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Quote Of The Day - "Just Keep Telling Yourself That" Edition

"Republicans consistently out of touch with the public on issues of the day."

A pathetically sad subject line written by a delusional Democrat who apparently hasn't been watching election returns for the last few decades.

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Those crazy kids.... (Below threshold)

Those crazy kids.

And I thought this was goin... (Below threshold)

And I thought this was going to be your quote of the day:

"He's closely associated with the idea that you can advance freedom in the developing world. Translating that mission to the World Bank would be a mistake." -- Sebastian Mallaby, author of the recent book on the World Bank, The World's Lender (Link)

I liked this one, from an A... (Below threshold)

I liked this one, from an ANWR thread at DU - but I agree wholeheartedly with the second line about attaching all kinds of crap to budget bills.
22. If we can't filibuster

we can't win anymore on these close votes. We need to get a majority just to stop these things from going through. Of course, this is all the fault of being able to attach bills to the budget. I hate that practice.

There's nothing like being ... (Below threshold)

There's nothing like being told by an idiot he disagrees with you. Being consistently out of touch with moonbats sounds like a good thing to me.

Arghh, DU...once you start ... (Below threshold)

Arghh, DU...once you start trying to make any sense of that place, those comments, you've already lost.

If it matters any, there are some Democrats who find DU and those who comment there to be really looney (too). I used to wonder if but what the place (DU) was a theatre project. That was when I was in my I'm-trying-to-make-sense-of-the-nonsense phase. Now I just realize that the place is...doomed. It's like a gathering place for doom. Doomed. Poor DU, and DUers, so misguided, so disorganized, so...doomed by their own negativity and limited scope.

Just think of DU as several... (Below threshold)

Just think of DU as several million Don Myers, on crystal meth, most of them with the Don Myers Lobotomy.

Gad, what a shithole.

But Republicans ARE out of ... (Below threshold)

But Republicans ARE out of touch with the people on the issues of the day, when those people live in places like Berkeley or the psychiatric ward of Bellevue.

On the other hand, the issues that people care about in the rest of the country are the very things that drive and define much of the Republican party. They don't define all of it unfortunately, the party is still home to fat cats and corporate butt-pirates, but even they are not as bad as the loonly left in small quantities.


"corporate butt-pirates"... (Below threshold)

"corporate butt-pirates".

You don't even WANT to think about what images that phrase brought to mind.


DAveP, I immediately though... (Below threshold)

DAveP, I immediately thought of Mikey Moore.

Then again, I do read Hog On Ice almost as much as Wizbang...

This one cracked me up:... (Below threshold)

This one cracked me up:

"It is interesting that more people are for marriage/civil unions than are against anything. The way the media talks, nobody wants gays together in any way."

Nevermind that every state (11 of them) that put it on the ballot ended up with *no marriage*. But see, we as rethuglicans never look at stats and facts. We vote, mindlessly, our party's dogma. We need someone to tell us what to think.

LOL It certainly is enterta... (Below threshold)

LOL It certainly is entertaining how they cherrypick the poll results they like, and ignore all the others.

Yeah, the LLL does have it'... (Below threshold)

Yeah, the LLL does have it's way with "reality," no doubt about it: they not only cherrypick polls and poll 'results,' they just make a lot of things up. That statement about "more people are for marriage/civil unions..." is a prime example of just how deceitful their plans are.

Because, in every state where the people vote, we've always voted to define marriage as being between one man and one woman. Even in Canada, there are many millions of citizens who don't agree with the LLL policies recently adopted there, as with Denmark, even. What we DO hear/read is from the LLL as to their distortions and insistences.

"It is interesting that mor... (Below threshold)

"It is interesting that more people are for marriage/civil unions than are against anything."

More people are willing to accept civil unions but believe marriage should remain as it is. Conflating the two, and going around majority opinion, has clearly been counterproductive. Had the campaign been for civil union, instead of for marriage, they could have advanced their cause. Instead they made the same mistake which has marginalised the Big-L Libertarians, and done so loudly enough as to turn the public against them.






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