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Mixing metaphors

I just heard an ad for paint on the radio. It ended with a woman exclaiming delightedly "I just found my perfect shade -- 'Ocean Breeze!'"

Maybe I'm a bit too literal-minded, but does it really make sense to define color -- a visual phenomenon -- after something that not only appeals to two different sense (smell and touch), but is actually invisible?


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How else would you define c... (Below threshold)

How else would you define color. Try to define green without saying green. That is pretty hard to do. Also, Have been to Home Depot lately?? They have semmingly endless amounts of shades and hues. You cant name all the greens...green.

By the way. I think ocean breeze is a blue. What do you think.

Father: "What's your... (Below threshold)

Father: "What's your favorite color?"

Five-year-old daughter: "Sweet satin mist!"

In theory, it can IF done c... (Below threshold)

In theory, it can IF done correctly.....this example is not exactly square with what you are discussing- but, for example, there is a Japanese poem about running water where the Japanese words (characters) containing the poem content are visually dripping-there is no question it enhances the mental image the poem attempts to convey....it's just that we don't do it too well.

Mary Jo Kopeckne Blue... (Below threshold)

Mary Jo Kopeckne Blue
Teddy Kennedy Green (after too much Chevas)
Robert Byrd Linen
Michael Jackson Beige

Hamas RedClinton Cre... (Below threshold)

Hamas Red
Clinton Cream

Ted Kennedy Aquamarine... (Below threshold)

Ted Kennedy Aquamarine

I blogged today on playing ... (Below threshold)

I blogged today on playing board games with guys like you Jay. So literal.

Does one literally "fly out the door?"
Does one literally "laugh their ass off?"


The creative language of painting. You gotta wonder who's job it is to come up with the names.

Maybe the can's just empty,... (Below threshold)

Maybe the can's just empty, which explains why the paint is so easy to apply....

McGehee, you have a future ... (Below threshold)

McGehee, you have a future interior decorater on your hands, no doubt.

Yep, it's probably a blue..... (Below threshold)

Yep, it's probably a blue...and it almost certainly SMELLS nothing like an "Ocean Breeze"

"Clinton Cream"Eww... (Below threshold)

"Clinton Cream"

Ewwwwww.....Is that what color Monica painted her house?

Perhaps they were trying to... (Below threshold)

Perhaps they were trying to conjure images of crusted salt and rust, the results of letting your car sit too long in the "ocean breeze".

The conversation was hypoth... (Below threshold)

The conversation was hypothetical... ;-)

Shut off the radio.<p... (Below threshold)

Shut off the radio.







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