering no signs of intelligent life.

Previous post: that's "alie... (Below threshold)
D. Carter:

Previous post: that's "aliens" of course.

The voices in Dean's head h... (Below threshold)
D. Carter:

The voices in Dean's head hold their weekly weenie roast.

Dean's soul, having had eno... (Below threshold)
D, Carter:

Dean's soul, having had enough, decamps, leaving the DNC Chairman gazing into the middle distance like a stunned beagle.

Juxtapositioning gone terri... (Below threshold)

Juxtapositioning gone terribly wrong.

seven days... (Below threshold)
hyper vyper:

seven days

Is eight times faster downl... (Below threshold)

Is eight times faster downloading silly? Besides it's not even real it's just a marketing tool.

Monkeys are so passé. Haban... (Below threshold)

Monkeys are so passé. Habanero pepper fire rings... now THAT'S real leadership!


My fiery sphincter is how I... (Below threshold)

My fiery sphincter is how I kept the whole state of Vermont from freezing to death every winter.


Send lawyers, guns and mone... (Below threshold)

Send lawyers, guns and money... my flaming farts have hit the fan.

Teddy's a water sign. Kerr... (Below threshold)

Teddy's a water sign. Kerry's an air sign. I'm a fire sign.

"Ezekiel 25:17..."... (Below threshold)

"Ezekiel 25:17..."


"It's your choice folks - either this, or I grow horns and start playing the accordion."


"No, I'm not the guy on the Good Sam Club sticker."


"Where's the Philly Cream Cheese gal? I got some spreadin' to do..."

Update: <... (Below threshold)

Update: Winners announced. Comments are now closed.






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