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Eason Jordan's Basic Instincts

Davos wasn't the only place Eason Jordan's basic instinct to say the wrong thing at the wrong time has gotten him into trouble.

According to The Sun (NSFW), Sharon Stone and Eason Jordan (who were dating - an angle I'm embarrassed to say we sort of missed in the whole Easongate affair) had a nasty blow-up on holiday in Bora Bora. Jordan left in a huff, while Stone, and her plausibly-real breasts, remained on the island. Stone managed to toss Jordan onto her dust heap of media mogul paramours in mere nanoseconds, as she was conveniently photographed later that same day cavorting topless with a hunky lad known only as Francois.

Tastefully pixelated photo below the break.

Additional pictures (NSFW) available via The Sun.

Comments (14)

One of the reasons I read w... (Below threshold)

One of the reasons I read wizbang is because Kevin can find so many NSFW pictures.

It's like he has an obsession.

Kevin: Plausibly-real? You... (Below threshold)

Kevin: Plausibly-real? You're being facetious, right? The yoga pose is a nice touch.

If those are real, then I'm... (Below threshold)

If those are real, then I'm a rabid DUer! Hell, if those are real, then I'm French!

To be very specific here, t... (Below threshold)

To be very specific here, the bags (saline and/or anything else as to fill, but the bags themselves is the focal point here) that make for the actual shapes wrinkle when on the vertical as jig-saw, as in, next to last photo, notice the top edge of her left breast, that wrinkling is an indication of the bag itself inside her breast area wrinkling as gravity takes hold.

No real breast has that demarcation of outline to it. As in, if you can see the suggestion of a circular edge shape, if not the edge shape itself (Stone's edges are showing) beneath the skin of the person 'wearing' them, they're fake...as in, if you can see actual edges of a bag under the skin, as you can in Stone's case, you're seeing implants beneath the skin. The less body fat someone has, as in Stone's case, the more clearly you see the implants under the skin, at least as to the edges of the implants themselves.

She's in great shape, no doubt about that, but her insistence that she's had no plastics is nutty...I noticed that her lawsuit against the guy she ALLEGES made public comments about facial plastics she's had (the guy denied ever saying what she sued him for allegedly having said), I noticed that her lawsuit claims that she's never had plastics for cosmetic purposes (to her face), while after her brain aneurism (God bless her for her great recovery here), she appeared as if magically facially refreshed, complete with a raised hair line, higher brow...probably all a part of her surgery, yes, but hardly the evidence of "no" plastic surgery to her face, at least not as separate procedure but certainly a scalp lift overall.

The breasts, however: implants.

About Jordan, and perhaps others, I always got the impression that Stone is one of those people who is just far more intelligent than almost everyone else she interacts with and she gets impatient with the delays involved. Makes for an emotional rollercoaster.

Ya know, she is truly dumb ... (Below threshold)

Ya know, she is truly dumb as a brick, but that old pinup gal has aged marvelously. I think she is rolled up in the attic somewhere with my collection of black light posters and lava lamps. This thread is gonna prompt me to dust that stuff off and redecorate my room -- the wife's moulan rouge decor has finally gotsta go.

Damn Tsunami spoiled the vi... (Below threshold)

Damn Tsunami spoiled the view...

Did he pay Sharon Stone for... (Below threshold)

Did he pay Sharon Stone for "access" like he paid Saddam's regime?

That photographer got um er... (Below threshold)

That photographer got um er all wet.

Plausibly-real?Whe... (Below threshold)


When she appeared in "Total Recall", perhaps. They got significantly larger when she next appeared on film.

Oh yes, thanks so much for ... (Below threshold)

Oh yes, thanks so much for the tasteful pixelation, Kevin. LOL!

You nutball.

That's not pixelation. That... (Below threshold)

That's not pixelation. That's just tastefully censored. Pixelation would have resulted in a blocky blurring of the breastal region. Ya gots ta be precise!

Well, McCain, the published... (Below threshold)

Well, McCain, the published news about the "old gal" is that she has a high I.Q. (something around 150, if I recall correctly, pun intended). I realize her politics, but one thing Sharon Stone has never epitomized to my view is stupidity. Wrong perspectives, wrong choices, perhaps, but never stupid.

And, maybe that argument wi... (Below threshold)

And, maybe that argument with Jordan indicates intelligence. After all, SHE's on a beach in the South Pacific, cavorting with friendly helpers, you aren't.


Sharon blows me away with h... (Below threshold)

Sharon blows me away with her innocent "oh I was shocked with the scene where they exposed my crotch...oh...I was shocked"...yeah, was that including all the hundreds of nude shower scenes and completely nude sex scenes throughout all of her '80's-90's movies. In my book, she is trying to convince herself she is not the high paid slut/holly-wood stripper, that all of the other high paid "actresses" who exploit women...and try to walk around with a halo...just amazing and pretty pathetic...if you ask me. what happened to the classy women like Audrey Hepburn, Liz Claiborn, etc. This is not acting...if taking your close off with a deep voice is...then...hey holly wood...give me some steroids and roll the film...here i Cu- opps come. -female observer.






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