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Jihad - Sport Of The Rich

Athena at Terrorism Unveiled catches a the story of the Hilla, Iraq suicide bomber.

A Jordanian family celebrates the martyrdom of their terrorist son who perpetrated the bloodiest single car suicidal attack on February 28 in the town of Hilla south of Baghdad killing and injuring more than 300 Iraqi civilians. The family (named as, Albanna) joyfully announced to the public in Jordan on Friday March 11, 2005 that they are accepting “congrats” and invited people to join their celebration for the “martyrdom” of their son.

The Jordanian newspaper Al-Ghad reveals that the terrorist, Raed Mansoor Albanna, was born in Jordan in 1973 where he practiced law since 2002 and before that he used to work in the California (United States) at the time of the 9/11 terrorist attack in 2001.


As the picture above seems to indicate, the reasons for Albanna's murderous act didn't have anything to do with economic conditions; he was a well educated, rich kid. Surely his actions were the result of years of indoctrination into some form of radical Islam. What's most chilling is the possibility he learned it in the United States...

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If the bastard's family is ... (Below threshold)
Chris Van Dis:

If the bastard's family is so fond of "martyrdom", we should give them a hand and precision bomb their house some night while they sleep. We could use a concrete bomb to limit damage to their house only. And keep doing this until the suicide bombers quit spawning.

Chris: I was thinking of i... (Below threshold)

Chris: I was thinking of it being delivered in the form of a "congratulatory gift." You know, something fancy with pretty bows.

There's always so much talk... (Below threshold)

There's always so much talk about how this "martyrdom" is such a terrific sacrifice and honors a family. It seems to me that if the propaganda is so effective in convincing these malleable kids that such an exercise honors the family, the U.S. and other more rational citizens should start propagandizing that this recruited martyrdom is just a way to rid the kid of their worthless being and that the family really hates them and this is the best way to do it.

I can see it now. A commercial saying "Hey, Raed! Your parents hate you and want you to be out of their lives because you are such a disgrace. They want you to blow yourself up so that they can get some extra kitchen utensils, a decorative vase, and a pet goat that won't eat them out of house and home. Maybe you should pay them back and thank them for their kind sentiments." Now I'm sure there are professionals that could come up with a better pitch than my extraordinarily creative one, but the principle remains the same. Turn the act from one of self-sacrifice and honor to a foolish act imposed by selfish/greedy parents. I wonder how parents endorsing such action will feel not knowing if their kid has been brainwashed by the other side. They might actually worry that Raed's bomb has their name on it rather than some unknown infidel's.

Fight propaganda with propaganda because if they believe that they'll get virgins when their action is done, they'll believe anything.

If they supported and encou... (Below threshold)

If they supported and encouraged his act of mass murder they are as guilty as he is, if Jordan doesn't put them on trial for it they are a terror supporting nation and it's time for Iraq to obliterate a few Jordanian miltary bases. It is the responsibility of Iraq, If that doesn't get their attention then Iraq should leave a smoking hole where King Abdallh's palace used to be. Ditto for Syria, Iran or any other neighbor that profides support of safe haven for terrorists. If Iraq can't do it with what they have then give them what they need. Iraq is our ally, we should let them know we stand with them and will defend their right to defend themselves the same way we do.

Careful what you wish for!<... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

Careful what you wish for!

Once the "terrorists are oppressed poor, fighting the back the only way they have" meme is shown to be false, expect the replacement meme:

"Why would wealthy people with so much to live for commit suicide? Obviously they are so overcome by the righteousness of their cause that they're prepared to sacrifice all the creature comforts. This is why they're stronger and braver than we are, since so few of us would do this. We can't even maintain a high tax rate. We should think about the root causes of their hate, which is obviously in our own foreign policy."

My prediction: Within six months, that will be the dominant meme on who terrorists are....

Let's ALL raise a toast to ... (Below threshold)

Let's ALL raise a toast to him and his special place in HELL!

Here's to you Raed! May you always have red-hot trident up your ass! Please give my best regards to Yassar and Muhamad Atta! May you see your entire family very soon!

RE: Lurking Observer's post... (Below threshold)

RE: Lurking Observer's post (March 14, 2005 01:13 PM)

Good point.

However, for every rationalization the jihadi's produce, we should promote a counter-rationalization.

Talk is cheap. Disseminating the talk isn't. We'll just need to invest in a better megaphone.

Anonymous, you have a great... (Below threshold)

Anonymous, you have a great idea!

Rick13, you are cold, man! Which is more than we can say for old Raed. "Being cold" isn't going to be his problem.

In response to Bullwinkle w... (Below threshold)

In response to Bullwinkle who said "leave a smoking hole where King Abdallh's palace used to be."

That is about the dumbest comment I've read thus far in all my time blogging.

Jordan is a key nation in fighting terrorism in the Middle East, and it's certainly NOT a legal haven for terrorists. The Jordanian mukhabarat, intelligence services, keeps strict watch on anyone they feel is engaging in conspiracies to commit terrorism. It does not hesitate to throw Islamists in jail or use other "methods" upon them, even if they come from prominent families.

King Abdullah is the most pro-American leader in the region. Bombing his court and adding Jordan to our hate list would be about the worst move imaginable, but I suppose highly plausible for someone whose ignorance abounds.

Try reading up on Jordan a bit, how many they've captured, and how much aid they've given the US before making such incredible statements.

Read what I wrote again Ath... (Below threshold)

Read what I wrote again Athena, and don't be so quick to call me stupid, you obviously aren't even literate. I specifically said that if Jordan doesn't act and prosecute these people they aren't donig their part to prevent terror. In all my time of reading blogs and comments what you said is by far the stupidest I have ever heard, most people at least bother reading a comment before condemning it. If King Abdullah is doing what you say what I suggest won't be necessary, it's time for him to his money where your big flapping mouth is.

I would like to give the... (Below threshold)

I would like to give them reason to ask the soul-searching question, "Why do they hate us?"

I would agree that Jordan (... (Below threshold)
Tim in PA:

I would agree that Jordan (or the government anyways) is at least nominally our friend.

I read somwhere just a while ago that Iraqis stormed the Jordanian embassy today and tore down their flag, as a protest against the celebration of Albanna as a "martyr".

Chris Van Dis, I'm thinking... (Below threshold)

Chris Van Dis, I'm thinking along the lines of the concrete donkey from Worms. It only kills everything below it, it doesn't have any collateral damage.

Oh, by the way, I wonder wh... (Below threshold)

Oh, by the way, I wonder why people supporting the "insurgency" even wondering at this. A well-to-do non-Iraqi who has killed himself "for the cause".

Hey, its one more lawyer go... (Below threshold)

Hey, its one more lawyer gone to his just reward.

A lot of you are wondering ... (Below threshold)

A lot of you are wondering why such a nice (I use that term loosely) guy should turn into a sucicide bomber. Well you can blame the Socialists and before that the Communists around the world for his death. Yep, if there is someone to blame let it be them. They are the ones that trained Yassar’s boys in the late 1960s until the collapse of the Soviet Union. They were trained in one purpose only and that only. The total annihalation of the United States and what we stand for. That goes for Great Birtian too.

The Socialists have brainwashed these people into thinking that we are the Great Satan. That maybe true in the last couple of days down in Florida, but I digress. This terrorism campaign can be all traced back the Socialists, thinking that we all could live as one in a world where there are no borders. Well folks, that dog ain’t gonna hunt. It is against human nature to live in one great big harmonious world where no one is gonna kill one another over a trival thing. You can be sure that if John had something that Tom wanted really bad, Tom would do his level best to steal it or kill John to get it






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