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Supporting The Troops

Chris Short notes that Sea World knows how to show support for the men and women of our armed services. They also show that whether they were for or against the war, the vast majority of Americans hare happy to show their appreciation to the men and women of our military.


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I love stories like this. M... (Below threshold)

I love stories like this. My little brother flies several times a week, and one time he ran into a soldier trying to get onto a plane to Austin, but he was placed on standby. My brother insisted on giving the soldier his ticket since the soldier only had two weeks of leave. The flight wasn't too full so my brother ended up on the plane sitting next to the soldier. When they got into Austin, my brother insisted on driving him home (the soldier was surprising his family). The soldier offered to take my bro to dinner, but Bro told him to spend as much time with his family as he could. The soldier gave him a patch from his unit, and my Bro carries it with him still to this day. Whenever my Bro sees any service members he pays for their drinks and their dinner, it's his way of saying thank you. I bet this happens alot in our airports, it's just flying below the radar.

That is a great story Storm... (Below threshold)

That is a great story Stormy and your brother is doing a very good thing in helping out soldiers returning home.

I work at an airport USO and there are a lot of stories like that. The funny thing is - sometimes it is almost a bit overwhelming for young servicemembers. The other day I was getting our lunch and there was a soldier in line behind me. I told him I would pay for his food and drink... he clearly didn't know what to say and was wary of accepting it. Once I showed him my USO ID and told him that it was my JOB to feed members of the military then he took it with a smile and a thanks!

WOW! I saw the add in the B... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

WOW! I saw the add in the Bowl and figured a commercial was just like a liberal saying "Read MY Lips!" it was just something geared to get my $/vote and as soon as they got it they would do exactly what they said every 5 min for 3 weeks they would not do.
I usually drink one or so of my own brews. But from now on when I buy a store bought beer it will be from the Bud clan.I support anyone or thing that supports the folk that protect my family and my country. Bud is at the top of my new list. I may just buy a case today.

KEGGER AT RON'S! ... (Below threshold)


Militar... (Below threshold)
Clive Tolson:
A-B is a fine company on th... (Below threshold)

A-B is a fine company on this point. When they owned the St. Louis Cardinals, they had numerous military events every season, and service members got into games free or at dramatically reduced prices.

Right now, the company is aggressively raising money for the Boy Scouts and matching employee contributions dollar for dollar.

Finally, A-B hosts parties for service members returning from overseas at their bases. They don't promote this outside the company, but these are awesome shows with A-list performers and all-night partying.

Anheuser-Busch is truly an American treasure.

Right now, the company i... (Below threshold)

Right now, the company is aggressively raising money for the Boy Scouts and matching employee contributions dollar for dollar.


AMEN!!and very coo... (Below threshold)


and very cool.


OK one will be a dark heavy... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

OK one will be a dark heavy brew either Four Goat or Barley Wine (which is not wine but a dark heavy beer)






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