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Today Is International Eat An Animal For PETA Day

Today is the third annual International Eat An Animal For PETA Day, where you're encouraged to eat tasty animals to piss of PETA. In case you're wondering how IEAPD started, it was as a reaction to one of the most offensive PETA ad campaigns ever (more info). Creator Meryl Yourish has the roundup of the yummy activities for the day, and you can link your IEAPD post there by sending her a trackback.

From the frozen tundras of the north...

Winter Grilling Season

To the sunshine states...

Everyone get those grills fired up!!!

Recommended Reading: Steve (Hog On Ice) Graham's Eat What You Want and Die Like a Man : The World's Unhealthiest Cookbook


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Comments (26)

I know that is what I alway... (Below threshold)

I know that is what I always wear when I grill.

Why don't you just start a Wizbang Girls page. Then you will always have an excuse.

You guys......horndogs, every single one of you...;-)

Must....resist....obvious..... (Below threshold)

Must....resist....obvious...sexest...pun....about....the....second pic....

Ouch....I think I pulled something....

Let me see, let me see: Ho... (Below threshold)
Dan Patterson:

Let me see, let me see: Hot babes, hot grill, cold beer ooorrrrrr...Popsicle Toes (apologies to Michael Franks), runny nose, and 'shrinkage'. No contest.

Include me in the horndog category.


Must. Resist. Obvious...J... (Below threshold)
Dan Patterson:

Must. Resist. Obvious...Joke about, PULLING SOMETHING!


Damn. Those girls in the s... (Below threshold)

Damn. Those girls in the second pic look like they could melt the snow in the first pic.

I agree with RWS - You're all horndogs. But it's cute.

They can fix my steak anyti... (Below threshold)

They can fix my steak anytime!


(Sorry, dear...)

Once you women figure out t... (Below threshold)

Once you women figure out the Big Secret to men is that well, we really are that simple, the sooner you'll begin to feel better.

Certified Horndog and follower of the Man Code...


You are such a sexist, Kevi... (Below threshold)

You are such a sexist, Kevin.

And I'll bet you right now that more people click on the link to your blog (what with my mentioning the hot babes) than any other from my post.

Sex sells.

Perhaps I should lie and say that I'm in that picture.

How exactly do you grill cr... (Below threshold)

How exactly do you grill crawdads?

What's with the FUCKING pro... (Below threshold)

What's with the FUCKING propane grills?!?!?! Propane is for girly-men!

Real men use charcoal.

Victor, it's not the fuel, ... (Below threshold)

Victor, it's not the fuel, it's the heat.

Oh wait -- you're talking about grilling.

....mmmmmmm....burger... (Below threshold)
mark m:


Ummm....is Joser commenting... (Below threshold)

Ummm....is Joser commenting on the wrong post or something?

It's the girls . . . they t... (Below threshold)

It's the girls . . . they threw him off his stride.

I may think he's a nut -- but I can relate to that problem. Yowzer!

What alternative world do y... (Below threshold)

What alternative world do you live in, Joser? Got to love it! You accusing Bush voters with what the left did ad nauseum.

But, Joser, you are right about one thing. It's not "about an "offensive" ad comparing people to Nazis. " It's about an extremely offensive ad minimizing the suffering and murder of millions of Jews during the Holocaust.

Tsk. Tsk. One would think such a self-proclaimed sensitive guy like you would not have to be told that.

Joser, you really must thin... (Below threshold)

Joser, you really must think before you spout off. I don't think you need to learn any more about "reactionary tactics". You seem to have that down pat.

Oh, and - "correctly".

RE: Joser's post (March 15,... (Below threshold)

RE: Joser's post (March 15, 2005 01:43 PM)
I think you just like having a reson to poke fun at someone's beliefs. It's easy to see how you people can live with soldiers using religious techniques for, it's too hard for you to even respect that some people even care for the treatment of animals.

Some of what you said makes no sense to me, but I'll try to summarize part of what I think I understand you to say. Kevin and/or the anti-Joser-position readers look for reasons to ridicule Joser and like-minded thinkers. To that end this anti-PETA response is not about contesting rabid PETA policy but is just a reflexive exercise to oppose a different group. Further, by default, none of the anti-Joser-position readers care about humane treatment of animals or others that might believe in humane treatment of animals. Now I'll avoid likening the Nazi slaughter of Jews at the behest of Germans to the food industry's slaughter of animals at the behest of consumers for the moment which is what PETA tried to do in their ad.

Is this anywhere near what you mean before I follow up? I just want a little clarification.

As a conciliatory gesture t... (Below threshold)

As a conciliatory gesture to the PETA crowd, I volunteer to peta those nice girls.

"I know, you had a cow when... (Below threshold)

"I know, you had a cow when a contibuter to Moveon.org made an association between Bush and Co. and Nazis".

Joser, I'd love to have a cow, thanks. Good to see you guys are on board with Eat an Animal for PETA day! Enjoy!

Wonder which photo Joser wo... (Below threshold)

Wonder which photo Joser would "eat"?

I went for the trifecta.</p... (Below threshold)

I went for the trifecta.

Mark up a pig, a cow, and a chicken.

Something else too, but my forensics skills were insufficient to determine what contributed to the mystery meat at the buffet.

Ahh, what a wonderful day..... (Below threshold)

Ahh, what a wonderful day... Eat an Animal for PETA Day

Breakfast: 3 egg omelet with ham, mushrooms, peppers and onions

Lunch: A delicious Medium Rare blackened ribeye with a baked potato and sweet potato

Dinner: A turkey and ham sandwich with some veggies and cocktail shrimp on the side

Thank you for this wonderful day.

Well, they do look like tas... (Below threshold)

Well, they do look like tasty little animals, I guess I could . . .

(if I weren't married)

(ladies, git over it. complaining just makes you sound bitter [and fat])

^^^that was a joke, BTW^^^<... (Below threshold)

^^^that was a joke, BTW^^^

Skybird, I think the letter... (Below threshold)

Skybird, I think the letter was to one of the Palestinian groups for strapping explosives to a donkey and lighting it off.

But this takes the cake for me in the exploding (dead) animal category.

Rightwingsparkle: I know... (Below threshold)
Krusty Krab:

Rightwingsparkle: I know that is what I always wear when I grill.

Um... maybe not. But trust me. It is what we wish you would wear. We'll even grill for you as an exchange.






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