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The Last Active USFL Player Released

Contemporaries of Doug Flutie surely remember him as the 1984 Heisman Trophy winner and one half of one of most memorable football plays ever. With Friday's release by the San Diego Chargers he's also capped a professional career that made for up in longevity what it lacked in memorability.

SAN DIEGO (AP) - Doug Flutie has been sent ramblin' and scramblin' once again, and this time it might be for good.

The San Diego Chargers released Flutie on Friday, the latest move in the quarterback's roundabout 20-year career that has taken him through eight teams in three professional leagues.

The 42-year-old Flutie will always be remembered for the desperation pass against Miami that helped him win the 1984 Heisman Trophy with Boston College. While that play earned him legendary status that lingers to this day, he struggled for success in the NFL because there were always questions about his 5-foot-10 size.

If no team signs Flutie, he will become the last USFL player to exit the NFL. Punter Sean Landeta, cut last season by the Rams, had often joked of outlasting Flutie for that honor.

Many future NFL stars (Steve Young, Jim Kelly, Reggie White, Herschel Walker, Doug Williams, Nate Newton, etc...) either started their careers in the short-lived USFL, including 3 Heisman winners in a row. More on the history of the USFL here.

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Bolt fans remember Doug for... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Bolt fans remember Doug for leading them to 2 of their worst seasons in history. Very memorable.

never liked Flutie much... ... (Below threshold)

never liked Flutie much... probably since I didn't grow up in MA and found it annoying as anything watching the Pats play the Bills and all the news during the week was Flutie this and Flutie that. But I guess the main reason was in 2000 he campaigned for Hillary.

Doug has always had a bit o... (Below threshold)

Doug has always had a bit of the "little man" complex. But look how far the guy got with that one lucky pass. In all due respect, though, he did do a great job in the CFL, and for a 40 year old guy, he can run.

There will always be a spec... (Below threshold)

There will always be a special place in the hearts of Buffaloneans for Doug Flutie. Back when Ralph Wilson was demanding luxury box subscription guarantees as a condition for the Bills remaining in Buffalo, Flutie had a magic season, filling the stands, the boxes and our hearts. Thanks Doug.

Bears to Pats: "Thanks for ... (Below threshold)

Bears to Pats: "Thanks for the Super Bowl Ring. As a token of our appreciation, here's Doug Flutie."

USFL? Pfui! Small potatoes... (Below threshold)

USFL? Pfui! Small potatoes next to the greatest football league of all time:


: )

Pats to Bears: Lets count S... (Below threshold)

Pats to Bears: Lets count Super Bowl rings and see who runs out first.






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