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Another Embarrassment for the American Left

OK, so the babes are cool. Look for Playboy to do a "Girls of the Cedar Revolution" soon. But I kinda like this one too. (click to see full size)

And I just gotta say it... I hope the American lefties are embarrassed. You know, when the lefties protests in America it really is embarrassing... I mean, when they protest, they look like this:

And they've had a half a century to practice!!! These folks in Lebanon are new at this and they are kicking our protest asses!

Another embarrassment for the American left.

Pic via No Oil for Pacifists.


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Comments (14)

Ummm...what's with the wide... (Below threshold)

Ummm...what's with the wide-angle shot? I can't see any protest babes from that far away.

This will be funny - I don'... (Below threshold)

This will be funny - I don't even have to wonder which of these 2 threads (JayTea's Babes or Paul's wide-angle) will get the most comments!

Since I'm a girl, how about some closeups of nice-looking Middle Eastern men from Beirut? I'm tired of seeing the bearded crazies like Arafat, the mad shoe-bomber, etc. How about some Omar Shariff look-alikes! Or younger.

'I hope the American leftie... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

'I hope the American lefties are embarrassed.'

They're only embarrassed to be Americans.

Remember, this was done "No... (Below threshold)
Lurking Observer:

Remember, this was done "Not in Our Name".

Fair enough. When it comes time to attribute the credit for the successes, it will also be remembered that it was not in your name.

The Left? Screw them.... (Below threshold)

The Left? Screw them.

Embarrassed? EMBARRASSED!? ... (Below threshold)
Michael Savoy:

Embarrassed? EMBARRASSED!? Do We Feel EMBARRASSED?? SHOULD we Feel Embarrassed?? The answer is an emphatic, unequivocal NO!

Looking for EMBARRASSMENT, are you??

The BUSHITLER Fascist Regime as the willing puppets for the NEO-CON cabal in Washington are the ones who are (deservedly) EMBARRASSED for being blatantly exposed as the perpetrators of an unprecedented conspiracy, ultimately failing to uncover a single shred of "huge stockpiles" of so called WMD!!!

^^ Sarcasm off^^

We are at least aware that ... (Below threshold)

We are at least aware that there is a reason to protest, we may have our heads covered by animal masks but our heads can see the light of day .

Why are so many of the left... (Below threshold)

Why are so many of the lefties wearing masks? Probably for the same reason that the KKK wears masks, deep down they know they're completely full of shit. Calling them "liberals" is an insult to the memory of Thomas Jefferson.

"Left" behind...Wh... (Below threshold)

"Left" behind...

Which is the symbol of the (D)onks after all...

Which is why we're called the "Right"!

To BR:I do not thi... (Below threshold)

To BR:

I do not think they exist. If they treated their women better, they might get a little "poontang".

If the ME men had access to a little unrestrained sex from women, they would not be blowing themselves up to meet 72 virgins.

I'm a female, but repressing sex for 15 to 30 year-old males is igniting a powder keg. Take those ugly black things off their women and let nature take it's course! The Middle East would settle down in a heartbeat.

Maybe George Soros can send... (Below threshold)
Les Nessman:

Maybe George Soros can send everybody in the photo a copy of that 'We're Sorry' picture book; the one with pictures of all those pouting morons who want to apologize for liberating Iraq.

<a href="http://regi... (Below threshold)
Raymond, thanks for the lin... (Below threshold)

Raymond, thanks for the links! This is soooo exciting!! Right on the heels of the Lebanese demonstrations, now this all over Iran!!!

I see part of the Iranian Air Force is now siding with the people. (And I love that timeline at your second link, starting with: "5100 BC The World's oldest wine found at a Neolithic village site in Iran.")

The blossoming of freedom in Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon and now Iran is just as exciting as the fall of the Berlin Wall and its domino effect.

WHAT'S WITH THAT GIANT CAT ... (Below threshold)







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