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Time to fold up the Road Map?

U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan is in Israel this weekend. He's meeting with Prime Minister Ariel Sharon to discuss the Road Map To Peace, and then he's going to the Palestinian Territories to meet with Prime Minister Mahmoud Abbas.

The "Road Map" has been around since the Clinton Administration, and ever since then it's been a steady cycle. Israel is called upon to make "good faith gestures" (usually involving the release of violent prisoners), Israel makes the "gestures," the Palestinians make promises to "curb terrorism," there's another terrorist attack, Israel is called upon to "show restraint," Israel hits back, and everyone bemoans the "danger to the Road Map."

It's become a tragic cliche'. Israel is always being called upon to "show restraint" and "show patience" whenever there's another terrorist attack. But "patience" and "restraint" seems to be measured in dead Israelis.

The very first obligation of the Palestinians in the Road Map is to crack down on terrorism, and terrorist groups. But every time someone brings up that uncomfortable truth, Arafat always said that he didn't dare, out of fear of triggering a civil war.

Now we're finally seeing signs of the Palestinian Authority actually cracking down on terrorism, with confrontations with Hamas. Only time will show whether this is a sincere attempt to live up to their obligations, or just another show.

Either way, the cynic in me feels a smidgen of relief that they are shooting at each other for a change.



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It's become a tragic cliche... (Below threshold)

It's become a tragic cliche'. Israel is always being called upon to "show restraint" and "show patience" whenever there's another terrorist attack. But "patience" and "restraint" seems to be measured in dead Israelis.

Hamas has been included in the road map to peace and are willing participants. The tragic part, Jay, is Hezbollah caused those explosions in Tel Avi, not the Palestinian people and it's time for Ariel Sharon to stop buldozing, blowing up, usint their vast ary against the Palestinian people who have nothing and to whom caused nothing bu to consider doing something about Hezbollah - out of Syria and Lebanon. Even the Israeli's have protested against it's own govt to stop attacking the Palestinian people. Ariel Sharon does not want peac with Palestine, so as long as he stays in the driver's seat,peace between the two countrie will never happen, no matter what the Palestinians do.


The Palestinians support He... (Below threshold)

The Palestinians support Hezbollah. There is no way Hezbollah could operate without their support. Bulldozing will stop when Palestinians stop letting their houses be used to build bombs, hide tunnels, launch rockets, and their family members to become splodeydopes.

If the Palestinians have nothing it's because their leaders have ripped them off time and time again. Aid pours into that country. How do you think arafat got how many billions into a swiss bank account?

Maybe you should take a look at the hundreds of photos LGF has of palestinians cheering on death and murder and their own children becoming suicide bombers. It's a damn sick sick sick culture.

So what if some Israelis protest against their government? And how many times has Sharon made concessions? What do you think this story is about? The Israelis and Sharon making concessions and getting a terrorist attack in return. So, now, it appears that the Palestinian Authority might be doing what it has promised time and time again and your response is that Sharon has to go? That until he does, there will never be peace? How about calling for terrorist attacks to stop? How about a condemnation of thhis culture of death over there? There will never be peace until the Palestinians stop with the terrorist attacks. It's like all the foreign moonbats calling for Bush to go. It ain't gonna happen.

Name one instance of Kofi b... (Below threshold)

Name one instance of Kofi being involved in anything that had a positive outcome, go ahead, I dare you...

Bullwinkle if that is the d... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Bullwinkle if that is the dare I choose truth.

There was a period back in the 90's, when I bought the "It is Israel's fault" hook, line and sinker, and at this point while I can't argue that Israel is all that perfect, I have had my fill of the Palestinians unwillingness to stop the terrorists.

The Palestinians have created their own mess, they support terrorists, chose a thug for a leader, and want to blame Israel for their woes. Things won't get better until the Palestinians wake up and realize the source of their problems is not Israel but themeselves.

I can't say that I have much hope the Palestinians are capable of doing this, but I have more hope now that Arafat is gone, I just don't think Abbas has the will to fully crack down on the terrorists.

Evolution occurs faster whe... (Below threshold)

Evolution occurs faster when there is serious external pressure.

I'm causing bullsh*t on the... (Below threshold)

I'm causing bullsh*t on the whole thing. Abbas has come out and said that he won't crack down on the terror groups. He has blamed Israel for the last suicide bombing. And yes, Hezbollah has something to do with it. They're an external support structure for internal terror groups. Remember the Karim-A incident. It was Hezbollah who sent the arms to the PA. But, the fact is, Hezbollah...the Lebanese/Syrian group, does not have people on the ground in Gaza. The local terror gangs are the ones supplying the warm bodies.
And as far as Kofi goes...he is nominally in charge of the U.N. The sponsers of the Durban confrence. The folks who've given us UNWRA which subsidizes summer camps to teach terrorism. Pays for schools and roads named after suicide bombers. As well as UNIFIL which has actively helped Hezbollah kidnap Israeli soldiers.
So...no. I don't think Kofi is a respectable figure in the area.

Bullwinkle - - The Food f... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Bullwinkle - - The Food for Oil program had a very positive outcome on the following band accounts: Kofi's, Kofi's son, Sadam, various French accounts too numerous to mention, and some Russian accounts.

I think the "new" position ... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

I think the "new" position is bogus and things will go back to the cycle by 06.

Rod I don't even think it w... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Rod I don't even think it will take until '06. I don't think it will last the next 6 months.






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