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Maybe The Wrong Senator From Massachusetts Ran In 2004

Either that, or Teddy's getting a little extra support...

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Wonder if the poll answerer... (Below threshold)

Wonder if the poll answerers though "A" meant "hole".

Makes you wonder about the ... (Below threshold)
Just Me:

Makes you wonder about the sanity of those voting.

or their sobriety. <p... (Below threshold)

or their sobriety.

Which may lend some credence to the poll result.

Folks --- this is the onlin... (Below threshold)

Folks --- this is the online website of The Boston Globe. Sort of like asking guests at a Bar Mitzvah if they like the wine.

I think Kennedy got kicked ... (Below threshold)
D. Carter:

I think Kennedy got kicked out of Harvard for cheating; maybe this is just more of the same.

Looks like breathalizer tes... (Below threshold)

Looks like breathalizer tests done during different parts of the day

Was Mary Jo Kopecne allowed... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Was Mary Jo Kopecne allowed to vote?

Is it happy hour already in... (Below threshold)

Is it happy hour already in Boston?

Looks like hourly CO2 resul... (Below threshold)

Looks like hourly CO2 results from a stranded whale while it slowly dies on the beach

Hmmm, one of the best-educa... (Below threshold)

Hmmm, one of the best-educated and healthiest cities with the most vibrant commerce in the country and they're liberal? I just don't get it. Why isn't Alabama or Texas like Mass.?

Mike --- Jay isn't liable t... (Below threshold)

Mike --- Jay isn't liable to back me up on this, but it is one of the misconceptions of the rest of the country that Massachusetts is a wacky liberal state.

It isn't really THAT liberal....We can't even get the City of Boston to extend the bar closing hour past 1:00 a.m.

It's not how long the bar s... (Below threshold)

It's not how long the bar stays open, but the quality time you spend getting liquored up.

'Is it happy hour already i... (Below threshold)
Jack Tanner:

'Is it happy hour already in Boston?'

There is no Happy Hour allowed in the People's Republic. The state knows better than you how to bring in customers.

Oh...wait a second...the qu... (Below threshold)

Oh...wait a second...the question actually read:

"What is Senator Kennedy's favorite thing to consume at breakfast?"

A(lcohol)- 75%
B(ourbon)- 12%
C(ognac)- 5%
E(ggs)- 3%
F(rench Toast)-6%

Wavemaker,What bar... (Below threshold)


What bars are you going to?? As a resident of Boston for the past 3 years, the bars I go to close at 2.

By the way, I gave the idiot Senator a D.

And Jack is right, no happy hour allowed here in the Commonwealth.

Mike Rich

At first glance, the poll r... (Below threshold)

At first glance, the poll results reminded me of Saddam Hussein's Iraq before liberation, but the 6% was an anomaly. Perhaps those free souls were out-of-state voters.

Either that, or Teddy's ... (Below threshold)

Either that, or Teddy's getting a little extra support...

From which, the "Manzeer" or the "Bro"?

Uh, these voters (cheaters... (Below threshold)

Uh, these voters (cheaters?) probably haven't seen the latest news that came out today about what a fiasco the Big Dig is. Give that news awhile to sink in. (pun intended)

I know you're all sick of M... (Below threshold)
John S.:

I know you're all sick of Masshole-bashing, but they really are a bunch of idiots. Or at least 75% of Boston Globe readers are. But we already knew they're idiots. They read the Globe.

Well, he DOES have plenty ... (Below threshold)

Well, he DOES have plenty of relatives and drinking buddies. Added to the addled readers of
the Globe ... sounds about right.

Mike -- Gee dude, you got m... (Below threshold)

Mike -- Gee dude, you got me --

MGL CH 138, SEC 12, 33, 33A, 33B

"A pouring license can not be barred from serving alcohol between 11:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. on any secular day. Local authorities may grant extended opening hours between 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. and extended closing hours between 11:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m."

However, in Boston, due to the inordinate and unfettered power given to local "neighborhood associations" to virtually veto any liquor license application, waaaaaay too many bars close at 1:00 -- tell me where you're enjoying the extra hour --- I'll bet they're not in residential neighborhoods!

Nonetheless, vestiges of Puritanism stubbornly remain, was my feebly made point.

The Big Dig.....Jo... (Below threshold)

The Big Dig.....

Jobs all over the place...

Cost overruns all over the place....

Massachusetts very happy.

Taxpayers ended up with what? Something like 8 billion dollar tunnel/road construction job that needs MAJOR REPAIRS!

But Kennedy delivered the cash to the home town.

Another reason for TERM LIMITS and/or LINE ITEM VETOS.

I posted today that the Bi... (Below threshold)

I posted today that the Big Dig is 14.5Bil
and the Chunnel only cost 21Bil ... something
wrong there.

When I point out that peopl... (Below threshold)

When I point out that people tend to turn their noses up at the virtuous, and lavish attention and affection on the evil and worthless, they don't believe me... go figure.

F is now up to 8% since you... (Below threshold)

F is now up to 8% since you posted the link, he he he.

Is it becaus M is the first... (Below threshold)
Rod Stanton:

Is it becaus M is the first letter in murder and Mass?

I blogged on that Ch. 5 for... (Below threshold)

I blogged on that Ch. 5 forum question a half-hour after it went online.

After the first handful of responses, it was running 13 to 1 AGAINST Uncle Ted there.

I smell some serious juicing going on.

click here

Karl Rove is on the job, "F... (Below threshold)
Old Coot:

Karl Rove is on the job, "F" is now at 10%.

Did we all forget that alth... (Below threshold)

Did we all forget that although "W" recieved over 50% of the vote it wasn't much over 50%.

Wavemaker,you shou... (Below threshold)


you should head over to the bars/clubs on Boylston St. and Faniel Hall area where you can stumble out at 2 am!

Also, like Bruce said above, this is the website for Channel 5, Boston's ABC affiliate. Boston.com is the website for the Boston Globe.

Yes, Massachusetts is that ... (Below threshold)

Yes, Massachusetts is that clueless! Here's a thought - move the few conservative voters left in the state to the Berkshires, alternately send any western liberals east, extend Kennedy's Big Dig debacle on a north-south line from the New Hampshire line to the Rhode Island border, roughly following the I-95 corridor; thereby detaching the eastern half of the state (including Cape Cod of course) - and let the Gulf Stream carry it to Europe. Everyone would be where they belong and be happier as a result. Seems like a win-win to me.

Mike and Bruce --- Ohhhhhhh... (Below threshold)

Mike and Bruce --- Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh excuse me....Channel Five --- home of Marjorie Aaronson and Paul LaCamera....A MUCH more moderate opinionmaker!

Trouble with the Boylston Street bars is I prefer not to smell vomit when I'm enjoying my Sapphire. I do much appreciate the "aspiring models" (read "cosmetologists") at Soncy, there aren't an abundance of 20-something women who prefer their men with gray hair.

Thanks for making me feel old, you snake.

Patrick, George was the fir... (Below threshold)

Patrick, George was the first president to receive over 50% of the vote in recent election history. That by itself is pretty significant. Even Clinton, the left's savior, never got it.






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