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Iran Says U.S. 'Hallucinating' Over Nuclear Talks

The Iranian government appears to have learned the lessons of Baghdad Bob - Westerners love the crazy talk from their Middle Eastern spokesmen...

TEHRAN (Reuters) - Washington is "hallucinating" if it thinks Iran will scrap its nuclear fuel production plans in return for economic incentives, a senior Iranian official was quoted as saying Sunday.

The United States offered the encouragements in support of the European Union which is negotiating with Tehran to try to persuade it to give up sensitive nuclear activities.

"U.S. officials are either unaware of the substance of the talks or (they are) hallucinating," Sirus Naseri, a senior member of Iran's nuclear negotiating team, told the official IRNA news agency.

Far be it from me to point out, but perhaps it's the Iranians who are hallucinating if they think Israel isn't making plans to destroy their nuclear program, just like it did in Iraq.


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Comments (12)

Ditto, halucinlations my fo... (Below threshold)

Ditto, halucinlations my foot! Maybe they smoke too much opium over there.


GO ISRAEL GO! GO ISRAEL GO... (Below threshold)

GO ISRAEL GO! GO ISRAEL GO! Bomb the crap out of Iran!

hallucininations... (Below threshold)


www.welovebaghdadbob.com</p... (Below threshold)



Where are the enviromentali... (Below threshold)

Where are the enviromentalists when you need them? They brought the U.S. to it's knees on nuclear issues after Three Mile Island, I think we just need to pack them all up in biodegradable boxes with some granola bars and Evian and air drop them into downtown Tehran. Then we could actually start building some nuke plants here again and cut down on our dependence on foreign oil. Kinda makes me wonder why they are staying quiet on the matter anyway, they'd be staging protests here if we tried to build one. Could it possibly that they think nuclear is safe in the hands of the mullahs but not in the hands of our utility companies?

bullwinkle, for some odd re... (Below threshold)

bullwinkle, for some odd reason, they also think that nuclear is safer in Europe than it is here....

e.g. France's power production is 80% nuclear.

This is what happens becaus... (Below threshold)

This is what happens because those stories about Bush having once smoked pot got translated into Iranian news; those Iranians think he's doing it now. That guy who made those tapes of Bush should be in jail, I don't know what is taking Karl Rove so long on this one.

STANDBY - MAD MULLAHS OF... (Below threshold)


GAME ON - Let's Rock!

Henry - nuclear power in Eu... (Below threshold)

Henry - nuclear power in Europe (particularly France) probably is safer than it is here. My understanding is that in Western Europe, at least, they use different reactor designs from ours. Russia and its orbit excluded, of course.

This business about economic incentives was a European idea. Why weren't they "hallucinating"? Because Iran was never actually bargaining with the Europeans, because the Europeans can't actually do anything to Iran, and Iran knows it. Tehran had all the cards.

TigerHawk pretty much said ... (Below threshold)

TigerHawk pretty much said what I was thinking.

Mad Mullah: "Wait, the US thinks incentives are a good idea? Well then, we've changed our minds. We must oppose."

Florida Oyster,The... (Below threshold)

Florida Oyster,

The EU negotiations are pretty much for show. Any real negotiations are not in the cards for radical Islamofascists.

"The game is afoot my dear Watson," comes to mind. This is a game of chess. We're planning moves five turns out. Much of what is going on now is out of public view. Not that it would matter much as the MSM seems content on covering the Jacko trial extensively. Mundane things like the strategic consequences of the Mad Mullahs of Iran going nuclear are ignored.

For a serious discussion on this see the link above in my other comment to Roger L. Simon's site.

Read the link, Ron Wright. ... (Below threshold)

Read the link, Ron Wright. Thanks.
I can see the need and use for people here and in Iran with Farsi and/or internet technology expertise. What can others do to help? Would a "drive for pre-paid cell phones to the youth of Iran" be practical? (With regard to the need for them to get internal news between each other and to coordinate.)






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