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Quote Of The Day - Jacko Edition

"Either [Michael] Jackson is a complete lunatic who slept with young boys and didn't fondle them or he's a complete lunatic who slept with young boys and did."

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The sad thing about Michael... (Below threshold)
Bill M:

The sad thing about Michael Jackson is that there is so much raw talent there that is being pissed away.

Is there a requirement that talent and weirdness be joined at the hip?

I think there is a realted ... (Below threshold)

I think there is a realted meme that genious and madness are often intertwined.

It's a pity he seems to have veered off into wacky-land. I like his 80's stuff (thriller, etc) and that seems (to me) to have been his best era. By "Moonwalking" was was strating to turn, and after that his stuff, while vocally similar, was just not up to snuff.

One wonders if he had an "Elvis" problem, with some manager that really tanked him.

i have suggested to more th... (Below threshold)

i have suggested to more than one blog to research and explain COVERT sexual abuse. it seems that if michael didn't actually touch a kid, he covertly abused them. in many ways it's even more insidious that overt abuse. COVERT abuse would explain neverland and bedfellows and wine when overt doesn't quite do it. it's worth learning about and is a good topic for bloggers.

Kevin, I know my opinion do... (Below threshold)

Kevin, I know my opinion doesn't count but I do not believe nor do I have my infamous instinct that I've had all my life - scares some people - that he's ever done anything. I think he just cares too much, loves to much and people take that for granted. I do not believe he has ever molested any child and all the time he was supposed to have done this, he let that family live in his house while he was in Europe. Just my $.02!







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