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My Protest is Bigger Than Your Protest

Remember when the pro-Syrian folks protested the protest of Syrian occupation in Lebanon?

Well that sparked counter counter counter-occupation protest (the good guys)... and it was big:

'Record' protest held in Beirut

Nearly one million people have gathered for an opposition rally in Beirut, officials say - a month after the death of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.

The BBC's Kim Ghattas in Beirut says the crowds turned the city centre into a sea of red, white and green - the colours of Lebanon's national flag.

They were protesting against the presence of Syrian forces in Lebanon.

The demonstration surpassed recent pro-Syrian rallies and is thought to be the biggest in Lebanese history.

The fact the Lebanon might crumble into civil war is a real possibility. Let's hope the conflict is settled with flags, signs and votes. It was heartening to see the pro-freedom folks were not discouraged.


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Comments (10)

I think it speaks go the co... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

I think it speaks go the courage of the pro freedom people.

I think Hezbollah just got told to go screw themselves.

Some are saying 1.5 million... (Below threshold)
Ray Midge:

Some are saying 1.5 million (some 2 million), about 1/3 of the country. Whatever the number, it's just incredible. Just... wow.

Definitely bigger than any ... (Below threshold)

Definitely bigger than any other protest, including past pro-freedom protests, that's for sure.

I have some neat pics on my blog, http://WILLisms.com

Pro-liberty Lebanese girls are definitely easy on the eyes, that's for sure.

I think that it's the same ... (Below threshold)

I think that it's the same people each time.

That photo begs for a capti... (Below threshold)

That photo begs for a caption contest.

Soldier 1 to Soldier 2: "Think we can run for it?"

TZB, I was thinking more al... (Below threshold)

TZB, I was thinking more along the lines of "We're going to need more ammunition. Wow, check out the rack on that one!"

thanks for your interest in... (Below threshold)

thanks for your interest in Lebanese developments. I was very heartened by the demonstrations that took place today.

However, your fear of a civil war is not founded. The reason is that the dividing lines are not purely sectarian in nature. Hizballah is the only major political party that is standing against the entire Lebanese community - which includes both Christians and Muslims.

I forsee Hizballah caving to the overwhelming pressure. It cannot but do so. Furthermore, there is broad agreement among all political players that war is simply not an option. You might have a few scattered incidents here and there, but full-scale war is simply not going to happen.

That's great news, Raja! A... (Below threshold)

That's great news, Raja! Are you writing from Lebanon or are you in touch with people there? If so, this just goes to show - we can get better news from private citizens with computers, than from US mainstream media. (Ha, last I saw a few days ago, Fox was reporting on Lebanese demonstrations... not from Beirut, but from Damascus, Syria!)

TZB, I was thinking more... (Below threshold)

TZB, I was thinking more along the lines of "We're going to need more ammunition...."

"We're gonna need a bigger tank."

Nothing more beautiful than... (Below threshold)

Nothing more beautiful than a girl from Lebanon calling for freedom. Check this site Where can u can find just regular pictures of lebanese woman, just beautiful lebanese girls






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