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Avert Your Eyes!!!

I present what must surely be the most horrifying picture (and accompanying story) of the week below the break. Not for the faint of heart...


Bruce Willis' date with teen queen Lindsay Lohan


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Comments (25)

The human heart...sometimes... (Below threshold)

The human heart...sometimes you can't figure out who you'll go psycho for and who will go psycho for you but to quote a (very) respectable psychiatrist, "falling in love is a form of psychosis...which is why it's described as 'falling'".

I'm not judging, just saying, it seems like there's some shared familiar thing here that's more than a tad uncomfortable, and by all described in that article.

I just watched "Something's Gotta Give" and had a very hard time believing that the thirty-something doctor (Keanu Reeves) would fall so completely for the fifty-something playwrite (Diane Keaton) and now there's this story. I think it's more a case of people "falling" for the perception of someone, rather than for the individual...fame, name, all that as package seems to be the drug for many, and, in fact, they do fall. As in, go, quite literally, psycho about a package, not necessarily a person.

Demi has Ashton...now Bruce... (Below threshold)

Demi has Ashton...now Bruce has Lindsay. What sort of universe have we slid into sideways?

I predict a Bruce-Demi reconciliation with Ashton and Lindsay picking up each others' pieces and a double wedding with plenty of publicity for all.

But that's really too easy isn't it?

Meant to typek, "shared fam... (Below threshold)

Meant to typek, "shared familial thing," not "familiar thing." Meaning, there seems to be a shared mentality within a family of folks, some sort of familial thing that's unresolved, and all involved trying to work out by one method or another.

Love? Career wise, he's way... (Below threshold)

Love? Career wise, he's way over the hill and dating someone his daughter's age. Her only talent is that she has huge breast implants. As soon as his movie tanks, you won't see any more photos of them cavorting around. Bleh.

In that photo, she's 18 goi... (Below threshold)

In that photo, she's 18 going on 40. And 40 is being generous.

I don't know. Bruce looks ... (Below threshold)

I don't know. Bruce looks awfully happy there, or at least has some sort of raw satisfaction on his face. Let's just say he's grazing in the garden of Earthly delights.

Let him have his little fun (I don't even want to think of it, the SOB). I'm sure there are more lining up to take her place should he tire of her (or her of him).

Still, the whole thing does have a huge ick-factor. Just glad it's not my daughter.

Happy? He looks like he's s... (Below threshold)

Happy? He looks like he's sucking on a lemon. Or, in dire need of a stool softener. And, no one's going to line up unless his movies make money.

Won't somebody think of the... (Below threshold)

Won't somebody think of the children?!?

(and by children, i don't mean lohan and that choadstain kutcher.)

seriously, aren't bruce's and demi's kids gonna be all kinds of messed up now?

There is a similar age diff... (Below threshold)

There is a similar age difference between me and bullwinklette (she gets pissed if I refer to her as cowwinkle) and we've been together for nearly six years. That's longer than most of my marriages lasted. The secret to success is to avoid pre-marital sex, but we've never even considered getting married so we're off the hook on that one. I predict that if Bruce and Lindsay follow my plan they won't ever divorce either. If the younger partner is mature and the older one isn't everything seems to work fine. Now I have go and take my bath and play with my rubber duckies.

His expression does look a ... (Below threshold)

His expression does look a bit lemony, and on someone else, I'd concede the point. However, based on nothing but what I see of him in movies and on tv, I think his face is just showing the unglamorous side effect of trying to stifle a massively shit eating grin.

LF: He's also showing the e... (Below threshold)

LF: He's also showing the effects of a bit of a nip and tuck, too.

His TIE is older than she i... (Below threshold)

His TIE is older than she is.

Well, lately I've been gett... (Below threshold)

Well, lately I've been getting reminded, since growing it back, of why I lopped off all my hair last summer so's to not have to wash and comb it every dang morning. And now this picture.

Yup -- I'm gonna have to lop it all off again.

Er, and lose about 100 pounds, and spend four hours a day in the gym working out...

Ah, scroo't. Them young gals aren't all that. And these grapes are sour, too.

I don't think this has anyt... (Below threshold)

I don't think this has anything at all to do with "love." I doubt seriously that any of these "Hollywood" relationships have to do with love (with the rare exceptions, duly noted). It's all about ego, narcissism and gratification (and maybe hype and publicity). Which doesn't necessarily make is bad -- but if I were 50 and attracting women half my age, I wouldn't be pantsing them in public. Someone might confuse the adult with the youngstah.

Is he a pedophile?... (Below threshold)

Is he a pedophile?

She's 18. I could be wrong ... (Below threshold)

She's 18. I could be wrong but I thought true pedophiles were drawn to pre-teens.

And I agree with Wavemaker ... (Below threshold)

And I agree with Wavemaker that Willis' behavior was just plain crude. I hadn't read about that part before.

true that McGehee.On... (Below threshold)

true that McGehee.
On a side note, did you know that Bruce is a conservative?

"He is famously out of kilter with the liberal elite in Hollywood for his staunch Republican views. Bushes junior and senior are close friends. Of Bush junior he has said:"People make fun of the fact he sometimes misspeaks. Big f***ing deal!""

Bruce probably has hemorrho... (Below threshold)

Bruce probably has hemorrhoids older than she is.

Yeah, that's Willis' tradem... (Below threshold)

Yeah, that's Willis' trademark smirk, which in this situation means, "ha ha, look at me, I'm a 50-year-old guy and yet here I am, boffing an implant-bedecked hottie who's young enough to be my daughter."

Considering Lohan's own family troubles, I wonder if Willis is, in some weird twisted way, a father figure to her.

It's wierd. When I was 18 I... (Below threshold)

It's wierd. When I was 18 I would have thought it gross to go out with a 30 yr old much less a 50 yr old!!! Ewwwww....

Even now, in my early 40's, I couldn't imagine going out with guy much younger than maybe 3 yrs younger than me.

There is kind of a natural order of things being broken here.

Despite her very very bad c... (Below threshold)

Despite her very very bad choices lately in both behavior and surgery, I have to defend Lohan against the charges of being talentless. I have two young daughters, and I've seen her acting work from a while back (The Parent Trap remake, Life Size) and more recently (Freaky Friday remake). I don't know about these days what with the boozing and ho'ing around, but I'd rate her a superior child and teen actor.

Go Bruce.

. . . and they met in the l... (Below threshold)
Mark A.:

. . . and they met in the locker room after his hockey practice . . . .

RE: Rightwingsparkle's post... (Below threshold)

RE: Rightwingsparkle's post (March 12, 2005 04:40 PM)
Even now, in my early 40's...

Oh please, you can't be more than 28... :)

RE: Mark A.'s post (March 12, 2005 10:29 PM)

Now that's cold!

That's just sick. Just beca... (Below threshold)

That's just sick. Just because Demi Moore is doing it, doesn't mean he's doing it========are you sure they didn't do a movie or somthing together? She deserves better than him.






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