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Giving credit where credit is due

Oleg Dulin and I have had a few go-arounds, usually revolving his unswaying support for someone I consider marginally above an idiot, but I have to give him praise for one thing. The man can take a picture.

We've had two major snowstorms here in Cow Hampshire this past week, and I've seen (and driven through) more than enough snow for the next few winters. But Oleg got through my major bias and wowed me with that photo. Fantastic work.


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Oh, wow, Jay, thank you !</... (Below threshold)

Oh, wow, Jay, thank you !

I should post more of my pictures... better yet, I should drop computer programming and become a photographer. I hate my job.

One more thing... who is it... (Below threshold)

One more thing... who is it that I support unswayingly that is marginally above an idiot ? I've been trying to figure that out for a few hours today. Not that I did not support idiots in the past (I supported Kerry because I dislike Bush) , I am just wondering who is it that I support unswayingly ? My support for Kerry and Dean dwindled when they both screwed us all over for their personal gain...






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