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Blogging Workflow II: The Wrath of Khan

Yesterday, my colleague Paul broached the veil of secrecy about just how bloggers blog, outlining the process by which right-wing and left-wing bloggers generate their postings. It was pretty good, but it neglected the left-wingers' Plan C:

When everything else fails, rip off another blogger's work.

(Hat tip to David Anderson, who probably won't appreciate it.)


(Yes, I recently had my own brush with accusations of plagiarism. I used another blogger's posting about a third piece as a jumping-off point for my own. Then, when done and grasping for a title, inadvertently "borrowed" heavily from that piece, as well. At least one significant difference: I admitted it immediately and apologized for the appearance of impropriety.)


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Comments (10)

The amount of profanity in ... (Below threshold)

The amount of profanity in that post by Atrios makes it practically unreadable. Gratuitous profanity is one of the big things that seperates the lightweights from the pros. Atrios might have a lot of readers, but he is a lightweight.

Hey Jay, whatever floats yo... (Below threshold)

Hey Jay, whatever floats your boat. But be careful, Duncan (Atrios), did not do the plagerizing it was Media Matters, but Duncan defended it. Also, the profanity was from an email he recieved.

I'm not the sharpest blog k... (Below threshold)

I'm not the sharpest blog knife in the blog drawer, but … what? I read the post on Duncan's site, and I couldn't make heads or tails of it. Is there some kind of back-story that one might need to know in order to get the joke?

Yeah, Jeff -- it's simple, ... (Below threshold)

Yeah, Jeff -- it's simple, the bankety-blankin blanks blankin blanked his blankin blog and didn't blankin give the blankin guy the blankin credit he blankin deserved!! So blank them!

Get it now?

Ron is a member of my Progr... (Below threshold)

Ron is a member of my Progressive Blogger Alliance Jeff. He did some great investigative work on a story. Media Matters lifted some of his material without attribution and Duncan defended the theft. Ron was pissed. He sent Duncan an email, Duncan dissed him by running the email and kind of making fun of him. I blasted Duncan for it. Duncan came back with some pissy assed comments, and I used it as a basis for pointing out how fucked some of the big Lefty Blogs are. My post, which Jay linked to does a good job of sorting things out.

If I received an e-mail lik... (Below threshold)

If I received an e-mail like that, I'd have no choice but to post it and make fun of the author, too. I would be, like, a biological imperative.

I don't care who's profanit... (Below threshold)

I don't care who's profanity it was - it is still unreadable and unnecessary. I hate going into a blog and being assaulted by these gutter words.

Sometimes, the exact and proper curse word is exactly the thing to use, but streams of profanity is just an utter waste of time to read, and it obscures whatever underlying message is supposed to be there.

Thanks for clearing that up... (Below threshold)

Thanks for clearing that up David --- please feel free to post the oncoming blank-you-too comment from Ron

Actually, after Ron calmed ... (Below threshold)

Actually, after Ron calmed down he was pretty cool about it.

Excellent endorsement, Davi... (Below threshold)

Excellent endorsement, David -- anyone with a sense of humor is entitled to a bit of slack.






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